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EvE – Debt clearing.

I thought about everything that I had written since I started this blog and it suprises me as I avoid editing the many mistakes or ways I could have improved on each post. Being a control freak helps me organise everything I do but it also hinders me because I want things just so or I want them to be as close to perfect in my eyes as possible. Which is never possible. And so instead I just made a new page at the top of this blog with everything compiled into one so rather than go through the archives which in my opinion is not such a great feature, you can click on that page and see every post from March to May of this year and read what you want. Up to you of course if you want to do that but it helps me see what I have done so far, and so far I quite like what I have done. And so follows a “cop out” post.

Nothing to do with this post but look at this, how the hell did I manage that?

Now about the title ‘Debt clearing’, it’s a double-whammy for me to be honest. I clear a large debt in real life which is awesome but also and more blog focussed is that our Wormhole corp has cleared its debt. of the Rorqual which we built last month. Which is awesome. Though it was all a bit messy and seemed a bit sloppy the funds to build it came from one corp member at the time and he built the parts as we hauled in the minerals gradually over 3 months or so. A long fucking time to be honest and a serious pain int he cock but the luck with finding exits or not having the time to find an exit suitable for mineral hauling kept us back. It was finished, the Rorqual was built and you can read all about it in a previous post but the ISK was still owed from the corp to this guy.

The plan was to pay him back with mined ore that we gathered in the WH over the last 5-6 months. It was compressed and hauled out (again in the same previous post you can read about this), refined and sold and now the ISK has been distributed back to the dude and the remaining ISK has been split between everyone AND we still have a portion of the Rorqual each. Despite the fact that I fly it, we all own that large fucking thing and there is no way it is getting out so if we sell up, that goes with it…or in a large ball of self destructing fire for minimal insurance gain. Either way, it’s still ISK.

All the Ore refined into that, which took a bit of time to sell (0.01 isk market ninja battle go!) but it sold and we made close to 3 billion ISK.

So that is done and now there is this planetary interaction to fuck around with. I am sure it won’t be broken or come out like some processed bullshit burger from the grill of CCP.


EvE – Follow the leader.

The art of blob warfare. If you can call it art because yes, blobs happen but so does shit and as you can’t avoid shit in life so you can’t avoid blobs in EvE. Though I have tried.

Being a member of CMAC means that currently we are fighting with the Caldari militia against the Gallente and the Minmatar, mainly the Gallente. So while being deployed to some far flung reaches of space occasionally I like to pop back and have a sniff around old haunts, see if anything is happening and perhaps get the odd fight or two. Tuesday turned into quite an eventfull day as it so happened.

The choice of vessel was the Jaguar. I sincerly love the Jag’ and this day would strengthen that bond even further. After idling around in various low sec areas with no action I headed from our deployed area to back home when typically an enemy turned up to fight. I didn’t think he would engage to be honest but he did and as he was flying a Harpy he thought he stood a fair chance at taking on a Jaguar. I obliged and it was on.

After the fight a guy previously in VETO who happened to be in a chat channel I am in said something like, “that’s a rare thing a 1 on 1, you don’t get them much these days what with everyone having caps or alts”. This is true to an extent but I think we all know what he means really, EvE is a game played by low down cheaters who will use the advantages they have when they can, and if that means calling in your buddies then so be it. This Harpy pilot however wasn’t like that, he was quite happy to fight me mano a mano. I began the fight at 2600m or so and as I wasn’t getting many hits in I closed the gap to 500m or basically I was right on top of him in a very uncomfortable way. I don’t like being within blaster range especially while webbed but I like my EMP ammo doing more damage while I beleived in the integrity of my tank. It paid off and his Harpy was toast, by the time I looted my tank had repaired to over 50% shields and I GTFO to rest in a safe spot.

Here is what you get when you cross a Harpy with a Jaguar Jaguaret Thatcher!. Yea ok so I forgot the screenshots but this is pretty cool.

