EvE – A not so perfect 10

I have to get this out right now because oh my fuck did I make a stupid mistake last night or what. It was so stupid that when it happened my head INSTANTLY fell onto the keyboard, I didn’t even command my brain to do it. My head just felt like it needed to punish the brain within.

So the Dramiel pilot that owned me pretty quickly the other night jumped into a plex I was sitting in, I was sitting right on the warp in. So in comes the Dramiel and my mods are hot, I lock him up and the neut, the web, the scram and the guns are on him. He is caught. The mods are overheating and his shields are taking a battering. Out come his drones and start working on my Rifter so I ignore them and continue to bash him. His shields are down and his armor is melting fast, but so is mine and my structure starts to take a hit.

With his armor and gone and bleeding into structure, my rifter is at 50% structure so I start spamming the WARP button to the nearest gate because I want my POD out, I figure I die first. Well the Caldari NPC’s in the plex jam him, his warp scram and web and guns are no longer on me, and I warp…I warp and he is just about to die with less structure than I have remaining. My chance at revenge taken from me in a moment of pessimism. Can you fucking believe it?

More Dakka 4

With the same friend from yesterday we headed off to Heyd’…again, but other than piratting we have little choice to get some legal fights. A Dramiel and a Thrasher were playing docking games with us so we stuck around firing shots into their ships hoping they would screw up or something would happen to prevent them docking again. The Thrasher however just undocked and started shooting, brave but foolish. We looted some nice T2 gear from his wreck and tried to catch the dramiel, who fled leaving his drones behind which we scooped up and moved on. 3/5 for the bravery and the fact that he almost killed my friend dead.

All that remains of this guys Thrasher.

The next fight happened shortly afterwards.

Pirates, cool and everything but only when you are the pirate.

So this Rifter pilot thought he could interfere with my friend who was trying like all hell to catch a Thrasher in his Thrasher. The Rifter started the fight and so we finished it leaving the Thrasher at 30km away or something taking pot shots with missiles before he warped off. I don’t know if it was the same guy we killed earlier in a new Thrasher or what, but he ran off so we will never know. Pretty decent fight, kudos to the pirate for starting it, 3/5.

The trip home was uneventfull and we took a break for food. The break turned out to be 3 hours so when I got back my friend had logged for the day. I went back out and met Killa Rasta in Pynekastoh in his Claw. He fired first and it was on, I think I did fairly well, he was at about half armor and I seemed to be holding my own but my fit failed me I think and so yea, more insurance money.

If I had a rep...if I had a rep...if I had a rep.

It was a good fight that lasted quite a while, about 2 minutes or so which is fairly long for a frigate fight. He did say that he hated my neut and while I do enjoy using them, I also hate them when used against me. If I had a rep on, my cap would have died, so I need a NOS to prevent that THEREFORE NO NEUT. So what to do? I guess the only thing to do is to try out a repper. Oh and yea great fight, 4/5.

So with that I refit MORE DAKKA 5 and failed at killing the Dramiel before logging off in shame. So stupid.


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