EvE – Honorable mentions pt.1 of 2 – Ships I have flown (and deserve some praise)

The end of ‘My most favourite ship(s)’ is just about here and needs a bit of a summary so here I am cramming in some ships I feel just need a little mention before I end it. And this list of ships that I thought would be very long turned out to be fairly short, especially as 1 of these ships is actually the same hull but with a repaint. I didn’t have enough of an opinion to write about each of them in turn so a colaboration post was in order.

1) The Falcon is the bully who holds back the arms of another kid while his bully friend takes the dinner money. Except the bully holding the arms back had a 200km reach.

I have 2 memories of 2 different Force Recon ships and both involve 2 different players from a very good PvP corporation in low sec. Seeing these guys use their recons so effectively made me relise that it was definetly the right track for me as an EvE player. Their ceo would sit at 200km range off a major faction warfare gate and cloak up while his boys would ambush gangs of Gallente ships, uncloak and jam like Lonestar. Beardy, shitty, low brow, low down, crappy, dishonorable. Yes but it was a valid and working tactic you would have to be mad not to use to your advantage. I was instantly hooked to this idea of having a gaurdian angel protecting me with flawless ECM, so I decided if I was going to have this luxury then I should at least train towards flying one myself.

Upon the day I could fly Recons and this ship, it became immediate that it isn’t actually all that great. Jamming people from 150-200kms away when they can warp off and all you did was jam them…big fucking whoopdy-doo-dah. I think I sat in Tama and Old Man Star a bunch of times and just jammed up war targets who were shooting militia members. These militia members never seemed to have a ‘point’ on their ships so the war targets would warp off denying me a kill assist. It was only ever effective as part of a gang so I always had to rely on other people. Sometimes these people are just not around though.

It can’t tank, it can’t jam EVERYONE so if your fleet mates can’t pin everything down, you’re fucked. If the Falcon was a movie character he would be the science team mate, the computer hacker, the tag along archeologist, anything but the fighty type. It has it’s uses but it’s combat effectiveness is not so awesome, especially now it has been “balanced”. Luckily its brother became usefull.

To the Left Lonestar who Jams ships, like on the Right, which is what the Falcon does quite well.

2) The Rook, so all of a sudden this under used combat recon became everybodies favourite tool. It can deal out great DPS, it has a decent tank, it can jam the shit out of you it even has a decent drone bay. What can’t it do??

Even the paint scheme is pretty great.

I bought 12 of these at 80 mil each 2 days before the patch, on patch day I sold 10 of them for 135 mil each (did I hear a CHACHING!!). I kept the last 2 and loaded them up ready to go fighting. My problem at that point was, well, they are expensive and I don’t fancy taking these into militia blob land or even with my corp because…well the 22nd were famed for their cheap frigates and destroyers so the ratios were a bit off. Basically, putting that much good and awesome on the line for a bunch of guys who took the same cheap shit out everytime was a bit silly, so I didn’t do it.

I used the Rook one time to its fullest potential. I helped a corp mate in his Drake from getting ganked in a belt, we turned the tables on the pirate and instead ransomed him. In total I scored 6 kills with the Rook which isn’t all that great, but I never did lose one so I guess as a ship it is pretty awesome.

Effectively I wasted my chances and wasted the time I could have had with such a fine ship. Had I been in gangs with similar ships it might have been more of a staple choice but it didn’t work out that way. I feel a bit like a parent mulling over the time lost with their now grown children /sniff.

Look everybody it's a Rook sitting ontop of a Rook πŸ˜€ ...ok so I had no Rook screens.

3) Minmatar this time and the Stiletto. Of all the interceptors I will go down on record and say that the Stiletto does the job better than the others and I don’t care for your facts. With 4 mid slots you can fit it out any number of ways depending on what is needed, hopefully you fit so you can insta’ lock anything that comes through a gate.

I prefer the dual SEBO for insta lock goodness. You are not there to provide DPS or anything, just a REALLY good point and as a tackler you should be REALLY good or you should just fuck off. There is no reasoning here, that is what an Inty should do. The inty will tackle and it will insta-tackle and it will give chase if needed but it won’t be there to provide DPS or tank very long. If said Inty can’t fly fast it should leave until it can, if it can’t insta-lock it should leave until it can. In low sec this is especially usefull because you don’t have easy-mode bubbles to catch everything for you.