PRO TIP: (from a non pro). After a fight, if you got that adrenaline rush and your hands are sweaty or shaky or whatever, take a break in a safe spot in system or make one and then go rest in it. Just for a couple of minutes. You need to calm down from that, even if you don’t think you do, you probably should. I’m not entirely sure if it is pysically damaging to have your heart beat like the bass in a Leftfield number but it can’t hurt to just take the edge off a little so you can assess the fight, learn from it, collect your thoughts and plan your next move. Also it helps you to not get carried away by searching for more fights straight away. Go and dock up and drop that loot off (when your aggression counter is done of course). Just like gambling it is best to quit while you are ahead….yea like we are all experts at doing that.

After the fight I ran back to high sec to drop the loot off when I saw in militia that people were X’ing up. This is nothing new for me to see but I NEVER join these fleets. I typically latch onto them if I see them in the same system but Id on’t actively seek to join their ragtag fleets of babbling monkies. I took another gamble and X’ed up in militia chat. I got on EvE voice and to my suprise there was only 1-2 guys talking, it wasn’t a rowdy bunch of bullshitters. It seemed to be actually organised and with a definitive authority figure in the FC. I was figuratively stunned off my face. Apparently an alliance decided to pirate for a bit in low sec and wanted to stomp on some easy prey militia, namely, the Caldari militia. They had one of the major gates camped with a Battleship heavy gang and logisitics etc.

So the gang is almost all here. Just a few more people to show up and we are off to that blurred gate so you can't possible tell where the Caldari militia begins it's fleets... /sarcasm off

The FC was decisive and direct in what he wanted for the fleet, battleships and battlecruisers only. Well here I was in my Jaguar and with no ships for many many jumps I thought I would stick with it as some tackle. Oh right now I should mention that the FC was very clear, he said everything 3 times so it couldn’t be confused, he spoke clear English in my opinion and seemed at least to know wtf he was doing. Occasionaly you spot the ‘regular’ pilots that he flies with often because they like to backseat FC a little, you know the type, the guy that feels he is 2nd in command or in the secret circle. Every EvE organisation has one. Anyway the fleet moved out and a primary was called before anybody was on site (spy alts ftw I guess). Rather than explain about the entire fight I will link the battlereport and say they got murdered oh and I got on 7 KMs oooh. We looted quickly and GTFO to reship and move on to something else.

That something else turned into a 100+ in local plex marathon for a system that was bugged and had it’s plexs spawn all over again so there was 12 or so plexs in the system instead of the standard 3-4. These 12 had the potential to flip it from Caldari ownership to Gallente. We didn’t want that and so we reshipped to smaller craft (well I didn’t of course) and proceeded to one of my favourite systems, Heydieles, to stop it from being flipped back to the Gal’s.

This is us, running away fast, very fast infact. So fast that to take this picture I had to slow down time.

Again I won’t go into battle details, because besides from the odd Condor loss on our side there was no actual fighting. The Gallente took vastly superior ships and more of them than we had so we retreated after taking a few plexs to at least stall the effort. We ran very very fast to the home system in Nourv’. A few slower ships got caught and anhiliated but what can you do? aparently these people are “retarded” according to the brainiacs in the fleet. These retarded people would argue they had gate traffic or their cruiser was tackled by an inty and so the brainiacs would scoff and again lable these people “retarded”. Seriously is it any wonder the rest of EvE regard these brainiacs as scrubs? Besides this idiot fest on comms the FC decided that now the fleet pissed him off and didn’t want to FC again because a more than half decided to gank a Thorax WT on a gate which stopped them from jumping out as the Gallente fleet arrived. The Gallente promptly murdered these trigger happy people and thus the FC was angry.

Ahh good times, do you remember this guys? when I was all like, "Hey guys this is me flying through the fleet like Wedge Antilles in Return of the Jedi back when Star Wars had some integrity before your man George fucked it up with a Jar Jar and some bullshit about broken hearts killing Padme" and you guys were all like, "oh aye so it is just like that TooNu, I'm well impressed!". Ahh good times.

