EvE – When there is nothing to do..

A combination of real events, work, socialising and work have brought our playtime to a halt. No playtime, none. I have logged on but done nothing. Nothing at all. If any of us have logged on it has been late at night or sporadically during the day and so nothing has been done, no mining, no gas harvesting, no sleeper destruction, not even the ever so exciting logistic runs. Pretty depressing for a corp that can make hundreds of millions a night.

In the quiet period I have taken to doing only 2 things. The first is probing which I can’t fucking escape, really it is the bane of my game and probing feels like work…only in a game and much worse than work and in my job I get burned and cut when I am careless. Read this previous post for my feelings on probing if you haven’t allready. The second is finding pretty things and taking screenshots, photoshopping them up and posting them here.

Everybody takes screenshots of pretty things. Even the tough guy in your corp. He takes screenshots of pretty things and then photoshops them into a pinkish hue, pastes them together in a collage and turns them into desktops. You don’t know this about him because he is the tough guy in your corp and you believe that image. Tough guy can be spotted by being the most direct, no time for pleasantries voice on teamspeak. If you are him don’t be ashamed of your pink EvE screenshot collection, repressed feelings lead to constipation, you don’t want a clogged up poop shoot do you?

Back on track. Screenshots are what we gamers do in our worlds that is the equivelent of what photographers do in the real world do, except more nerdy and less people or grey buildings, animals that sort of shit. EvE is rich in scenary and it looks like the perfect sci-fi game backdrop and we are surrounded by it. All of the imagery from your sci-fi books and films in your face everytime you log in. Most of it is fairly repetitious in the sense that planet+sun+subject=nice scene and you change change the colors and the lighting about and BOOM you have a new dazzling screeny, but it is still awesome and inspiring.

Here are a few of something you might not regard perhaps as exciting but cool to see anyway and serves as a good point to what I mean. The same thing essentially but still awesome to look at.

Look, many different ones for you to trade and collect with your friends!

Everytime I want to get a good screenshot I need one of two things, or perhaps…now that I think about it they go hand in hand. Like birds of a feather, like peas in a pod, like a fat couple in the German brewery hall at Disney world where they have that all you can eat buffet. I of course mean Lighting and Interest.

Lighting – Much like nice ships and modules, shiny stuff is eye catching and so you need pretty good light. It depends what you want though because sometimes you want obstructing light so it is in your face, or you want it subtle. As you don’t have camera film to pay for you should just change your angle and spam the print screenbutton. Delete the ones you don’t like and save/PS the ones you do, so getting the right light initially isn’t so vital because you can manipulate the light you need and the angle of your ship. Lighting is important (what a revelation!).

3 Sleeper sites, all different and with different rats but still the same rats just in a differently dressed location. Cool exotic locations like Malibu or fucking Bristol!!...err

Interest – If it has a smidgen of interest, something you see that is worth looking at, it is worth you using the print screen button because you might not ever see that again. Much like shopping for clothes, you see the thing you like, you try it on and it fits, the price is too high so you put it back. You get paid the following week, you go back and yes it has gone. Forever. Not even Ebay has it and so your social life crumbles and your mother doesn’t return your calls. You start using the needle, lose your job and everyone that ever liked you won’t even look at you as they pass your homeless ass in the street. TAKE THE SCREENSHOT FOR HEAVENS SAKE!

From Top to Bottom - 1. and 2. Lava planets kick ass, they look mean. The very top one reminds me of the fire planet Teh Chronicles of Riddick. 3. I went AFK, went to work, came home, showered, ate some food, chatted a little and saw I had floated very far away from this Saturn type planet. 4. And up close but with the nice purple sun I was floating towards. 5. Europe, come on it so does look like Europe. 6. And lastly these rings around this planet were just awesome. They went on forever...like Heidi Klums legs rawr.

Lastly take screenies of what you like, nobody needs to see what you are taking screenies of if you don’t want to. Though if you are some weirdo nut who likes exhaust ports ONLY or somethign equally obscure on ships, or takes pictures of the different shaped Veldspar rocks (Chribba we know you do this) then perhaps it would at least be amusing to show your collection off. Photoshop or similar programs are not essential, I only mention it because I like to take the fat off my meat and PS helps me do that. I can sharpen the image up and alter the brightness and contrast etc so it looks a bit more appealing. Not every screenshot gets this treatment but it helps for the ones you have to resize to preserve some of the original quality.

Read the arrogance in this post, talking like i’m Ross Halfin or Nigel Barker. Oh, CTRL+F9 should remove your UI so you can take a clean screenshot. Use that shortcut again to bring your UI back.


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