EvE – Players and characters.

I got to thinking about the guys I play EvE with. I thought about what they do in game, their typical habits and the things they say or do. I thought about why I play EvE with them and what makes them stand out as a character in a game. Pick any RPG title you ever played, perhaps it was Baldurs Gate, Final Fantasy, Planescape, KOTOR etc. I thought about the characters within these games, then thought of them as real people and then compared them to the real people in EvE as if they were RPG Characters…are you following me? are you listening? Good. So this amused me emmensely and I thought it might make an interesting post, maybe I’m wrong, maybe not, I did it anyway. Here we go, a few of the degenerate wise arses I play this glorious game with.

The most impressive chin in the game.

So first up is Mr.Unlucky. I have reffered to Mr.Unlucky once or twice in previous posts and he is the personification of bad luck. His name comes from a long line of real life situations that he sadly carries into game, like some sort of bad luck monster following him everywhere even into the games he escapes to are no safe haven. Expensive ships are lost. Billions of ISK just lost, gone forever. Running out of POS fuel and being the only one who forgot something in high sec so he can’t do a reaction or shoot rats. This sort of thing is the norm’ for Mr.Unlucky. A constant challenge for everyone is to think for themselves AND to check on Mr.Unlucky. “Have you got ammo?”, “Did you remember to take your loot out?”, “Have you…?”, “Did you…?” etc. It probably pisses him off but it’s something we do anyway. Bad shit happens to him so often that when something cataclysmic happens to him he can shrug it off easier than those around him. It is a strength of sorts but one forged in the fire of bad shit happening to him so fucking often. Despite this chaos gift of his, Mr.Unlucky’s wormhole collapsing maths are pretty accurate. RPG Character: Swashbuckler. Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.

"yeaaa...I'm an excellent driver, yea".

Next is the Rain man. Everyone I know knows the Rain Man because he makes himself known right away. You can spot him easily because he is the guy correcting your pathetic attempts at mathmatics, or he is the guy telling you how your EFT fit could be optimised by replacing a certain module for a different one. He does this, it is how he plays EvE and thankfully he is very usefull. One day, and this is no word of a lie, a corp mate casually asked if somebody knew the tracking speed on a Hammerhead II drone and without a pause the Rain man gave the answer. Just like that, hence the name, the rain man. Not everybody wants to be so efficient all the time and not everybody wants to take their training to the maximum level right away. He has trained every learning skill to V, they were the first skills his toon learned before ANYTHING else. No Gunnery to III and then perhaps Missile Launcher Operation to III, nothing like that. All Learnings to V first THEN the other stuff. Nutjob. RPG Character: Wizard. Alignment: Lawful good.

"Skjut honom för fan!"

Pirates are a numerous bunch in EvE. Feared and respected in equal measure just aslong as you are not the one being ransomed. A Viking I know has more solo kills and ship destruction to answer for than anybody else I know and it is a-frakking-lot. In the region he now flies people no doubt generally know to not be in space alone because he has either found you allready or will find you and kill you in the next few moments. He is crazy, he fights out numbered and he fucking records with Fraps so he can learn how to do it again but better. All of this, while drunk or just nearly. Typical pirate behaviour really, but being a viking its beer and not rum. The enemy faction were once quoted a year or so back as saying, “If you go to Costolle, don’t go alone”. Thankfully I like to think he wouldn’t shoot me. (Yea there goes our immunity, idiot). RPG Character: Bounty Hunter. Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.

This is a Brigadier General for the Caldari State. Threat level: Deadly.

There was a Caldari pilot who was once very unconfident and not in any way supportive of even his own opinion (cue Opera Winfrey audience “AWWW”). While I was FC and running operations for the 22nd EU timezone this Caldari was nowhere to be seen for months and came out on roams seldomly. On the times he would join our gang, he could be heard saying things like, “I am probably wrong here but it’s just my opinion so tell me to shut up but…” or ,”Hey I was just thinking but isn’t like kinda, sort of but not really…”. Doubting his own opinions and his own thoughts because of no confidence. Well being pushed and coerced into doing more and more while having responsibility forced upon him, slowly but surely his outlook became more possitive. He ran the corp for a time and was more or less the real mover behind their goings on after a year of sitting far in the back. I think at one point in recent times he was number 1 on his alliances killboard consistently because his thirst for PvP was all consuming. No longer the quiet guy, he even has enough confidence to get his RP on. RPG Character: Ranger. Alignment: Neutral Good.

