EvE – The ship, the one, my favourite…here goes.

Not exactly how you want to end up if you annoy the wrong gods.

There are a few problems that I have to address before I get what I think and feel about this ship. Problems that I think exist but perhaps do not, I think the reasoning though will become clear. Firstly, it is a new ship and so has not had an awful lot of test driving in comparison to all of the other ships in EvE. You can’t rightfully claim that this ship out performs the Rupture or Thorax, when its track record compared to these 2 is not even in the same league.

Secondly, even if you discount the timeline of this ships performance you can’t discount its monetary cost compared to everything else. For a meger cruiser hull you are paying hundreds of times over compared to the other cruisers. Not everybody can afford to fly them, not everybody can afford to risk them even if they do fly them and not everybody can afford to fly, lose and replace them so readily. In EvE terms these are the Ferraris, the Lamborginis, the Bugattis. Super ships for the discerning affluent pilot. This might not include you and for that I am going to try and get across why I love this ship the most without coming across as some elitist fuckface.

Third and lastly, writing about something you really like is not exactly easy, the expressions you might be thinking about don’t come across well. For example when I think about this ship my brain says, “COOL BOOM BOOSH WEEEEAAAOOWWW PEW PEW BIBANG FUN FUN FUN AWESOME COOL RARRRRRRRR!!!!!!”. That doesn’t really make a great blog post and makes me look a little unstable. In my brains defence however, I think what it is saying is that this is a great toy and it feels like being a kid again.


Yes I know, its not like I pidgeon holed myself here. there is no real commitment to a specific ship when you choose a T3 as your favourite. I didn’t toil and trouble myself over the Hurricane’s DPS and tank, the Rapiers specialisation or the Ruptures “steady Eddy” flavour, no, instead I went for something that takes what I like about various ships and sticks them together into a multi purpose tool of awesome. So yes, a T3 ship is perhaps the easy way out of deciding on your favourite ship. It doesn’t do one thing very well, it does many things well and it is interchangeable so you can change the ship when ever you want. Though it might not out perform T2 ships with specialist roles it does a very good job at amalgamating several ships together into one fuck off pwn mobile. Jack of all trades, master of none. That is in essence what the T3 line is all about. At least at the moment.

Since buying this Loki I have finally felt that I have the tool in EvE that I was really needing. I’ve said a few times before that my playstyle is that of a sneaky bastard and unless you haven’t guessed by now, I love to make ISK. The Loki gives me everything I need for my style of play in that tiny pocket of parameters. Be Sneaky, make alot of ISK. First let’s take the ISK making. My high sec base is exactly 1 jump from low sec. My low sec base is slap bang in the middle of a high traffic area which sits right next door to null sec. My Loki let’s me move around this area without being seen, it gives me the tank and the firepower to hold off any would be ambushing pirate and it gives me the utility to explore in dangerous waters. Sometimes I like to do Radar sites or solo class 1-2 sleeper sites. These can rake in heaps of cash from goodies hidden in Radar cans and sleeper tags. Occasionally (one time dude!) I have been known to probe out mission/plex runners and just kill them for the ship loot. Only because I can do this, do I do it. And there is the point, my Loki let’s me do what I want how I want and the only limitations are, in the words of Verone, “how big your balls are with regards to pirating”.

Since owning mine I would esstimate that The Loki has more than paid for itself. Though one is currently fit for null sec travelling and is awaiting a refit for this summers PvPing.

Travel fit 'Bubblebath' for ease and relaxation during your voyage across the stars.

As an ISK printer it doesn’t come close to the Tengu, Caldari ships are generally better at PVE than most other ships but the Tengu really outshines them all. The Loki just doesn’t have the sustainable tank while providing fair volumes of DPS. I have suffered a little from having too little a tank while my DPS is absolutly awesome, or I have a decent tank but my shots go wild and things take a bit longer to destroy. Again though, at least the choice is there. Something like a Drake is relentlessy awesome at tanking but it is slow as artheritic grandpa with his alzheimers. You don’t have a choice with the Drake. Likewise you don’t have the choice with a Vagabond either. It is relentlessly fast but if it gets caught it is toast. The Loki can at least fight back, hold on and have a good chance at a gate jump before it pops.

This is why I really like the T3 line and the Loki in general. The blending of ship ideas to form a singluar ultimate bad ass. Fitting my Loki….by the way I should really start calling it by the name I chose, I mean I REALLY like this ship and saying “the Loki” or “my Loki” doesn’t do it justice. So The Validus has been fit numerous ways to suit how I needed it at the time, sometimes she has this probe launcher and PvE fit to go make my some ISK and other times a PvP fit has been required. I won’t post my PvP fit here for the world to see because I want to retain some level of ownership but if you want the fit, I can eve-mail it to you. Nothing revelatory but I am proud of the fit.

