EvE – Ass Bleed ‘Rupture’

Ingame friends influenced my ship choices from a fairly early stage. However I think that one forum post written about god knows what and whoever wrote it I thankyou but the message I recieved from it was that Caldari ships are crap in PvP and Minmatar are truly awesome. Now, none of anypart of that message is true. Yes it may feel that certain races far outweigh others in PvP superiority but all in all it’s a bit of a stupid arguement because everybody can train for everything. What matters is what you enjoy to fly and what you are good at flying.

Mixing your skillpoints about a bit in each races direction gives you more options but less specialisation. That much is obvious. Saying that so and so’s races ships are far better is a bit redundant. At the time however I beleived things like that so being a bit of a sheep, I followed blindly with this person words. Thankfully his propagandic bullshit turned out perfectly because I found that Minmatar ships ARE awesome and I really enjoy flying their ships. One perfect example of a great Minmatar “go to” ship is the Rupture. A cruiser of obvious destructive power with no fancy bits at all. Simple and direct applied viscious spaceship anhiliation.

Of all the EvE ships I think i have the most respect for this one.

The triangle of death, fear it.

By definition a Rupture is this:

Rupture, noun.

a. The process or instance of breaking open or bursting.
b. The state of being broken open.
Rupture, verb.
1. to break or burst or cause to break or burst

What an aptly named ship. To be broken open, to be burst apart, to be the cause of breakage and bursting. The Rupture, rightly named indeed. It even looks like its name suggest, it is some edged axe head all fucked up and with pointy bits sticking out. It wants to cause destruction and untold casualties, it wants to “violence your boat”. CCP have crafted this ship into a single purpose, to be the frontline deathmachine.

Ruptures are not fancy ships, they don’t fly gracefully and with precision, they don’t have a large play book of tactics and tricks. Infact the Rupture has but one. Get to the target and just stay on it until it dies. Ruptures are like cancer or Ebola. Once you have it, it won’t let go unless pried off or the thing is dead. With whatever tools you have fitted to its hull, it will fly towards the target and proceed to ruin its shit. At times pilots have reported that when you undock in this ship, it does what it wants until destroyed. Autopiloted mayhem and carnage.

I think if ramming another ship caused actual damage, the rupture would be the one with the bonuses. It doesn’t care how utterly barbaric it is being, it will just ram and shoot, ram and shoot like some wild eyed viking on a 6 pack of redbull.


There were 2 pilots in our usual gang that consistently flew the Rupture before I even considered flying it. I would take a Rifter usually and speed tank combat plexs for the Faction Warfare campaign we were running and they would be the heavier boats ready to cream anything that entered the plex after us. Just watching how really quickly these ships could tear through a Thorax or Arbitrator or something like that was inspiring. It was no problem for these 2 guys to sit and stand gaurd while the rest of us dealt with the plexs in the system.

When I eventually joined in with my own Rupture I understood immediately why they had chosen this particular ship  in the first place. The fits they were using had the 4 220’s and 2 heavy missile launchers fitted with a significant armor tank that included a small repper’.  After flying the Rifter about and having being influenced further from a pirate friend I decided that I would try and make my own fit with my existing skills that also matched my play style. So I came up with this fit and unsuprisingly I was not the first to do so. It is a popular fit and you only need to use it to find out why.

Ass Bleed, the top is what I used to fit, the bottom is what I will fit as soon as I get Hull Upgrades V. All in all, a couple thousand Effective Hit Points difference.

And this is what it costs currently.

Choppy and hacked together, I even forgot the Warp Scrambler II doh! >_< (which costs 850-900k)

Current cost would be approx 30 mil for the ship that you can insure and get a substantial number of ISK back when it pops. Worth the ISK? yes I think so and at any rate the kill factor and fun factor far outweight the negatives of ISK loss which you shouldn’t be thinking about while stuck to the side of your poor victim blowing holes into their ship.

What I love about it is that the Rupture is a no brainer. It can be fit in numerous ways but it is still going to get used the same way time and time again. Lot’s of other ships have lot’s of ways to use them, usually 1 or 2 very obvious ways if you are so learned but the Rupture only ever seems to do the brutal, unyielding, wrecking machine role. I think that is what CCP intended it for.

I want to mention the other Minmatar PvP cruiser just to help my biast points along.

IMO the Stabber makes a poor skirmish ship, it has 2 less low slots than the Rupture, less shields and armor. It has 5m3 of drone space to the Ruptures 30m3. Yes it goes faster, yes it makes a fairly decent cruiser tackle boat and finally yes it does make a good Vagabond training tool. Overall though, it’s combat potential in a knife fight is SHITE and thus we are left with the brick that is the Rupture. And why would you go looking anywhere else?

It’s always been the ‘go to ship’ of my cruiser ship choices. If I am recommending anything for newer FW Pilots/newer EvE pilots in general then I say the Rupture is a good stable, dependable ship that won’t let you or your fleet down. Of course I say the caracal is also good but for a different style of play and I beleive that everyone will enjoy flying the Rupture, it’s almost a guarantee, and I can’t honestly say that about the Caracal.


2 Responses to “EvE – Ass Bleed ‘Rupture’”

  1. 09/04/2010 at 7:58 pm

    You forgot to mention that the Rupture is probably the only cruiser class vessel that can effectively hull tank. Its a man’s cruiser, cos everyone know that real men hull tank.

    • 2 TooNuRaccoon
      09/04/2010 at 9:38 pm

      Heheh 🙂
      Hull Tanking, the last of the great art forms. Try it if you wish, let me know how your hull tanked Ruptures get on!

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