Japanese used underear vending machines, dropping supplies from a plane ontop of a cow, glow penis. This will be the thiefs legacy he leaves behind.

So this next guy could be either the most craftiest guy in EvE or he might be the most untrust worthy player I will ever meet. Either way he could be the most honest thief going. The sort of person that actively recruited or at least attempted to recruit a MoM pilot so he could steal the ship. He would even admit his plan to them and they would “lol” in return but really…he would freaking steal it. To this day I don’t know if the thief stole anything, maybe he did, maybe he was always stealing but nobody knows about it or thinks their stuff lost or won’t admit it has gone. He pirated his ass off to get negative 10 and would lie to people all day long in local channels just so he could shoot them. Not only would he do that but forum posts would go up with chat logs and proof of these things going on. Some of the stories are just unbeleiveable signs of stupidity, but as he says, “ALWAYS bet on stupid”. He might be right. RPG Character: Assassin. Alignment: Neutral Evil.

"Hey err so I have a safe spot here in system right? and I was just err thinking here that we could just go hide there right off the bat".

During the war between Caldari forces and Gallente forces one pilot in our merry band would offer trading tips and advice on what to do to earn extra ISK with which to keep our war efforts moving along. This Canadian wouldn’t give too much away, nothing specific like what items to trade and such, it was more like advice on what to look for. The trends etc to spot so you could find your own niche in the market. He made billions just by trading in the time that I spent with him. Billions of traded ISK, I could only dream of having that. Due to his fast increasing wallet at times he would just give away rigs, modules and ships to his corp mates so they could rearm or reship. He did this a few times either to be nice or out of guilt to help his corp mates. Other than trading he was a fair ECM pilot but really he was handy in a pinch for having more safespots all over low sec than anybody else, “hey err I have a few safes we can wait in”, was his typical catchphrase. Nice guy eh? RPG Character: Priest. Alignment: Lawful Neutral.

Owner of a harsh looking female avatar in a cheap Star Trek uniform seeks massive alliance for PvP, chaotic destruction and romantic walks in the park.

Sleep deprivation are sure signs of gaming addiction, what you don’t expect is the sort of person that does this also carries a briefcase containing an automatic weapon and a sidearm to work. So this bodygaurd started to FC our roams of pirating and faction warfare cheap fleets because nobody else wanted to do the calling in combat. He made loads of mistakes but he got better and better until he was simply the only obvious candidate for FC. I always say you need charisma in spades if you want to FC because people listen to you and people take heed of what is needed without question, they just do it. This guy had a PvP addiction and wouldn’t stop playing until all of his ships or ISK were gone for the day. On the back of this he had WAY more kills than most. Despite his loss count he always enjoyed playing, not once would he bitch or moan. This is how a game should be, sadly for me and many others it is not but he got it right. RPG Character: Rogue. Alignment: Chaotic Good.

So these are some of the guys I play EvE with, some more than others but mostly they are there day in day out.

Whilst writing this I thought about my fellow players here and then I thought about YOUR fellow players and then EVERYBODIES fellow players. As I said at the start, I see my own merry band as a group of characters you can select in some RPG title. You choose your party from a larger group of characters in game that best suit the work at hand. Sometimes you get to take all of them but mostly it is just a few. They are always there though even if you are not in the same fleet. Chat channels etc help to keep up to date with peoples goings on.

When I think about EVERYBODIES players such as EvE-fame types Wensley, Mynxee, Chribba, Sir.Molle or Darius Johnson it is clear that these people have their own groups much like we do. They might have fewer or more friends than we do but as most people know them by name either from forums or in game chatter, these major characters become a part of everybodies game, if you choose them to be. Again in RPG’s, they would be the hired mercenary you can take for a mission or 2 or the one of special character, but they never truly becomes a part of your company.

EvE is still an MMO and while I have played many MMO’s in my day MMO by definition is just multiplayer. And the first multiplayer game I ever played was Gauntlet in an arcade room of a hotel at the age of 5 where my dad and I went through a few levels. Despite how great single player games are, playing against or with other people is what games should be about. Testing yourself and testing your theories, strategies, ideas on real opponents improve you as a player and improve your mind as a person.

You can learn from players who are better or worse than you. You can learn from them socially by finding weakness or strengths to which you can gain advantages by exploiting. Just like in real life. See, I got to thinking about these sort of things and then took a look at the players who I play EvE with and what sort of person and player they are. Finding patterns in their personality that they present in game with which to learn what sort of player they are. Mostly though the players I socialise with are people who I want to socialise with and that is more important.

Now to sing us out, the Carebears.


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