EvE – ATTACKED!! repel all borders!

Oh me oh my, there are some bored chancing people in this game I swear to Jeebus. One of our POS’s came under attack and put into reinforced, yes, one of our WH POS’s. Truly it was frightening and we couldn’t believe people were capable of such evil and heinous acts. Such an act of undeniable power was never seen before, and likely it never will again. Firstly, the culprits found our cut off dead end system and had the balls to stay over night (while we slept) and shot at the shields for what must have been a few hours. The POS had no defences for some STUPID reason (it has since been rectified) so it must have been pretty uneventfull.

Shooting and shooting for hours and hours, must have been Aus or US players because we were safe and tucked up in bed. So these hopefulls stayed to whittle the shields down, and down and down further still. Alas, the POS had Strontium inside. No loot for you fellas and so you left our system empty handed, only the memory of staying around shooting for hours for no reward. Muuhahah, sad. At least we tested out our POS reppers, that was quite fun. And by fun I mean shit. Here is a screenshot of the “action”!

Hey check it out, we have our POS repping shit sorted.

In other news we had quite a nice evening, one of laughter and failure…mostly laughter. No it was failure.

A corp mate recently bought an Orca and after a couple of days managed to get the lumpy beast in with us. Over the last year or so he had seen how great it was as a WH Ship, mobile base, logistics god etc. He wanted one. You have to be a bit of a weirdo not to want such a fine ship to be honest. The orca was to be our third as a corp. We are not so heavy on the industry side so 3 is a bit overkill but at the same time if everything goes to hell we have a contingency plan and 3 Orcas make that plan work more smoothly.

Most wormholes can’t take Orcas so readily, with a 300,000kg of mass limit and perhaps 2-3 billion as an overall limit your trips in and out are rather limited. Basically you have to work the maths or screw yourself over if you miscalculate you mass limit. This poor chap managed exactly that a couple of months back and paid for that mistake with his ship. Thankfully our typical WH is large enough to get a few Orcas through and then back again without much problem. If we like we could roam around wormhole systems looking for hidden riches and PvP like some troubling nomads..or thieving gypsies I guess.

Our mission, to plant a Territory Claim Unit in our system. Yes I know you can’t claim sovereignty in a Wormhole system but it was…call it a want. A silly idea that took off and had extra applications we were eager to take advantage of. So we set out to make it a bit of a dress-code event. Dinner jacket, invite only, Orca, Tengu etc and everybody showed up. A suitable location had been scouted out and secured, warp bubbles had been placed to avoid unwelcome guests and scouts had been placed down the pipe. Our Orcas left the POS with Tengu gaurds in tow to the secret rendevous deep in space.

The convoy rolls out, much like the Autobots but far far slower.

Only the ceremony that started off quite well ended on a flat note, something we didn’t even consider got in the way of our plans. In our smug arrogant bullshittery we plain forgot that our corp is part of no alliance, thus we couldn’t anchor the TCU. Yea I know right? LOL LOL LOL NOOBS!! yea…a bitter after taste to an organised corp’ event.

The package at the bottom is the TCU, the idiots above it are us.

Perhaps we rectify this, perhaps not. Either way it was an excuse to play together and have a laugh, even if the laugh was on us.


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