EvE – Load up on guns and “Kill” your friends…

A fight earlier this week was both funny and upsetting slightly which granted is an unusual combination. If you are the sort who laughs when things go wrong I guess this is not such an unusual combination but for me, the fight was a mixture of both guilty feelings and happy feelings.

I know weird right? The first thought I just had after reading those first few sentences again was, “feelings??..THIS IS EVE!!”, and now I should grow a pair and punch a shark in the stones. Seriously though a fight this week was a bit different because it involved my EvE friends. One who I would be fighting with while the second I would be fighting against in true EvE fashion because it wasn’t a “OMFG DRAMA!” fight, it was spaceships doing what they are supposed to do. Which allready doesnt’ make sense because you don’t fight your friends, you fight WITH your friends otherwise you don’t have friends, just a heap of enemies (way to state the obvious there captain).

So my corp mate who is the usual wingman logs on and says something to the effect of, “I’ve just done an exam and now I want to go blow shit up, TooNu are you interested?”. Of course I am interested in blowing shit up, it’s the number one reason to play 😀 ! We decide on taking cruisers out instead of the frigates we have been using. He chose a Vexor and I chose an Arbitrator. I don’t fly Amarr ships because I am terrible in them. I flew a Crusader for one hour before it exploded, an Arbitrator lasted one entire jump before it exploded so here I was with a second Arby to waste.

3 jumps into this roam is where our fight occured. The last Arby lasted 1 jump, this would go at least 3 jumps if this is not a sign of a 'Fight magnet' then I don't know what is...a triage carrier at an asteroid belt you say? oh ok whatev's.

The opponent in question was flying his nice shiny new Rook. He had been talking about buying and fitting one up just that morning and now here he was flying it in system. Our tactics were simple to draw him out, we would warp to the top belt, we get him on directional and warp to where we think he is. He warps past us having thought the exact same, and so we all warp back and forth until he jumps my corp mate at a planet. He locks my corp mate and begins his ECM rain of locking denial. I land and immedietly lock him up and start my neuts, NOS and scram. My drones are deployed and he jams me just as I tell the drones to do something.

My corp mate is into half armor and then the magic happened. Fortunetly for us the drones I deployed were medium ECM drones and our “friend” here is now jammed, we lock him up, I drain his cap while my corp mate tears him a new one. We loot, “gf” in local and GTFO before pirates in Vagabonds and Dramiels turn up (TOO LATE!!).

And so to the “mixed feelings” of that fight. Did we by willingly seeking the fight cross some sort of line that says, “sometimes your friends are just silly, but don’t take advantage of that” ?. I wasn’t sure if fighting your friends in a real none scripted, happenstance fight would ever occur to me but it happened. Afterwards in our chat channel he would go on to admit that he knew the risks but wanted to try anyway becuase it was a new Rook etc, and he is in no way short on ISK so that was never a concern for him. I think that thankfully we went in knowing the sort of guy he is, an opportunist who would definetly screw you over in game if possible but at other times is genuinely interested in helping you out with advice or just chit-chat.

Which is why I talk about taking advantage of somebody like that. You know their personality and you know how they would respond so it automatically becomes ok to kill them? Is that correct?

A hypothetical question for myself here but I guess you get to read it. I am a grumpy sore loser that my friends are well aware of so if my friends would gang up and kill me in a similar fashion though perhaps not intentionally, would I take it personally and be pissed at them despite how much EvE gaming we have done together?

The battle, in UI'o'maticvision

I know it is only EvE, I know internet spaceships are NOT serious bizness etc so I shouldn’t make a huge dilemma about all of this because I don’t REALLY mind that I helped destroy my friend here, I like that my corp mates ship survived for another day and I like it even more that my “sucker punch” ECM drones are the real heros of the fight. It just seems a bit conflicting with my moral compass I guess, which is suprising considering how much of a Han Solo badass I want to be in this game. I guess shooting at your friends and feeling guilty about it means my moral compass points towards the good/light side of my character. I wanna be a badass 😦


1 Response to “EvE – Load up on guns and “Kill” your friends…”

  1. 29/05/2010 at 6:41 pm

    Fuck yo’ ECM drones!

    Was a fun fight though. Would have killed you both if you didn’t have it. 😀

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