The joys of wiping out that bigger fleet earlier were forgotten. The FC wasn’t happy anymore and people who could have avoided the loss of their ship simply gave the Gallente easy kills. Silly people. Retarded? no, silly? yes.

From my renewed experience with the militia guys I can safely give my opinion in that, the FC knew what to do and the militia knew how to act in his fleet. Everything was a pleasant suprise but when things got bad, the comms became exactly what I remember them to be. A clown fest. It is understandable really but not excusable, the behaviour is typical in all MMO’s when you play a game with people you don’t really give a shit about, and you don’t really rely on seeing ever again. So why be civil? or pleasant? when being cliche internet-angry is so much easier. If given the opportunity to fly with them again, I think I would because I know none of the bullshit was thrown my way but I do have some form of a heart and it goes out to the guys who just didn’t know the rules, or just don’t get how to play EvE but came anyway. Kudos to the fun seekers!!! 馃檪

Perhaps the “retarded” comments put them off the whole experience slightly, I don’t know. Sad but like I have said countless times, EvE is a game for scumbag cheater backstabbers and that is what you get.


EvE – Thump Thump Thump

Went the beat, thump, thump, thump and thump. No other game affects the body quite like EvE’s PvP experience. That is a fact you and I have to deal with. Your heart just can’t take the excitment and the impending danger that comes from an encounter with another player and so rightfully it beats harder and faster. Adrenalin kicks in and it what might have been 2 minutes was over in mere moments. PvP junkies beware, this shit is addictive.

It happened to me twice today and I hadn’t even killed anything, infact I hadn’t even got a shot off but my heart still went at it. THUMP THUMP THUMP. During the massive downtime we had today (database problems after 6 years lol) I thought about the affect EvE has on me, has on us infact. Is it shortening our lives perhaps? It wasn’t the first thought that popped into my head but it is something to think about. Having a heart attack while playing EvE BECAUSE of EvE would be a bit shit. While thinking about that, I thought about if any other game had similar effects on me and instantly I thought of these.

Battlefield 2. When the demo came out I spent all the time I had playing this. When the full game came out I spent so much time playing that when I went to bed at night I heard gunfire, explosions, the rotating of helicopter blades and even more acutely I felt, heard and could not escape the bolt action of my M24 sniper rifle. The sniper is my preffered choice of soldier type, much like Recons and stealthy shit in EvE are my preffered choice. Hiding and sniping far away are cowardly but I pick my fights and I don’t like to fuck about. Being affected by a game because of too much playing is common but they normally result in lack of sleep, lack of patience, lack of a proper diet and excercise. Going to bed and seeing images, hearing noises when you are trying to sleep is worrying however. It is not exciting nor is it funny.

Not my screenshot but it did the job. Ooh exciting isn't it?

Final Fantasy. It should be noted that Final Fantasy 7 has been out for 13 years so if you haven’t played it by now then tough because the image below is a MASSIVE spoiler but it is the core of my part for this post. I’m just saying that it’s your fault for not playing it by now. These games follow a similar if not exactly identical theme and unless you are not interested in these games then you allready know the formula they follow. Specifically 7,8,9 and 10 in the series have moments in the story where one of the characters die, are put in mortal peril so could die, presumed to die but come back, are not real in the first place but didn’t know it. And what happens is the main character who this happens to (i.e. you) or the romantic interest to which is the heart of the crisis of each game suddenly makes the player get a bit “aww”. I know big men-men type of guys, the sort that talk engines, war and think the color pink should be outlawed that openly admit that they cried in “that scene” in Final Fantasy 7. I to was choking the tears back and in the other games I’ve had similar moments but to a lesser degree and to date I can recall no REAL emotions from any other game I ever played that came close to this.

