EvE – Heavenly Dogs

“Heavenly Dogs” is how Wikipedia introduces the Tengu. Now I like the ship even more because dogs are great and cats are rubbish. The choice of not including the Tengu in the My Most Favourite Ship(s) was due to my respect for the Tengu. I use the Tengu as my workhorse, it pulls in the ISK that I spend on other ships that I then say are my favourite. To include it amongst those other ships is insulting to its very nature and as such it gets a very seperate shout out right here, right now. Starting off on a really low note.

My Tengu, White Sun, was destroyed (told you it was a low note). It cost something like 2 bil or so and it was blown to smitherines by 3 Sleepers who really did not want me in their Radar site plundering the goods. 4 Sleeper safegaurds in a Digital Nexus webbed her, scrammed her and forced great big missiles into her 4 m/s hull, the extra large shield booster couldn’t run forever and so with no cap and no letting up from these things she fell in battle. Just so you know to avoid them if you ever meet them. White Sun was a good ship but a bit unstable so her death was not unexpected, more a matter of when and by what.

White Sun, she was such a pretty ship.

Her replacement, The Meercat, is without a doubt the most awesome PVE ship I will ever own. Yes the name was inspired by a David Atenbourough documentary I was watching at the time and NOT The Lion King.

After leaving the WH and all of that potential ISK behind last week the Meercat came out with me and felt its purpose drift away. The Meercat’s purpose was to tank the Sleepers indefinetly while blowing holes in them, which it did REALLY well. These are class 4 sleepers, not your crappy junky sleepers. 3 Battleships, 4 cruisers 4 frigates in a wave kind of thing while being scrammed, webbed and having all hell unleashed on you. At first White Sun was able to do this, but as it was the prototype the reworked Meercat more than excelled all expectations. I think an entire evening was spent with all of us in corp looking over every possible way to fit a Tengu on EFT finding just the right fit. The cookie cutter of fittings was found and the Meercat was the result of the work.

To feel proud of something like an internet spaceship is a bit weird but as we put in the work of grinding the ISK To afford such nice toys, and the work on EFT checking and rechecking everything, I don’t think it is as weird as it first seems. Now I can look at the ship and see how much ISK it made (5 times its value) and how easy it made life while in the wormhole. So I do feel proud about an internet spaceship. Here is how it is fitted, exciting EFT screenshot coming up.

Shiny modules oooh ahhh, red bars because I can't use t2 CCC rigs yet. A corp mate installed them for me.

Expensive yes, worth it oh fuck yes. It is a product of the Wormhole for sure, everything on it is funded by actions taken inside the wormholes sleepers have died trying to defend. The Pith X-type large booster for example is my share of loot from 15 combat sites or roughly 3 hours work. 3 hours of joking around, talking shit, half focussing, EFT Whoring, webcomic reading. 3 hours of lesiure time basically but 500 mil better off or 1 x-type booster. Do this sort of wormholing over 5.5 months and you get a pimped out Tengu and all the stuff you ever wanted in game.

Do you see how much tank it has? really it is so overpowered it is quite quite silly. PvE wise I mean, 1 cheeky git with a energy neut’ and your party is over but it is not a PvP vessel. One sniff of a probe and that thing was warping the hell out and going home. Otherwise it is cap stable so you have no fear of coming back to a wreck and your pod as you took a minute to grab a drink. We ran sites with 3 ships similarly fit or slight tweaks and had more than enough DPS to break sleeper remote rep cycles. Just thinking about it now, I wonder if the Meercat would have trouble pulling an entire lvl4 blockade? hmm I don’t know, do you know?

Here we are making that ISK in a sleeper site so dark I had to add brightness filters to these screens and turn them all the way up. CCP, the Tengu needs a light like the Thrasher has please. 2 of them kkthx.

With the Meercat docked up in high sec uncertain of its future I took a look at her today and reworked the fit slightly. I don’t need to run missions at all, but I do need something of a sec status buffer so I can go pirating AND shop in Jita. Also despite how much I bitch and whine about probing, I do enjoy running Radar sites in low sec. So she is fit for exploration and ratting in low sec to have a little fun and make some ISK while I’m at it.

The other 2 Tengus still in our wormhole system can do all of the sites still, they will have no problem breaking repair cycles and what not nor will they have trouble tanking the damage. An extra set of eyes on the scanner though is invaluable so now they MUST be more cautious and can’t take their continued existance for granted. I wouldn’t want to lose my 2nd Tengu, especially not one I feel is the best PvE ship going and equally not because the building of it was a group effort that was fun to do. They don’t want to lose their Tengu’s just as much.

And then there were two...


1 Response to “EvE – Heavenly Dogs”

  1. 10/05/2010 at 9:57 am

    Looks a lot like my fit (they told me I was mad).

    Though I use CN instead of DG and 2 pithi B smalls, has about 800DPS less tank but frees the lowslot for another BCS and I only need 1 t1 CCC to be stable, also cheaper.

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