EvE – it’s me right? I’m bad with Rifters. 4 to go.

I took More Dakka number 5 out for a spin last night, it wasn’t just a quick flight either. It was one of those “I can’t find fuck all to fight”, full on patrol of every low sec system I travel through on my usual outings kind of flight. A trip encompassing 3 regions, about 25 different systems alltogether of which perhaps 45 systems in the entire round trip. I went fucking everywhere.

However I was patient, calm and fully expecting to lose the ship in a fight that I would learn something from in the end. You always learn something. Every system provided me with at least 1 person in local whom I could find on my scanner but all I got were ships sat at a POS or docked up people and at times cloaked up. When a plex presented itself on the overview I rushed towards it recklessly with no hesitant thoughts towards the safety of my ship or pod for that matter. Nothing ever appeared. At times More Dakka was baiting itself out on the acceleration gates awaiting a fight and in the entire 2 hour trip only 3 ships ever showed up.

Ship 1 was a Taranis from the Gallente militia who showed up as my Rifter entered a minor combat plex that he can not enter. I left, I came back, he didn’t come back. I would have lost that fight for sure but at least I tried. The second ship to turn up was a Sentinel who would have neuted me to death, and, if my tank could hold out longer than his he would just warp off because I would have no cap to keep him there, unfortunetly I will never find that out because he was from the friendly militia and thus we wouldn’t fight each other. The third ship to show up was the one who destroyed my ship and my dreams :(. Ok not my dreams.

Faction frigates, pirate frigates 1 on 1 destroy all Rifters: A) all of the time? B) Most of the time? C) Some of the time? D) None of the time? E) STFU!

We did the usual polite “gf” in local afterwards but it really wasn’t. I’ve done that to other people and it makes you feel like an arrogant prick to “gf” in local when you just outnumbered or simply dominated the opponent, when on the receiving end of such a gesture it certainly gives that impression. Even if it is simply being polite and showing your sportsmanship and even if genuinely mean it, the gesture can be seen as “lol you lose”.

Maybe this sounds negative or some criticism on something that isn’t really important but believe me when I say that it is much better than having any other kind of response to a fight you just won or lost. Nobody wants a conversation with your opponent after the fight and nobody wants the honest “LOL YOU SUKC!!1” in local, “gf” is simply an acknowledgement of the fight, right?

So anyway, how did the fight go exactly? Well I warped to a plex in a system where a plex was allready open, and a neutral was possibly in said plex. He wasn’t inside the plex, he was outside on the acceleration gate in his Federation navy comet. As soon as I landed he locked me up, and I him, he aggressed first so I fought back. When I say “fought back” I really mean that I turned the modules on, hit my orbit, locked his drones, turned on my rep at 20% shields and then died. My Rifter has a plate and it just melted.


The screenshot above doesn’t lie, it really hit that hard and as my rep got only one cycle off, my my ship exploded in the strain. It was just a Rifter afterall but the whole night had been building up to some awesome fight, I wanted a fight even if I would lose again but it wasn’t a fight, it was a fart. Fart, sniff, gone. Just like that. So I guess nevermind oh well and keep on trying son.

Though, why do I get the faction/pirate frigates everytime? unlucky or is that just how it is these days and the Rifter is now obsolete? Or as the title suggest, perhaps it is just me. So what did I learn? I learned NOTHING about PvP but i did learn that “gf” doesn’t exactly mean “good fight” it just means, “I acknowledge you in that fight and thankyou for being here, goodnight”.


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