Yes it's that scene, of course it was going to be this scene. And what a gaming moment /sniff

F.E.A.R. / Doom / Bioshock / Stalker. Like all FPS games that have the linear path that takes you through a level, puts you through some hoops and then gives you some story whilst you shoot hordes of baddies, horror games such as these scare the living piss out of me. And I love playing them. I can’t watch scary movies, I can’t sit there and happily watch some Nightmare on elm street or whatever. Alien and that series are amongst my favourites but because they are sci-fi in my head I don’t have the same problems as horror movies. I saw the exorcist once and I can’t ever watch it again for example. So anyway, horror games I can happily go through becuase I know I am going to jump out of my skin and scare others in the room when I do so. I will laugh like an idiot with nerves and excitement but still I will open that door or go in that room to see what is in there, there is a measure of control in playing this so I don’t HAVE to be so terrified as with a movie. One night while playing F.E.A.R. I was alone in my apartment and the door to the hallway was open, even though the lights were on I had to get up and shut the door because I was certain Alma would be there. And in Doom 3…the babies, oh god the babies are crying. And Stalker is probably the worst of them all, Lab x18 rings a VERY clear bell on the scare-o-meter.

I could have picked scary girl in a red dress Alma, or half cyborg half corpse baby but instead you get Snorks in an underground lab.

If I try to think of other games that affect me but it is just excitement or feelings of pure awe as in “holy shit that was awesome”. If a game is truly epic and you felt like you really were in the story and everything you did resluted in more story and adventure than you thought would happen then that too gives me warm fuzzy feelings in the belly but raw emotions and games that bring them out are more profound and leave marks you can’t forget easily.

Now if I take this back to EvE online and despite the games affecting me in other ways I can honestly admit and be 100% clear on this that, no other game has made my heart beat like it was almost bursting out of my chest. I think if I was playing barechested it would be quite clear to see the heart beating. THUMP THUMP THUMP…I mean wtf is that? how does a game do that? In the real world i’ve done risky and stupid things, often dangerous things, my job is high adrenaline high stress at times and in all of these cases my heart doesn’t respond with THUMP THUMP THUMP. My bum might respond with a little “let’s take a shit first then jump of the cliff” but my heart doesn’t do a techno-viking. An internet spaceship game, that isn’t real, that has no real meaning to a life kicks your bodies ass like a workout making sounds only a rave in a field can match.

Heart thumping in your chest? see a doctor OR PvP more and get used to it.


EvE – Random pish and non-events from the last week.

Here is a few things that I want to write about but can’t really make a blog post about individually so they get crammed into one random colection of shite because OMFG time is short and I want to get these down NOAW!



1. Motivated solely by a desire for monetary or material gain.
2. Hired for service in a foreign army.

n. pl. mer路ce路nar路ies

1. One who serves or works merely for monetary gain; a hireling.

2. A professional soldier hired for service in a foreign army.

CMAC is a merc outfit and being a member of CMAC I am thus a merc and so all the usual degrading terms apply to me aswell but i’m ok with that. Though traditionally merc’s are seen as money grabbing selfish pricks, in EvE they are seen as solutions to problems. And as such, the degrading terms are not nearly as numerous as applied to the real life merc’s. Story wise I find it quite intriquing that my character in game would be a merc in the first place. His heritage is of the merc’ kind but so far he has only worked for himself or a corporation and their needs.聽 So doing this seems rather out of place with his employment history to date, I dunno, maybe something just snapped!

What I hadn’t really thought about before joining CMAC was the need to relocate for each contract. I don’t own or fly a carrier so for me the hassle for shipping out is a little greater than I had anticipated. Luckily there are a carrier pilot or 2 I can rely on who will move my stuff for me and the corp so moving hasn’t been the great chore I thought it would initially become. That said though, I am polite so I don’t expect anybody to move my set of recons and various ships for me without some manual pilloting on my side. In the latest move that was 18 jumps to and from my high sec base where I keep my stuff. So 18 jumps in a ship I want to move, then 18 jumps back in a pod, repeat. A portion of my days off last week were spent doing things like that for EvE.

Since the operation relocation I have been spending my time watching and waiting, reporting intel and keeping track of who flies what and where. What the targets do in their time in EvE etc. Spying and scouting is something I want my character to do since I started playing and this particular contract involves setting up networks of observation spots, fast intel gathering and various other bits. It is boring shit but it is vital and so must be done. This is the first stage of operations so it is not exactly fast paced.

