EvE – Oops…a very not perfect 5.

PvP is unforgiving, which is what I have re-learned so far and it is the harshest lesson to relise again. Fortunetly it is the fastest lesson you learn, especially if you are rubbish at PvP like me. Rubbish or plain unlucky, I can’t tell them apart at the moment. I seem to be fighting everything that decides it can destroy me, they are usually correct. I don’t mind losing a fight if I have learned something as it is probably the best way to learn. Lose and lose and lose some more until your own skills are better than before. Take for example a recent fight I had.

More Dakka 5

Oh firstly I have to say that I FAIL at taking screenshots so here is the best I could do to illustrate what happened in the fight, yes the graphics are all mine and…/sniff, I am so very proud of them.

TAADAA!! I call this piece, Rifter versus Crow in Crayon. Available for viewing in the Louvre from next Friday.

Ok so unless you can’t read the obvious in these dramatic drawings, I mean the detail and accuracy are probably the best you have ever seen but hey, not all of us are rocket scientists so I will explain what happened here for you types.

More Dakka 5 warped to this Major Gallente Outpost because it wanted a fight and it was going to wait patiently for a fight to come to him. Upon landing short range scans were carried out (No.1). Spamming that SCAN button every couple of seconds and getting a Crow within the plex (No.2). I sat waiting at the entrance gate with my modules hot waiting for the Crow pilot to sweat a little, warp off, warp back and die. What happened instead was that I forgot he could warp in at range, which he did and warp disrupted me (No.3). He then went really fast around me shooting missiles into my face while I struggled to manually pilot my Rifter to get my orbit closer to him and kill him. It didn’t happen.

The fight lasted 9 minutes becuase I have a rep on my Rifter now and so I was tanking him quite well but the loss was inevitable. I even tried asking for help and none could get to me in time, I wasn’t so much worried about killing the Crow at this point. I just wanted somebody to come and scare him off so I could GTFO. His friend in a Navy Comet showed up instead and finished me off (No.4). And they got my pod to, because, well…I was distracted and wasn’t thinking about my pod. They didn’t scoop my corpse though! I checked later on, and it was in space so MORAL VICTORY!! Yea well ok perhaps not but still. Here is what I learned.

When the Crow warped off, I should have jumped into the Major outpost. If I did that, when he came back in he can not dictate his range. He warps straight in and within 5km of the landing beacon. Had I just done that and sat around the beacon with my mod’s hot, when he came in I could have grabbed him and won the fight pretty quickly. That being said if my manual pilloting skills were better perhaps I could have made it out alive so I should really learn more about that instead of clicking blindly around space. (I must remember to youtube “Eve, Manual pilloting skills”, later).

Easily the best fight so far, 4/5.

Here is one screenshot of my Rifter being shot at by something while returning fire. I just thought I would it add in, becuase it's pretty.

So I’ve got 5 More Dakka Rifters left to go and despite the killing I’m doing in other ships with my new corp mates I still beleive that unless you can pilot a small ship into a fight and control the fight for the win, or make a good fight out of it anyway despite the outcome, you should probably go back and learn the basics again. Which is the point to all of this.

Yesterday along with More Dakka 5 I lost a Rupture to a Deimos at a station. That fight lasted nearly 10 minutes aswell because I could dictate range to this blaster Deimos. I almost warped out twice but a smaller tackler appeared both times and scrammed me thus denying my escape. What did I learn from that? Don’t be so arrogant next time. It was a good fight but being cocky isn’t the best way to keep your ships intact. Later on I would destroy his Deimos in the same location along with his Sacrliedge and Myrmidon corp mates in my Hurricane along with a corp mate in a Brutix. The earlier losses only fueling my need for a win.

I’m always learning though. Tactics are developed on the fly and my brain is slowly but surely becoming rewired to PvP ways once again. All that said however, if it wasn’t for these Rifter fights my bigger ship losses would be insurmountable right now. And that would be more shit.


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