EvE – A Perfect 10

The idea of throwing ISK away seems totally stupid and what I have been trying to avoid since first playing. Even as I write this I am AFK in my home station sat in my Tengu ready to go probe out more Radar ISK. However I am no longer hidden in WH space so the PvP needs must be sated BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!….excuse me.

I am by no means new to PvP having spent the better part of 1.5 years in Faction warfare I saw more than my fair share of low sec destruction and piracy but much like a good knife that needs it’s edge sharpened so it can do the tasks without fault, a pod pilot needs to keep his PvP ability refined and sharp. The heart needs to accustomed to the flow of adrenaline and your brain need to react without panic. This is probably best done while you fly a cheap ship and rather nothing that could break your wallet. So I will be using the MORE DAKKA!! class of Rifter with matching implants to help give me an extra edge, no drugs though…ok well possibly drugs.

The mission. Create 10 Rifters and fit them up as per MORE DAKKA!! regulations and lose them in the process of killing as many things as possible. If at all possible. If we read from the book of Wensley he says, “At the end of the day the Rifter is a cheap disposable frigate so don’t be put off trying something. The things you will learn will almost always outweigh the cost of losing your ship.” Amen to that and now we don’t have to feel so bad about losing.

More Dakka 1.


Your man Babytrig there almost lost his rifter instead of claiming mine, my structure held on as I tore into his but as I got him to 30% structure my ship exploded. What happened and what can we learn from this? Well firstly I didn’t overheat straight away and I suspect he did, had I done so I would have taken his shield tank over the edge first and would have won. His armor wasn’t worth having and it melted in moments but I took awhile to break through his shields. I could have also kited him with barrage as I was faster despite my plate. I give it 4/5 for a great fight! 9 to go.

More Dakka 2.

Going to be seeing more of these.

In one word you will probably understand what happened. Ready for it? Dramiel. While stuck in a wormhole I failed to relise how incredibly powerfull this pirate frigate became. 4 drones, 5000 m/s, great damage output. Somebody tell me how to fight these things in a Rifter please, I can’t manually pilot against something that moves 5 times faster than I and to further cement my “OMFG OVERPWOERED!!11” feelings my viking-uber-professional PvPer friend tells me the Dramiel can’t be beaten 1 on 1. Is he wrong? Either way my Rifter basically melted, I rolled over and died despite having everything overheated I couldn’t get in range or change my direction of flight to pull him in closer to do so. Wasn’t really a fight, more of a raping 1/5. 8 to go.

More Dakka 3.

Quantum cats are on the loose, Quantum cats are loose!

Heydiellesleieles or however you spell it is a pretty awesome system to get a fight so 3 of us from CMAC (my new corp incase you forgot) headed out to lose our ships and did so quite well. Chatgris here in his tracking disruptor Rifter destroyed a corp mate pretty easily despite we were 2 Rifters, he took the corp mate down first. Though as Chatgris popped his corp mate turned up in a Daredevil and my Rifter exploded in about 5 seconds, it was 5 seconds dead on and I even had the repper running I swear to god. So third Rifter dead, and second loss to a pirate frigate. Great fight 4/5.

Just a small extra point. Fair enough to Princess in “his” Daredevil because “he” fits his ships and they cost something in the region of +200mil. That is 200mil for a frigate!!! I wouldn’t pay that but he does and so he killed my 8 mil Rifter in a 200mil ship, I don’t feel so bad because he SHOULD win fights like that. Incidently he killed my other corp mate who fucking warped off just as Chatgris warped in because my corp mate is very impatient died by the same Daredevil as he warped back in. If you can fit an extra scram to stop corp mates warping away I strongly advise you do so.

So currently More Dakka 4 is alive, though I suspect by tommorow I will be on More Dakka 6 at least. It wasn’t all death on my side though. The same impatient corp mate and I roamed for awhile and came across a mission site in Nenn’ so we camped the gate for a bit.

Lot's of pretty lights and effects means some shit be goin down.

My arch-nemesis defeated once again!!…ok so I am not cool enough to have an arch-nemesis but this Nemesis stealth bomber paid the price when he landed directly ontop of the acceleration gate here. In the wreck was a covert ops cloak, an arbelest siege launcher, and some T2 mods. Not a bad haul from one kill. A second stealth bomber, this time a Manticore, also failed at a gate and paid for his mistake with his life. Netting us another covert ops cloak and 2 further arbelest siege launchers plus more T2 mods. Both were not really fights, we won but they were not great fights so 2/5 (extra point for the win and the loot).

Our frigate losses allready covered with this sort of loot haul we went on until it was time for coffee to wear off and sleep to kick in. Just before the night was over though a challenge was thrown down to us by a Tristan and a Merlin pilot, “top belt?” came the question, “sure!” was the reply. And the outcome…

Two kills in one good fight. Is the blurring necessary? Is it offensive to put names and face on your blog without asking? Do I really care about things like this? why am I asking you?

The Merlin started on said corp mates Incursus while the Tristan…did something, so I began tearing up the Merlin and despite how much he was boosting his shields I think my Neut ended his game and so he died. The Tristan quickly followed and my corp mate escaped with his Incursus with only a small % of structure left. Close one and a good honest fight, 4/5.

So 3 losses, 4 kills in 2 days of PvP. Not great but a start and I could tell by the Merlin + Tristan fight that my brain was allready remembering old habits. Still, 7 Rifters to go.


1 Response to “EvE – A Perfect 10”

  1. 07/05/2010 at 9:36 am

    A great project in the making, next up will you try cruiser sized hulls? As for mentioning names I think it is fine as we can all look you up on battleclinic or any other public killboard.

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