1 Sabre looking for me but too late while his Tempest buddy flies drones around in a vague attempt at decloaking me. I am 200km away here.

So far no fighting has been involved, at least from me, I haven’t fired a shot since I got here but I am hoping that will change, hopefully it won’t happen in their system because I don’t fancy a bunch of merc’s taking on a Super carrier plus it’s support. So we must pick and choose our engagements, then get out fast. The idea of that at least sounds fun. Here is a screenshot with names changed but it is a typical list of BMs for a system we work in.

One such system in the chain of systems needed scouted. Various safe spots, lot's of spots from gates, belts etc also any POS's in system need BM'd.

During the start of the week before the move I went out for a fight, no Rifter flight this time because…well I have 4 left but I am losing heart for that ship rapidly. It seems like a very awesome coffin really, low sec is filled with very competent PvPers with vastly more ISK on the line in the forms of pirate/faction ships.

I fought my Dramiel pirate 2 more times over the course of 3 days. Once I was flying a Thrasher and if my manual pilloting had been better, my scram would have ensured his doom but he had to leave the fight because I pulled him into a Caldari complex who then jammed him so he was correct to leave the fight. The second time I was pilloting my Crow and he said it was the best fight we had so far but he is far too fast and I can’t keep a point on him even in a Crow, so I bugged out that time because either I lose my ship or he escapes so either way I lose the fight. I think that was the wise choice, and we still gave the standard “gf” in local. I am not sure I will fight him again, Dramiels are winsauce.

The fight I managed to get and win was my Crow Vs a Rifter from a pilot in the Tuskers. A Crow should win that fight so I am not exactly overjoyed about it but a win is a win. It was strictly one on one and his corp mates didn’t break that accord. His Rifter managed to stay alive for quite some time before dying to my missile spam but again the only thing I learned was that the Rifter really is outclassed, or I should say, that to me it seems outclassed.

Crow, not as fast as a Dramiel, not as much DPS as a Dramiel but much much cheaper and great fun to fly.

I seem to be hung up about the Dramiel.

An ex corp mate logged on just before downtime and managed to catch me before I was logging off, I had just returned from taking a ship down to my new play area when he asked me if I had time to help him out. Of course I would help him aslong as it didn’t involve much fucking about. A contract appeared so I checked it out and he signed over a frigate with a particular module and some fuel isotopes. “Pop me a cyno in (system) would ya?”. He flies a carrier now because he could be bothered to train Drone Interfacting to V while I am stuck at DI III…I’m not lazy, i have Recon V for example and can fly a Widow but DI V just seems…in Swedish the term is “asjobbigt”, which translates roughly as “pain in the arse”.

Oh the reason I mention this? because it’s the second time in 2.5 years I have done a cyno and just seeing a HUGE ship appear in front of you is awesome. Oh and also because my ex-corp mate’s new ship deserves a mention at the very least.

For just 50,000ISK of fuel you to can teleport in your very own Archon carrier of the capital class ship. DO IT NOW!

Anything else happen this week….I smashed a plate warmer into my ankle, it left a bruise. 20 minutes later I would smash a trolley into the other ankle leaving another bruise. This was at work, not in EvE. Oh fuck I have nothing else to add.


EvE – Load up on guns and “Kill” your friends…

A fight earlier this week was both funny and upsetting slightly which granted is an unusual combination. If you are the sort who laughs when things go wrong I guess this is not such an unusual combination but for me, the fight was a mixture of both guilty feelings and happy feelings.

I know weird right? The first thought I just had after reading those first few sentences again was, “feelings??..THIS IS EVE!!”, and now I should grow a pair and punch a shark in the stones. Seriously though a fight this week was a bit different because it involved my EvE friends. One who I would be fighting with while the second I would be fighting against in true EvE fashion because it wasn’t a “OMFG DRAMA!” fight, it was spaceships doing what they are supposed to do. Which allready doesnt’ make sense because you don’t fight your friends, you fight WITH your friends otherwise you don’t have friends, just a heap of enemies (way to state the obvious there captain).

