EvE – Honorable mentions pt.2 – 2 Ships I have NOT flown (and likely never will).

I am going to wrap up  ‘My most favourite ship(s)’ by listing a few ships I really like the look of followed by a conclussion and a link wrap up at the end. Go on, read it, this is a good ending I swears!

The various functions of these ships are something I haven’t even considered. I couldn’t care less how they perform in the game, I think they look good and that is what counts. I don’t consider them the most attractive ships in game, some yes but mostly not. These are just the ships that are out of reach for me. Are they the worst ship in their class? Does another ship in their class out perform this one? Is this ship just an expensive waste of ISK? I don’t care, it might be true but looks win so stfu noob.

In no particular order here are the top 5 ships that look great that I can’t fly /boo hoo (cry moar!).

1) Megathron!! and more particularly the Vindicator, oh is this a sexy beast. If there is any ship in EvE that looks like the unachievable rare super care, this is it. Look how awesome and sleek it is and black goes with everything so you are never out of fashion while wearing…flying this.

Vindicator /droooool. With Megathron AND Navy Issue. My favourite looking Battleship.

2) Fenrir…TATOOINE SANDCRAWLER!!!!! I know I can generalize here when I say that everyone who saw this for the first time shouted “OOTINI!!!”. Amiright? And Look at that exhaust block….”MORE POWER!!!”. Home Improvement was an allright show wasn’t it? 😀 …no you don’t think so? 😦

Caught that one outside of Jita 4-4. The wee man there want's his transport back, that's right fella, you tell them!!!

3) Machariel!! I know there are a few original looking ships in EvE (/cough Nightmare /cough) but this is one of those ships that just stands out really obviously (again…like the Nightmare). I mean the fucking thing is HUGE, and those extra engines look like turbines on modern airplanes, so it’s pretty familiar while still being sci-fi. Also, though it is not a Minmatar ship, it is the pirate equivelent and is the tidyest most well made looking Minnie ship going to be honest. Is it Minmatar engineered? fuck it, it looks cool anyway.

Ahhh, expensive joy. fear its gargantuan size...FEAR IT!!

4) Phobos. I wasn’t sure about this one but I’ve just been staring at it like some sweaty stalker for the last 5 minutes and yes, yes this is a pretty ship. Despite it’s phallic shape…phallic…COCK! It reminds me of a Manga spaceship. It looks very manga doesn’t it? or is that just me. When I first saw the Thorax it triggered some memory of a ship I saw in an old Manga cartoon, but like, fleets of them. If you know what I might be on about let me know please. Oh and Phobos over Diemos because red+black ships look cool.

1 of the coolest levels in Doom, and also a nice looking heavy Interdictor...yea I know it's an actual moon, you want a Cacodemon to eat your face??

5) Hel. What a great piece of typical Minmatar design. Not only does it have moving runway lights and cool exhausts (phhwoooaah not more exhaust porn /cold sweat…..idiot) it just has the greatest super carrier looks going, you are wrong if you say otherwise END OF DISCUSSION.

Hel, where you are going if you disagree that this is the coolest super carrier going.

Right, let’s end this shit and go home…

So writing these posts about the various ships I enjoy flying or have enjoyed at some point was awesome. I loved doing it but it did take alot of time to break down my thoughts made by my idiot of a brain. It was either my brain tripping me up over decisions and reasoning or it was my weak mind being influenced by forum posts, Battleclinic fits, in-game player opinions, vague memories of failure and ship talk in general. Everybody has an opinion and in EvE most people are not affraid to give it without hesitation and straight up because either they are infact correct and did more math on the subject OR their opinion is wrong, not thought out and blantantly idiotic. You have to take everything into account if you start putting your own opinions out for everyone to read.

And while writing these I’ve been wrong a bunch of times of which I am sure but I don’t really care, what I relised that I do care about is how much fun I have had flying these ships. The ones I wrote about properly had the better memories for good or bad rather than they were the most successful ships I flew in. Thankfully the guys I play EvE with tend to help the success along because they deliver either superior EvE skills or superior social skills, sometimes both. So again, the ships with the strongest memories tended to win out over all of the others.

It was suprising discover my favourite ship was infact the Loki over what initially I thought would be the Rapier, honestly, it was suprising. The Rapier of which I have bought 2 ever got me my biggest kill streak of 53 ships, it was the ship I desperatly wanted to pilot for the longest time over everything else and most importantly to me was that my ex-corp mates in the 22nd BRDU just knew I would be in it every damn time we went out fighting. Everything pointed towards the Rapier being number 1. Just talking to my friends in game however and sitting quietly thinking about everything made me relise that I haven’t left the cockpit of The Validus (Loki) for the last 5 months unless I am being a carebear.

I relise that some of you probably think, “5 months in one ship shiiiit I change my underwear once a year!” and I appluad you on your commitment to skid marks but I like to keep things fresh and progressive, especially in game where it can become stale really fast if you live in a wormhole. All other ships just didn’t give me any reason to swap out of the Loki, it just never happened. Like being married and being happy in that marriage. You don’t go looking for other people to get nekkid with if you got it good at home right?…No I am not naked while flying the Loki, no, I have no pics of being naked in my Loki because I am never naked while flying my naked. Please stop talking about me being naked while I fly the Loki. Perv.

Anyway these have been my thoughts and at least for me, it has been quite an epic thought process. Here is the whole series in links, in order.

EvE – My most favourite ship(s)

EvE – Rifter, the unglamorous awesomeness.

EvE – Cruise Missile Manticore.

EvE – Ass Bleed ‘Rupture’

EvE – Mission Runners

EvE – Jaguar, the Brian Johnson of EvE

EvE – Rapier, the almost but not quite favourite.

EvE – The ship, the one, my favourite…here goes

EvE – Honorable mentions pt.1 of 2 – Ships I have flown (and deserve some praise).

EvE – Honorable mentions pt.2 of 2 – Ships I have NOT flown (and likely never will).


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