EvE – I spy with my little eye…

Sometimes sitting in a wormhole system feels exactly like some of the scenes from the Alien series of movies. That is, if you have nothing to do you float in space for any given length of time until you wake up. Until just recently, the last 2 weeks have really been a test of patience and motivation to do anything worthwhile. ISK making is at an all time low. Probably the least amount of ISK I have gained in the last 5 months has been gained in these past 10 days or so of which I think I’ve made 130mil. Which for a corp that lives in a WH to make ISK and with our track record of doing it well, is pretty shit. No ISK grabbing activites, no PvP for fun, no logistics runs (not fun but a necessary evil). Just logging on, having a sniff and then logging out, or logging on, drifting and chatting.

Character wise, my guys have been training very long skills. 20 day skills and such. Thankfully my main completed his Black Op’s prerequisites and with Black Ops IV to be had in another week I am looking ever towards the future. What do I want to do? Can I live in a wormhole like this any more? What do I gain by leaving? Would my corp mates come with me for another adventure? Who knows. The fact that I am asking these questions of myself means that some gears in the old brain are turning and answers are needed, no, they are vital.

So one day while pondering on the future like some philosophical miscreant something in space appeared ahead of my ship, and it wasn’t friendly. The browns and the yellows of our system blend together very well to form a very unhealthy polluted looking series of clouds. In one such cloud I spotted this.

Seeing shapes and pictures in clouds, a practice of day dreamers the world over...and now in EvE.

This scared me, and it felt like an omen. Cue one hastly arranged sacrifice of ammo, drones and exotic dancer at our sun for the gods of loot to take (just be on the safe side) and it was back to my safe spot, this time I turned around and headed in a different direction. Just so I could avoid any space cloud dinosaurs that want to eat my ship but also because spotting shapes in EvE clouds can’t be a good sign right?

An hour or so later and it was getting pretty late, my eyes were sleepy and with a cup of tea in my belly I felt kinda relaxed. Warm, comfortable and relaxed. That was until I saw something ahead of my ship, I don’t think he saw me but just to be sure I applied the space breaks to the Validus and came to a halt lest I fly too close. I took a screenshot as per my custom and here are the results.

They are everywhere, nobody is safe, no place is safe. Hide your children! hide your pets! hide yourself! they mostly come out at night, mostly.

5 months in here, 5 long months and this has been in my face the entire time. Constellation Rex. The dinosaurs are still there, only they surround us watching constantly from the heavens in the forms of stars. Gathered together biding their time, waiting, for the the perfect moment to come back and destroy everything we hold dear. And then eat the rest. You have been warned!

All this talk of dinosaurs soon made me forget the drudgery of not doing anything with my game. It didn’t remove the idea of leaving however, merely postponed the thoughts.


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