So my corp mate who is the usual wingman logs on and says something to the effect of, “I’ve just done an exam and now I want to go blow shit up, TooNu are you interested?”. Of course I am interested in blowing shit up, it’s the number one reason to play 馃榾 ! We decide on taking cruisers out instead of the frigates we have been using. He chose a Vexor and I chose an Arbitrator. I don’t fly Amarr ships because I am terrible in them. I flew a Crusader for one hour before it exploded, an Arbitrator lasted one entire jump before it exploded so here I was with a second Arby to waste.

3 jumps into this roam is where our fight occured. The last Arby lasted 1 jump, this would go at least 3 jumps if this is not a sign of a 'Fight magnet' then I don't know what is...a triage carrier at an asteroid belt you say? oh ok whatev's.

The opponent in question was flying his nice shiny new Rook. He had been talking about buying and fitting one up just that morning and now here he was flying it in system. Our tactics were simple to draw him out, we would warp to the top belt, we get him on directional and warp to where we think he is. He warps past us having thought the exact same, and so we all warp back and forth until he jumps my corp mate at a planet. He locks my corp mate and begins his ECM rain of locking denial. I land and immedietly lock him up and start my neuts, NOS and scram. My drones are deployed and he jams me just as I tell the drones to do something.

My corp mate is into half armor and then the magic happened. Fortunetly for us the drones I deployed were medium ECM drones and our “friend” here is now jammed, we lock him up, I drain his cap while my corp mate tears him a new one. We loot, “gf” in local and GTFO before pirates in Vagabonds and Dramiels turn up (TOO LATE!!).

And so to the “mixed feelings” of that fight. Did we by willingly seeking the fight cross some sort of line that says, “sometimes your friends are just silly, but don’t take advantage of that” ?. I wasn’t sure if fighting your friends in a real none scripted, happenstance fight would ever occur to me but it happened. Afterwards in our chat channel he would go on to admit that he knew the risks but wanted to try anyway becuase it was a new Rook etc, and he is in no way short on ISK so that was never a concern for him. I think that thankfully we went in knowing the sort of guy he is, an opportunist who would definetly screw you over in game if possible but at other times is genuinely interested in helping you out with advice or just chit-chat.

Which is why I talk about taking advantage of somebody like that. You know their personality and you know how they would respond so it automatically becomes ok to kill them? Is that correct?

A hypothetical question for myself here but I guess you get to read it. I am a grumpy sore loser that my friends are well aware of so if my friends would gang up and kill me in a similar fashion though perhaps not intentionally, would I take it personally and be pissed at them despite how much EvE gaming we have done together?

The battle, in UI'o'maticvision

I know it is only EvE, I know internet spaceships are NOT serious bizness etc so I shouldn’t make a huge dilemma about all of this because I don’t REALLY mind that I helped destroy my friend here, I like that my corp mates ship survived for another day and I like it even more that my “sucker punch” ECM drones are the real heros of the fight. It just seems a bit conflicting with my moral compass I guess, which is suprising considering how much of a Han Solo badass I want to be in this game. I guess shooting at your friends and feeling guilty about it means my moral compass points towards the good/light side of my character. I wanna be a badass 馃槮


EvE – it’s me right? I’m bad with Rifters. 4 to go.

I took More Dakka number 5 out for a spin last night, it wasn’t just a quick flight either. It was one of those “I can’t find fuck all to fight”, full on patrol of every low sec system I travel through on my usual outings kind of flight. A trip encompassing 3 regions, about 25 different systems alltogether of which perhaps 45 systems in the entire round trip. I went fucking everywhere.

However I was patient, calm and fully expecting to lose the ship in a fight that I would learn something from in the end. You always learn something. Every system provided me with at least 1 person in local whom I could find on my scanner but all I got were ships sat at a POS or docked up people and at times cloaked up. When a plex presented itself on the overview I rushed towards it recklessly with no hesitant thoughts towards the safety of my ship or pod for that matter. Nothing ever appeared. At times More Dakka was baiting itself out on the acceleration gates awaiting a fight and in the entire 2 hour trip only 3 ships ever showed up.

