EvE – Death Wish(list).

I will get back to this Rifter PvP losing badly thing soon but other things keep getting in the way or writing inspiration, things I want covered sooner just pop into my head and I need to jot them down fast. Jot them down, what an odd way to say “make a note”, it is a very story book thing to say, “James, I should jot the time down if I were you or you will be late for the hilltop party”. WTF am I writing?

So a dude in game told me he has 50 or so corpses to give me if he can get them out of his current system and then he told me that a mutal friend who is with him in said system aquired a corpse in a recent battle in the North. The particular corpse belongs to an alt of the guy who is SirMolle and thought I would be interested in such an item. Yea of course I was interested. Frozen corpses of well known players in game is one of those hobbies my character has along with his fascination of corpses in general…yea I relise he needs help.

While sitting in station talking about this I was scrolling through the ones I had to find out who was in the box (catacombs). 500 corpses takes awhile to right click and show info and after doing this my hand freaking hurt like it had been in a masterbation marathon but now I knew who was in the box (catacombs…again). and I had extracted the ones I knew personally in game from conversations, being corp mates, or just plain fighting against/fighting with. Then my brain engaged ‘list mode’ and I was off, I knew in about 10 seconds who I needed to complete my collection so that I would be satisfied knowing that I just had them.

The first category is ‘People I know that you probably do not’ and is probably more interesting to you because you don’t know them. Or perhaps you do. I’ve known these people in some form or another for nearly 2 years now and do not have their corpse, here is why I want their corpse.

Who is the odd one out here??...You won't ever guess so I will just tell you, Chatgris is the odd one out because he is the only sane one.

Bad Messenger is the CEO of the PERVs, a Finnish corp, and while being in fac war during the majority of the “plexing” days in the 22nd BRDU I often combined efforts with him and his corporation straight after downtime. We did this via a proxy called Damar Rocarion who spoke English rather well and made our lives much easier. In the end I think the 3 of us are responsible for the massive plex rush as Caldari forces took every system away from the Gallente. Why isn’t Damar on the list? I have his corpse allready. Bad Messenger won’t give me his corpse even if I ask him in Swedish. He is a fanatical psychotic and I would honestly be worried if I was in the same room as him.

Daniel Jackson well, I will keep this brief. I mean, look…how to do this in a nice way?..so Daniel isn’t exactly all there. A few sandwhichs short of a picnic, doesn’t have all his horses in the stable kind of guy. He is credited with taking the first system in faction warfare and so this is the only reason I want his corpse on a professional level but really he doesn’t know wtf he is doing or saying so even dead I would put him in a special box so he can’t annoy the other dead people in my catacombs.

Val Erian admitedly is the only corpse I would pay for. I have said this on numerous occasions to everybody who links me his corpse in a taunting gesture or just plain showing off. I don’t have the anger management skills to PvP with him because my hands would be shaking like I had parkinsons and was sat on a tumble dryer. Not to mention that Iw ould probably lose, he is a very good pod pilot. I’ve ran away from him or ganged up on him several times for both but only twice have I fought solo against him, losing once and having him escape the second. He doesn’t “gf” in local, and I think he thinks internet spaceships are serious business. I could be wrong.

Chatgris is a decent guy really. I only want his corpse because he is the opposite in my mind to Val Erian. A good sport basically. If Chatgris is in space and you want a fight, he will give you a fight and likely win but he will fight you and be honorable about it, “gf” you in local. He nips in to a chat channel we all use to keep in touch with old game-friends and you don’t think of him as an enemy, more of team mate the other team are borrowing for a bit. I’d like to smart bomb his Rifter and pod into oblivion.

The second category is ‘People everybody knows’ and thus probably very unobtainable but a wishlist is meant to contain things that are unobtainable.

Just incase you don't get involved community wise, the people on the left are forum types you see posting usefull info, usefull advice or just plain shite. The people on the right are EvE-famous criminal scum!!

The first face is a dead giveaway isn’t it? I bet you said something like “dream on you spazzy”. Do I need to say why? oh ok.


Akita T gets on this list because the guy knows more about what CCP should be doing than anybody else in the universe. That was sarcasm! πŸ˜€

Hi Cat here and I don’t know if I am wrong here but this hello kitty player got lost and just decided to stay here in EvE lol

Mynxee the founder of Hellcats and definetly one of the more interesting players in game. Read her blog.

Wensley the dude who can kill you in his Rifter while he is AFK. Read his blog.

Verone everybodies favourite nicest man in EvE. The guy that even when he ransoms your ship you think, “what a nice bloke” then you give a little wink and you skip off home.

If any of you get a hold of one of these corpses let me know. If you don’t want to part with it, link it to me so I can just see it. It’s the closest thing my character would get to window shopping, “got a nice body here sir if you wanna butchers eh? ooh lurvly bit of dead flesh eh? eh? cawwwr lurvly innit?”.

I know I could jsut go out and try TAKE the corpse but I think most people here can warp their pods out faster than I can lock. It would take some balls to kill some of them because unholy retribution would be excercised on everybody who knew me while I wouldn’t be unable to undock ever again. Others I have no idea where to even start looking, perhaps in 0.0 where I can’t really get to in the first place and others SIT IN FREAKING DREADNOUGHTS THAT MINE VELDSPAR IN HIGH SEC!!!


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  1. 1 Regreus
    15/05/2010 at 12:09 pm

    What about Lana Torrin? The famous scammer πŸ˜€

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