The Stiletto has bonuses to tackle range, it is superbly fast and it has 4 mid slots for awesome utility, why not fly the Stiletto? It is a great gang tackler folks, “But but but the Crow and Taranis are better”. Die in a fire.

Hey...errr...guys check it out, a pair of Stilettos has been left ontop of this Stiletto hovercraft...ok so what? I bet you don't have Stiletto screenshots either!!

4) The Buzzard. Incase you haven’t read the mission runners post you won’t know I am a big fan of PvE ships. This baby is a PvE ship..or well it is also a PvP ship but it is mostly a PvE ship. Spying and the art of hiding is something this ship does very well indeed. It is agile, it can warp cloaked, it is small and it even has camoflage paint. So in my opinion it is a tool of PvP. Hell, you could fit it with a point and sneak up to sleepy mining barges or ratters for your mates to then destroy.

The Buzzard is the best exploration vessel going. It can fit an mwd, an expanded probe launcher, a covert cloak, a codebreaker, an analyzer, a salvager, a tank, a tractor beam, a coffee maker, a soft drinks machine, a DvD, an ipod dock, an Xbox…ok it CAN’T fit an Xbox but most houses can’t fit an Xbox. Basically it can fit everything you need for exploration. Have a friend or an alt with you to kill the rats in any sites you find, use the Buzzard to hack the cans, profit wildly. Repeat.

I love my Buzzard. My particular Buzzard was stolen from somebody and I bought it. The rigs, the modules everything on it was stolen. To whom it originally belonged I will never know but the contract specified that it was not theirs and they needed a fast sell, I bought the ship and it’s contents for 15 mil 5 minutes after the contract went up. Lucky bargain! So if you had a Buzzard stolen from you around 2 years ago, I have it in my hangar and you are not getting it back πŸ™‚

Old and new, what is with the camo paint in the first screenshot? To help you hide in the blue lagoon?

5) Orca. What a stunningly usefull ship, I can’t have enough positive things to say about it so here is the only negative I can think of. It’s fucking humungous and about as mobile as a block of apartments. Ok with that out of the way let’s see why the Orca is so fantastically amazing, here is a reccount of what I have used my Orca for. Since the start of 2009 have I owned my Orca and it’s purpose was to help me haul around the Ore I was mining in high sec. Its first few months were spent using it for mining Op’s and then at times putting up towers and POS modules.

It made itself invaluable when I moved my high sec base, when I gathered modules and various shite that I had stored around the universe and piled them all into one station. When I would sell ships and mission loot saved up over weeks, the Orca would haul them down to Jita. While mining in a system with no stations, this ship carried the Ore out to be processed time and time again.

When a friend and I lived in a class 1 wormhole we lived out of this Orca for 2 days while we cleared the sites and used it to refit ships and store our loot. Since then it has been pivotal on the logisitcs front as a few friends and I moved into a class 2 and later on a class 4. Without this ship life would have been much more difficult at times.

The best wormhole logistics ship by far enters unknown space...ooh spooky.

Though not exciting to fly and not nearly as great in PvP it more than makes up for everything by providing your corp/gang with a mobile command base, a reliable high-sec freighter that can’t get insta popped by suicide fuckwits, a mining platform to avoid can flippers, if you don’t use gang links you can fit a probe+cloak+rep for WH op’s. This ship can do it all besides PvP and move fast.

I can’t beleive that I am enthusiastic about such a ship to be honest. Considering I prefer fast paced ships with that sneaky backstabbing shark feel the Orca kinda breaks all the rules my playstyle relies on. Yet I can’t reccomend this ship enough. Buy one, you won’t ever be dissapointed no matter your playstyle.

EvE's own brand of Sexual education. Here we see a POS (egg) with an Orca (sperm) travelling into it to drop off Ore.

So my top 5 ship thatI like in someway, though none of these are a Rupture, Manticore or Rapier they deserved a mention none the less. Part 2 WILL be up tommorow.


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