Ship 1 was a Taranis from the Gallente militia who showed up as my Rifter entered a minor combat plex that he can not enter. I left, I came back, he didn’t come back. I would have lost that fight for sure but at least I tried. The second ship to turn up was a Sentinel who would have neuted me to death, and, if my tank could hold out longer than his he would just warp off because I would have no cap to keep him there, unfortunetly I will never find that out because he was from the friendly militia and thus we wouldn’t fight each other. The third ship to show up was the one who destroyed my ship and my dreams :(. Ok not my dreams.

Faction frigates, pirate frigates 1 on 1 destroy all Rifters: A) all of the time? B) Most of the time? C) Some of the time? D) None of the time? E) STFU!

We did the usual polite “gf” in local afterwards but it really wasn’t. I’ve done that to other people and it makes you feel like an arrogant prick to “gf” in local when you just outnumbered or simply dominated the opponent, when on the receiving end of such a gesture it certainly gives that impression. Even if it is simply being polite and showing your sportsmanship and even if genuinely mean it, the gesture can be seen as “lol you lose”.

Maybe this sounds negative or some criticism on something that isn’t really important but believe me when I say that it is much better than having any other kind of response to a fight you just won or lost. Nobody wants a conversation with your opponent after the fight and nobody wants the honest “LOL YOU SUKC!!1” in local, “gf” is simply an acknowledgement of the fight, right?

So anyway, how did the fight go exactly? Well I warped to a plex in a system where a plex was allready open, and a neutral was possibly in said plex. He wasn’t inside the plex, he was outside on the acceleration gate in his Federation navy comet. As soon as I landed he locked me up, and I him, he aggressed first so I fought back. When I say “fought back” I really mean that I turned the modules on, hit my orbit, locked his drones, turned on my rep at 20% shields and then died. My Rifter has a plate and it just melted.


The screenshot above doesn’t lie, it really hit that hard and as my rep got only one cycle off, my my ship exploded in the strain. It was just a Rifter afterall but the whole night had been building up to some awesome fight, I wanted a fight even if I would lose again but it wasn’t a fight, it was a fart. Fart, sniff, gone. Just like that. So I guess nevermind oh well and keep on trying son.

Though, why do I get the faction/pirate frigates everytime? unlucky or is that just how it is these days and the Rifter is now obsolete? Or as the title suggest, perhaps it is just me. So what did I learn? I learned NOTHING about PvP but i did learn that “gf” doesn’t exactly mean “good fight” it just means, “I acknowledge you in that fight and thankyou for being here, goodnight”.


EvE – Death Wish(list).

I will get back to this Rifter PvP losing badly thing soon but other things keep getting in the way or writing inspiration, things I want covered sooner just pop into my head and I need to jot them down fast. Jot them down, what an odd way to say “make a note”, it is a very story book thing to say, “James, I should jot the time down if I were you or you will be late for the hilltop party”. WTF am I writing?

So a dude in game told me he has 50 or so corpses to give me if he can get them out of his current system and then he told me that a mutal friend who is with him in said system aquired a corpse in a recent battle in the North. The particular corpse belongs to an alt of the guy who is SirMolle and thought I would be interested in such an item. Yea of course I was interested. Frozen corpses of well known players in game is one of those hobbies my character has along with his fascination of corpses in general…yea I relise he needs help.

While sitting in station talking about this I was scrolling through the ones I had to find out who was in the box (catacombs). 500 corpses takes awhile to right click and show info and after doing this my hand freaking hurt like it had been in a masterbation marathon but now I knew who was in the box (catacombs…again). and I had extracted the ones I knew personally in game from conversations, being corp mates, or just plain fighting against/fighting with. Then my brain engaged ‘list mode’ and I was off, I knew in about 10 seconds who I needed to complete my collection so that I would be satisfied knowing that I just had them.

