EvE – We interrupt this broadcast…

So let’s put Rifters and PvP schooling aside for a moment and talk about something else for…a moment…(don’t use all your writing skill up in one sentence dude). Firstly something a corp mate brought up and because I was in such a good mood it occured to me that I should mention it because I guess we care about the game we play and in some respects it does mroe than most other games especially when it comes to the community side of things, despite how hostile the EvE crowd is (at least in game).

CSM 5 ! yes you have no doubt involved yourself in the EvE politics and what not even if it is merely observing the EvE-o forums from time to time judging in that way you do hiding behind an alt. I’m not here to judge, i’m just saying. So CSM which stands for Council for Supposed Malpractice or I dunno, it’s something about the Council for Stellar Mangement but not Stellar as in “Stellar waves bro, I was all like RAR! and then BOOSH! and dude I was pitted, so pitted”. Either way, these people that put themselves out there with their own visions of EvE for all to see deserve at least some recognition from us to at least participate in. If you were putting your personality out on the internet just for some spaceship game you would want some support to.

I’ll cut to the chase, I voted for Mynxee on my accounts. So did my corp. mates on their toons. Why did we do that? because this time we took it a bit serious and thought about who we wanted on the team, Ankhesentapemkah got my votes the first time round but this time my game is more geared towards low sec and actual PvP so Mynxee fit that job description. I think basically she just wants an area of EvE that is fairly under-developed and that would be Low sec and the pirate life to get some love from CCP plus lot’s of other things you can find out for yourself as you take this seriously. Voting for Mynxee on account of her toons hair and her relaxing voice is also viable but would ultimetly make no difference to the game. If Verone was running and he had hair like that I would have at least split my votes between the two of them because well…he loses on account of his accent and he has very little hair…just a hat really, “Why aye man” and all that…that’s a very unnecessary slight upon a decent EvE player isn’t it? god I am an arsehole aren’t I?

This person. vote for. Now.

Mynxee’s EvE-o thread is here and you can cast your vote here.

Let’s see second on the list is that Alice in Chains are great.

Third on the list is hmm…OH yea so this wee small tiny insignificant thing happened.

The new addition to the family prepares to transform while 2 Orcas feed it with Ore.

Nice isn’t it? I fly that beast but WE made it, well I say WE but I mean WE as in ‘my corp’. If I meant WE as in me and you guys it would be a bit strange. I wrote a bit about what we were up to in a previous post called Chain Reaction so read that for the back story but if you don’t, this is the result (obviousl).  Like a baby produced by 3 people and not 2, somehow one of you just isn’t the dad but you all bullshit each other pretending that you are ALL the dad because it doesn’t matter who is the real father in the end if you all equally love the child together. A Rorqual is very much like a child, at least in the early phases of it’s life then it just becomes a pain in the arse, much like a child, because it won’t move when you ask it to and when it does it is slower than a wall and complains bitterly. The Rorqual we built is in the early phase of its life. It was birthed and everybody was there, the excitment was felt through out EvE voice as we gleefully laughed out loud saying such cool things as, “AWESOME! we just compressed 6 million cubic metres of Ore into something a Badger II could haul HAHAHA”. We are so cool, you just stfu allright? We all took screenshots and had a decent couple of hours while the ore was being compressed so it was a decent night.

Naming such a ship was quite hard. One guy said, “no Latin names”. Another was giving suggestions in Japenese that just meant ‘Happy Joy Compressor’ or something. I wanted to pick a name from a book I was reading but The Veangefull Spirit just didn’t seem to fit a Rorqual. So I’ll save that one. We tried to find metaphorical names for it, the ship reminded me of intestines and how your food goes in one end and comes out the other all compacted. That didn’t go down too well, neither did calling it Garbage Truck or such like for similar reasons. In the end though, and I am not sure if it is a placeholder name or not but we chose ‘The Nostromo’ from Alien. In our defence we love the Alien movies (I almost said Alien franchise there like some cockend…damnit I just did). Secondly the Nostromo was this big slow hulk of an ore vessel, just like the Rorqual so it fits really. The old placeholder name of ‘BonJovi Haircut’ was replaced with The Nostromo and for now it will do.

I started the first compression at around 21:30 and it is now just gone 02:00 but I finished about 30minutes ago so I’m a bit tired. All of our stashed ore is compressed ready to get shipped out though and here it is all compressed.

Blurry to keep one corp mate happy...paranoia, EvE's no.1 commodity.

Would you like some figures on the m3 volume? I would so I’m doing it. We have more Bistot so I’ll use that as an example.

216 compressed Bistot x 800m3 per compressed Bistot = 172,800 m3 of compressed Bistot in total.

A single unit of Bistot is 16m3, to get 1 compressed Bistot you need 1000 units, and 1000 units is 16,000 m3. 216 units x 16,000m3  = 3,456,000m3 of Bistot in its raw form. 3,456,000 / 172,800 = 20 which is the number of times saved m3. In other words we can haul the Bistot out once rather than 20 times. How great is that?  Mind you, that is just Bistot so if my corp mates mathmatics are correct, he thinks we can haul it all out in one logistics run anyway. Providing we sell the minerals at the correct time, the Rorqual will be paid for and we will have lot’s of ISK left over to split between us. If that happens I am buying something shiny. Lastly, having a Rorqual makes your Wormhole even more valuable not that we are selling and moving on or anything, just stating a fact.

So the wait for our very first capital ship is over. It’s not just OUR first produced capital ship but it is infact our very first capital ship between us. None of us owns a single capital ship and infact only 2 of us can fly one, but with no need just now. So yea, a monumentous occasion and one we shall remember for awhile. All that done with, I guess I better get back out and lose some more ships eh?


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