The coolest sounding weapon in the game. Right? I think so anyway.

I love autocannons and no ship brings out the joy of Auto’s quite like the Loki. In short they are just so very sci-fi to me despite how primitive they are but mostly because they have more DAKKA!! tahn any other weapon system. Lasers are far too obvious and even though its a “frikking laser beam” they don’t feel powerfull. Blasters I just don’t understand, are they like rapid firing shotguns firing out well made debris? Missiles don’t have a punch and they are far too child friendly. Autocannons spew out hundreds of rounds, good solid projectile wepaons ripping into armor, flaking off irreplaceable ship equipment and shattering through cockpits into the pod. In my mind they have more of a fear factor. Load noises, lot’s of bullets flying everywhere and you know any one could be the fatal shot. You can’t weave past a barrage of autocannon fire and you can’t help but shout in disbelief as rows of teeth from this flying scrapheap remove your structure bit by bit. Seeing a roughly built monster of a ship that is a Loki must be terrifying enough without having to put up with the hail of gun fire coming your way. Even writing about that makes me emmensly satisified that I went Minmatar in the first place. Autocannons on a Loki…mmmmmmm.

My only negative with using my ship of awesome isn’t really a negative as such, it is more of a hesitation on my part so not really the ships fault at all. It is understandable that if you decide to put this ship in harms way a certain measure of apprehension comes with it. After all the hull and subsystems alone are worth more than any ship of its size or in some cases bigger. A carrier for instance sells for around 600-700 million and a T3 ship is worth that easily but comes with the downsides of not having as many hitpoints, the insurance payout upon destruction of your T3 isn’t even worth getting back and you lose skill points to boot. You can see why that it makes no sense to have these ships and put them in obviously dangerous situations. Yet people like me do it all the time. I would much rather be in a Loki in a PvP fight than say any of my T2 ships. It outperforms them all in my opinion. Greater tank, greater DPS, greater options for picking your fights in the first place.

The one that got away. A Curse while tackled can get away every time unless your boys are faster...

Of course there is the risk of being primaried. Who wouldn’t want to shoot the big expensive ship first? A low sec gang might roam for a few hours with not much luck or very little action only to come across a similar sized gang but a T3 ship in amongst them. Of course they primary the T3. If everybody dies at least they killed the money ship and thus the ISK lost ratios are going to be similar. If you win the fight your gang comes out even more on top AND the chance for faction loot from a T3 pilot is significantly higher. Shiny syndrome, the bane of every EvE pilot.

I remember an ingame friend and some random pilot destroyed a Loki in their Rupture and Caracal netting a few hundred in dropped faction loot but also and perhaps more importantly to stat whores, their ISK Killed/lost ratio rocketted. A rupture is perhaps worth 100 times less than a Loki for a rough guess and he more than made his ships value in that one kill alone. These are the sort of chances you take if you want to fly them. The jobs that the T3 ships do are awesome but you can never forget that just because they cost a fortune and do exceptional things, that they are above being destroyed in any number of ways if you are careless or plain unlucky.

Despite all of the obvious advantages and negatives of this ship, lot’s on both sides, the simple fact that I just enjoy flying it over rides everything else. What I think more than anything is something like this. While cloaked travelling from system to system looking for a target I get a feeling of being a shark or a wolf. Nobody knows you are there until it is too late, you have them cornered, wounded and with no chance of survival. Even if I am not going to fight anybody I still think like this, the predatory nature of The Validus takes over and I have no choice but to give way for its spirit. I see it as a valuable character in a book or role playing game, if any harm or misfortune comes its way I would be noteably affected by it. I don’t want that to happen, ever. the Validus is my most trusted ship, my most used ship, the go to boat and a ship I don’t think I could do without above all others.

The Validus as it is now.


3 Responses to “EvE – The ship, the one, my favourite…here goes.”

  1. 25/04/2010 at 12:44 am

    Ahh, I remember killing that Loki in T1 cruisers… God that was a good day on vent.

    In any case, I’m damn pleased yours is still alive TooNu 🙂

    I’ve just begun to play again, btw, so send my a mail in-game some time.


  2. 2 Brandon Boyd
    25/04/2010 at 5:33 pm

    <o Raine, long time no see.

    BTW, I just like to add that I am in absolutly no way resposible for any Idle time by beeing AWOL or any other form of social dilemma – in RL.


    • 3 TooNuRaccoon
      25/04/2010 at 8:05 pm

      🙂 damn you and your new social life!

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