The first category is ‘People I know that you probably do not’ and is probably more interesting to you because you don’t know them. Or perhaps you do. I’ve known these people in some form or another for nearly 2 years now and do not have their corpse, here is why I want their corpse.

Who is the odd one out here??...You won't ever guess so I will just tell you, Chatgris is the odd one out because he is the only sane one.

Bad Messenger is the CEO of the PERVs, a Finnish corp, and while being in fac war during the majority of the “plexing” days in the 22nd BRDU I often combined efforts with him and his corporation straight after downtime. We did this via a proxy called Damar Rocarion who spoke English rather well and made our lives much easier. In the end I think the 3 of us are responsible for the massive plex rush as Caldari forces took every system away from the Gallente. Why isn’t Damar on the list? I have his corpse allready. Bad Messenger won’t give me his corpse even if I ask him in Swedish. He is a fanatical psychotic and I would honestly be worried if I was in the same room as him.

Daniel Jackson well, I will keep this brief. I mean, look…how to do this in a nice way? Daniel isn’t exactly all there. A few sandwhichs short of a picnic, doesn’t have all his horses in the stable kind of guy. He is credited with taking the first system in faction warfare and so this is the only reason I want his corpse on a professional level but really he doesn’t know wtf he is doing or saying so even dead I would put him in a special box so he can’t annoy the other dead people in my catacombs.

Val Erian admitedly is the only corpse I would pay for. I have said this on numerous occasions to everybody who links me his corpse in a taunting gesture or just plain showing off. I don’t have the anger management skills to PvP with him because my hands would be shaking like I had parkinsons and was sat on a tumble dryer. Not to mention that Iw ould probably lose, he is a very good pod pilot. I’ve ran away from him or ganged up on him several times for both but only twice have I fought solo against him, losing once and having him escape the second. He doesn’t “gf” in local, and I think he thinks internet spaceships are serious business. I could be wrong.

Chatgris is a decent guy really. I only want his corpse because he is the opposite in my mind to Val Erian. A good sport basically. If Chatgris is in space and you want a fight, he will give you a fight and likely win but he will fight you and be honorable about it, “gf” you in local. He nips in to a chat channel we all use to keep in touch with old game-friends and you don’t think of him as an enemy, more of team mate the other team are borrowing for a bit. I’d like to smart bomb his Rifter and pod into oblivion.

The second category is ‘People everybody knows’ and thus probably very unobtainable but a wishlist is meant to contain things that are unobtainable.

Just incase you don't get involved community wise, the people on the left are forum types you see posting usefull info, usefull advice or just plain shite. The people on the right are EvE-famous criminal scum!!

The first face is a dead giveaway isn’t it? I bet you said something like “dream on you spazzy”. Do I need to say why? oh ok.


Akita T gets on this list because the guy knows more about what CCP should be doing than anybody else in the universe. That was sarcasm! 馃榾

Hi Cat here and I don’t know if I am wrong here but this hello kitty player got lost and just decided to stay here in EvE lol

Mynxee the founder of Hellcats and definetly one of the more interesting players in game. Read her blog.

Wensley the dude who can kill you in his Rifter while he is AFK. Read his blog.

Verone everybodies favourite nicest man in EvE. The guy that even when he ransoms your ship you think, “what a nice bloke” then you give a little wink and you skip off home.

If any of you get a hold of one of these corpses let me know. If you don’t want to part with it, link it to me so I can just see it. It’s the closest thing my character would get to window shopping, “got a nice body here sir if you wanna butchers eh? ooh lurvly bit of dead flesh eh? eh? cawwwr lurvly innit?”.

I know I could jsut go out and try TAKE the corpse but I think most people here can warp their pods out faster than I can lock. It would take some balls to kill some of them because unholy retribution would be excercised on everybody who knew me while I wouldn’t be unable to undock ever again. Others I have no idea where to even start looking, perhaps in 0.0 where I can’t really get to in the first place and others SIT IN FREAKING DREADNOUGHTS THAT MINE VELDSPAR IN HIGH SEC!!!

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