EvE – Rapier, the almost but not quite favourite.

I fly the Rapier and I love it.

There, that wasn’t so hard to say. At first I thought it would be weird but actually it’s like a weight has been removed from my shoulders and now I can relax a little. What’s that you say? Oh but I thought the Rapier was one of those ships people laughed about at dinner parties. No? oh then I guess this shouldn’t be such a tough post to write.

Rapier, classic Minmatar looks, now with added bits of wood!

Recons in general are awesome. Combat recons and force recons have their place in EvE with pirates and PvP centric corp’s who specialize in the clean professional kill. Recons are good at 1 thing but do that 1 thing really well and this places a high value on not just the ship but also on the training. Unlike other ships where perhaps you just need to kinda sort of train up a weapon type, and half arse couldn’t really be bothered train up your tank only to then go out and find something to fight. A recon demands that you take your skills to the next level. They demand that you pay attention and stay focussed so this special tool becomes more refined and thus more deadly.

The problem is, they break pretty fucking easily and cost a small fortune. So I guess they are almost like specialist doctor tools or some sort of fine…sushi knife…?…in that if you don’t know wtf you are doing, you are likely to cause more harm to your tool than to anything else. And that wasn’t a reference to your genitals. Ok it was.

After training up Caldari cruisers V and being a bit..disapointed by my decision I trained up minmatar cruiser V shortly after. The idea being I could fly the Vagabond which at the time everyone and their alt were flying but the main reason was that the Rapier would also be in my grasp. The idea of flying and infact training for the Rapier was formed by many people inspiring my playstyle just like most of my choices in game to be honest.

The first time I ever saw a Rapier was as it decloaked 70 km’s from me burning towards my Manticore. Pretty stupid to decloak at such a distance, you could have caught me at 30 but that is the price you pay for being stupid/impatient. It was probably the most scared I have been PvP wise in game. Not that fear exists ingame other than the fear of losing your ship or the fear of finding your account hacked, but fear in the Jaws way. Hidden danger lurking out there somewhere. Ready to catch and eat you if you dare go into the water. That is how I saw the Rapier at that moment.

Other times I saw this ship was on allied gate camps. Major faction warfare gates with heavy traffic were often camped by a corporation who flew specialist ships such as recons and one guy flew a Rapier in particular. I never saw him in anything other than this death machine so i figured it had to be a ship worthwhile training for. So I researched ship-fits and I spoke to people who flew them at some point and I read stories of peoples kill claims. Probably wildy exagerated but the essence of the ship was in these stories.

Stopping Interceptors and smaller ships from moving very fast so your drones and artillery can tear them apart. Large battleships unable to do anything but crawl back to the gate at 21 m/s. It just sounded like a much more hands on ship than the Falcon. Plus, it can warp cloaked so it fitted my ninja combat style perfectly. I decided that my style is very much ninja because you can’t see me and I only attack when an opportunity presents itself and then only if I am 100% sure. You can say it is cowardly if you like, I don’t mind. I can say your mother has sex with hobos and infact married one, you don’t have to mind that either.

The 3 phases of the wildly known S.H.L.A.N technique (Special Hide Like A Ninja).

Something about the Rapier and the way people fit it amused me greatly over the last year or so. Now if this comes across as a fitting-nazi point of view then oops >_< but the 2 greatest debates I see are for Arty or Auto fittings and I want to put my stamp on this topic.  Personally I prefer Arty. Fleets profit greatly from having a Rapier to hand. It can hold a target at a gate while the DPS comes in, or it can scout safely, it gets bonuses for Target painters aswell and it is incredibly fast for a cruiser. What it can’t do no matter how you fit it, is put out huge volumes of damage. And your fleet doesn’t rely on your DPS, if they are well..it’s a shit fleet, leave it.

Auto cannons fire faster and put out more DPS than arty’s but with only 3 turret slots the reasoning for this choice is minimal. I guess it really depends how you like to fly. However, considering your Rapier is the master of dictating range with its speed and web bonuses you should be thinking about how you can maximise these advantages. Arty’s have far superior range to the Autos.Rather than change the ship entirely, why not play to its strengths? It seems fairly obvious to me that the ship with which to dictate range while using autocannons is the Vagabond,  it does a much better job in this role than the Rapier. Shit, fly a Hurricane or a Rupture if you want to get up close and in the face of somebody, they REALLY tear things apart.

Remember what I said about using the correct tool for the correct job AND looking after said tool? Well to me an auto-Rapier is like using a bandsaw to slice your bread, or having a doctor come out to build your garden patio. Yes a bandsaw can easily cut through bread and a Doctor could build your garden patio but they are not the right tools for the job when something else is better suited to it.

An actual Rapier sword was designed for long reaching attacks, thrusting attacks mainly. Again that is not a reference to your genitals. Merely highlighting the potential reason for being named Rapier.

The day my training was completed I bought 2 of these ships and only ever flown one of them. I scored 52 kills in it before it popped to a much much more awesome gang than ours. The loss was a bit traumatic but my therapist says that time heals while you are grieving. One day at a time… /sniff.

It never occured to me before but those dragster style jets of flame from the engines are cool.

My time flying it was spent doing a few different roles, I enjoyed it greatly no matter what I was doing because it was my Rapier, my invincible (obviously not if it popped) scout, the swift bringer of speed denial. Jaws theme tune in my head as I prowled towards ships ratting. The “SUPRISE!!” shout I would yell out with glee as an assault frigate wandered to the wrong plex-gate. Oh the good times that were had. Even the most mundane utterly boring task you can be doing in EvE, no not POS warfare and no not ice mining, bunker busting in Faction Warfare. Even this became enjoyable. For those that don’t know, it is just a bunch of sad fucks shooting a small structure for 30-45 minutes until the system occupancy changes to your faction. There is NO reward for doing this. I would fit 2 target painters on to boost the fleets missile damage output by god knows how much. By fitting these modules I was effectively saving time compared to if I was shooting the bunker with a Raven. Well that is what I tell myself and who better to tell me that I am right? 😀

The point is, I had fun while flying the Rapier and would still be having fun flying the Rapier today no doubt. I prefer it over the other cloaky Recons. The idea of flying the Arazu has toyed with my brain a few times but I don’t even have Gallente Frigate injected so that isn’t happening anytime soon. The Pilgrim could drain your cap and stop you from shooting back while it’s drones screw you up. The Falcon can jam you really well. The Rapier just runs around you whooping showing you exactly what you can’t do right now. The combat recons for each race do all of this on a much more intense level and are far better suited for scrapping, but they can’t warp cloaked, and a ninja can not be seen.

Now seeing this image makes me wonder what the fuck were those classic graphic removal whiners on about in the first place??


2 Responses to “EvE – Rapier, the almost but not quite favourite.”

  1. 1 Arden Caine
    15/04/2010 at 8:19 pm

    Enjoyed reading this post. Nice one.

  2. 15/04/2010 at 9:14 pm

    I love the Rapier and like to use it to probe out mission runners and safes ships. Makes me nervous to be primary tackler in such an expensive ship but it’s quite effective. 😉

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