EvE – Mission runners

Perhaps you only did it a few times, perhaps you do it as your main activity within EvE, perhaps you skip CTA’s in 0.0 because of it. Everyone has done it at some stage and if you say you haven’t then you are a liar or very forgetfull. Missions and missioning is the glue that binds us all and keeps EvE running. The server hamsters feed on completed missions and everyone knows 97% of all the available minerals come from reprocessed loot, right?

Ok so for the sake of arguement perhaps your EvE game didn’t start out quite like mine but I missioned my arse off for months. After some forum searching for any info on making ISK the most obvious option to me was mission running. I gathered up what resources I could and proceeded to fit a Merlin up to run lvl1 combat missions for the Space Lane Patrol. Actually some help with this must be owed to the State War Academy NPC corp chat because despite how much of a troll den it is, some helpfull people emerge every now and again. And these people helped to guide me from courier missions to combat missions.

And thus the Merlin was my choice for ISK printing. The goal at the time was to progress as fast as I could through lvl1’s to level 2 agents which I used a Caracal for and then to my ultimate dream ship. The Drake. Say what you will and mock all you like but when these people spoke about how much damage it could tank and how much ISK they would make in a day I salivated like a cocker Spaniel in a pet store staring at the biscuits. When I had 2 months or so of playtime in the bag I bought and started to use the Drake, meta 1 and 2 fitted with no rigs. Poorly used I might add but it was what I wanted to do and I didn’t lose it so it did its job very well by protected my noob pilot.

My First Drake, from Fisher Price toys.

After flying the Drake for about a month getting all skills needed to III or IV in some cases I was getting pretty arrogant. The level 3 missions were becoming easier and easier with no real stress at all. Some of us got together from the SWA chat and did some of the harder 3’s where battleships were involved. The endless debates of active tanking over passive tanking would fuel more and more competition between Drake pilots and their bragging rights. I used to say to newer pilots (like I was a veteran…idiot) ,”If in doubt, buy a Drake”. It was such a dependable ship and fun to fly, this brick just sat there spewing out missiles with no care at all. It didn’t matter how you flew it or fit it, somehow it just didn’t ever die.

When I wised up to the ways of EvE and fitting choices I did find that my active tanked Drake, while good, was inferior to a passive Drake that could just sit there and take the punishment. (<–I had a Jesus reference there for comedic effect but I worried for my soul).

The Drake scans the communications array and wonders, "One day if I run enough level 3's I to can afford the ULTRA SATELLITE TV package".

Another inaccurate generalisation here but it happens so often I might be spot on. Within the first 5 months of playng EvE I was sat in my next ship for the next stage of my get rich plan. Here is a verse from a very famous poem.

“Prophet!” said I, “thing of evil – prophet still, if bird or devil!
By that Heaven that bends above us – by that God we both adore –
Tell this soul with sorrow laden if, within the distant Aidenn,
It shall clasp a sainted maiden whom the angels name Lenore –
Clasp a rare and radiant maiden whom the angels name Lenore.”
Quoth the Raven, “Nevermore.”

Have we all done it? If you have then you can share my pain and go about being all self righteous to others who are thinking about doing the same thing. This being said, the self righteousness has a place because it is incredibly stupid to skill up, and purchase a Raven to do level 4 missions when you more or less just started playing.

Here is my Raven that is sat in high sec this very moment waiting for my return when I might fly her again and destroy some pirates.

Beutifull ship and so usefull, ladies and gentlemen, the Raven.

Nevermore is her name and I have owned her for the better part of 2 years. She is my second Raven because the first one got warp scrambled by drones in a mission and utterly fucking ruined in a failcascade covered in failsauce. At the time I think I was probably the most upset I could have been because I had to go back to the Drake for some lvl3 missions to get all that ISK back. Right now I can laugh about it because it is funny. It taught me a valuable lesson though, don’t fly something until your skills are acceptable. The first Raven was fitted really…just look at this.

See what i mean? WTF passive recharge buffer Raven?

It is such a great ship that it deserves our utmost respect and should NOT be treated like I treated mine. These ships  might not be the greatest PvP tool around but they really help everyone of us learn how to do the fundamental things that EvE needs you to understand. Tanking being the most important. How to fit a ship correctly for the dangers that it will be facing. The correct tool for the correct job and like all tools they should be treated properly so you get the best use out of them for a very long time.

Just last winter a friend got back into playing after 5 years of not playing, he needed to grind up ISK and learn how to play and what not before getting straight into low sec piracy, 0.0 warfare and a bit of Red Vs Blue in high sec. All of that was done in relativley short order but he still needed to mission run/whore for the first 2 months or so to build up the funds. His goal was something I joined in and would make his life easier as there would be 2 of us instead of just him. His ultimate dream ship is the coolest looking ship the Caldari have. It looks a little like the Sulaco from Aliens so here is my Sulaco homage.

I WANNA ROKH! der ner ner da nah ner I WANT TO ROKH!!

The pair of us flying these side by side in missions is great fun. We would make tactics and fittings up based on who would shoot frigates and cruisers, who would be the sniper and who would be the anti-matter destructor! It was great fun and a break from tme monotonous cruise missile firing. Also the Rokh looks great.

There is no real difference in how you mission run, just aslong as the ship you are flying does it well. Perhaps it is best that you over compensate in your tank. Or perhaps you run missions as part of a group and so more damage modules are beneficial in the long run. The Rokh is not the most efficient ship to run level 4 missions just like the Drake is not the most effcient to run level 4’s. The Raven might not be the most exciting but it gets the job done. All of these ships have a place and a purpose and the only real purpose anyway is to make ISK so you can make your upgrades and carry out tasks you want to do with your EvE game.

After utterly destroying the planet in the previous screenshot, Rokh, Paper, Shotgun heads home for tea.

A toy I picked up and rigged, invested some ISK into is a frigate that I had no purpose for what-so-ever. I purchased the ship from the Caldari Navy loyalty store and went about making it as bad ass as I could. One day in the future from that day I would infact use it to run level 1 missions for the Sisters of EvE. Rather than use a run of the mill Merlin or Kestrel i decided that this ship was 1) way better at tanking and putting out damage and more importantly 2) Looking great.

Very awesome looking ship, what say you?

I don’t have anything to say about it really, I just wanted to put this screenshot up because it really does look awesome. Statistics wise, it is not a bad ship. Probably the best level 1 mission boat you could get, huge tank and massive damage bonuses, what’s not to like?

To wrap up though, mission ships are great and most of us wouldn’t be where we are today in game if it wasn’t for these work horses. Your current wealth was probably started by doing missions and ships like the ones above helped to start the ball rolling, your ISK momentum is because of your unused Raven or Drake left somewhere in high sec. Mission running is a bit grindy though, so forgetting you did it is probably for the best. Just try not to forget the ships you once relied on.


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