EvE – Chain reaction

So not unlike Golum we had a conversation with ourself and a few things happened one at a time to get the ball rolling again. It wasn’t highly eventfull but it did beat looking at our system over and over for shapes in the clouds and in any case, change is good.

Firstly we all logged on within the same five minutes on Friday evening which doesn’t seem to happen ever, the simultainious logging on that is. It was the first sign. The second sign was my trade alt had some ISK from the successfull selling of narcotics, this happens every so often and a cash injection is always welcome but on this occasion it tipped my wallet over the edge.

Pod Pilot Milestone 4 achieved : Mega Wealth.

With that goal completed the nagging thought hammered even louder, how much is enough? I couldn’t very well justify the gain of more ISK for the sake of gaining even more ISK. It was making very little sense to me. An ingame friend more or less started this nagging process with the throw away statement he made which was something like, “What is the point in making ISK to make more ISK?”. He is right. Without spending it, you might aswell have no ISK whatsoever. Hoarding it is fine if you are saving for something specific but I wasn’t, not really. I think a Chimera is in the works but I can’t fly the fucking thing yet, Drone Interfacing V….ugh. So why the shit was I grinding all this ISK?

Back to Friday. With all 3 of us on a probing session began and a high sec route out was found. At 16 jumps from Jita it was pretty far away but as it was high sec a logistics run could be made. 2 Orca pilots made their way out and headed to our base camp in High sec. The goal, the last Tritanium we needed. Over 20 million units and a bit of Zydrine to boot were waiting to be picked up, they had been waiting for the last 2 weeks but this was the only chance we had at doing it. The Trit’ was picked up and hauled into the WH. One of our Indy guys immediately started the last few construction jobs needed and many weights were removed from shoulders. It was finally ALMOST done. Our corp project was finally coming to a conclussion and within the next day the actual production was started. Our joint efforts would bring about our very first capital ship, one to make our lives easier on the logistics front but also and more importantly it was just a WANT. We wanted this ship becuase it is cool.

Fisher Price my first Rorqual.

Ahhh relief and most definetly in the same category as “gotta pee” kind of relief. We mined for hours and hours and hours in our system so we have more Arkonor, Bistot and Crokite than we can deal with. Extra hangars have been brought in to accomodate all of these rocks and this “toy” is our solution to getting it out. Also *cough* it is how we are paying for the damn thing *cough*.

Look though, a Rorqual! it’s the transformer of EvE, the hugest coolest industry ship there is and we built it O M F G. Ok so it is not the most original amazing thing to happen in EvE but as small corp albeit very fucking rich corp we think it is a grand achievement and well worth the billion spent in skill books and the 3 months of an intense skill plan.

With the corp goal completed the nagging thoughts still remained and I couldn’t escape them, what I could do was escape the Wormhole with this high sec exit just probed out and on the verge of collapse. So I got what ships I could out with my gear and left the wormhole behind. Not for good, but for the Summer at least. My corp mates understood completly and they too are feeling a bit burnt out by it all but are hanging on in there for a little while longer. I on the other hand have been talking to old friends and am going to spend the next few months (at least) killing things and blowing shit up in low/high sec, whereever they have contracts. So not unlinke Mynxee but probably not quite so shocking, I have turned Merc for a bit. Back to being a scumbag where it all began, though, probably not quite so much pirating…who the fuck am I kidding, I want to go shoot things.

The VERY first thing I did upon arriving back in high sec though was something I wrote about on my WANT list a few posts ago. Jita 4-4 was where it was waiting and believe me, I have wanted this ship for at least 2 years so having finished my training 3 weeks back it was long overdue and I took it out for a quick spin, no combat, but the flying was enough.

The Aeria Gloris, a Caldari Widow in the Black Op's class.

In my head I think that this ship should be utterly amazing. A battleship hull that can really use ECM well and deal great DPS. Many people, well, more like a significant number of people within EvE feel that the Black Op’s ships are utterly shite and a massive waste of ISK. If these people turn out to be wrong I will be very very happy that I trained up for this ship, reservations of my own linger but still…it’s my dream ship and you HAVE To train up to get into your dream ship. It is in the EULA.

The very last thing I did upon leaving was to create a specific medal for each of us so we have a link to the era of persistant ISK grinding. With the medals created and handed out (I paid for them guys I swear!) my roles were removed and the application was later put forward to my new home corp. Who knows if I will go back to our system, no doubt I will run out of ISK and I will have to take my tools back in to get a bit more of that ISK pie but for now I don’t need to. No more probing, no more constant scanner checks. Shoulders – weight = awsum.

I really should have noted something about the excess of wealth in that medal to. It makes you miserable 😦 😦 ok so that is a big bag of bullshit being rich rocks 😀


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