EvE – Rifter, the unglamorous awesomeness.

Now that I’ve probed my way out of my WH, travelled the 50 jumps back to my low sec base and taken a heap of screenshots, let’s kick off with best value for money ship in EvE.

All t1 frigates do one job very well if only for a short duration, then they die, and another t1 frigate takes over and so on in the never ending cycle of fiery death. Rifters come and go in that exact fashion. Rifters are the stabilizer wheels, the water wings, the training bra of all PvP EvE pilots. Rifters are the cool kids toys. Rifters are cheap expendable assests. Rifters cost next to nothing. Rifters are great fun. Rifters are the only ship everybody can use as an excuse to be a cheap pirate for a day because it is so easy to skill up for. Rifters are capable of great things other ships can only dream about. Rifters do everything correctly. Rifters, when in the proper hands, are rightly feared by all.

Rifter, oh so pretty.

Everything above is true. You just need practice and the methods and moves to get your pilotting skills down. The perfect most best ship to train up PvP is, incase you haven’t figured out, the Rifter. LET THE PRAISE BEGIN!!

Many words have been written about this ship that it is hard to find bad words said about it in amongst all of the possitivity it has recieved over the years. Some people dislike it but these people can’t really fault it for anything besides weak arguements over trivial matters. As a t1 frigate it’s choices for doing any role other than tackle and anti-tackle are rather limited so knocking it for not doing everything conceivably possible ingame is a bit lame and rather very wrong. A great Rifter pilot is a guy called Wensley who has on occasion ruined my day with his awesome skills, he writes alot on his own blog and he has a Rifter guide READ IT, it is awesome and perfectly explains the correct path towards Rifter enlightenment. So besides Wensley here are my thoughts.

This ship fits into EvE in so many ways it is hard to keep going on about without trying to see its negatives which I am sure it has. Like I said, PvP wise it is hard to find a more suitable ship for fast tackle and plain old dogfighting. Roleplay wise it fits the “hordes of frigates” type that a story needs. Getting more players into EvE is easier if you point them towards the Rifter with its easy to get to grips with play style. Pirates and Faction Warfare types start off in some form of combat frigate, the rifter being the most popular choice for exactly this reason. And CCP used this ship to front the box art in its recent store release. Allready it is hard to dispute how rockin this ship is.

In the 22nd we would take on new players if they were the sort of player who were not so retarded that basic gaming fundamentals were not past them and seeing as they sought a PvP corp out we would take them in, guide them a bit etc. Some were perhaps ex-industrialists with absolutly zero PvP ability but had the bare minimum skills to fly a cheap t1 fitted t1 frigate. Time and time again the Rifter was recommended as the perfect starting place. The Merlin being a 2nd favourite recommendation due to the obvious skill ease, so many newer players go Caldari over every other race. (More on this in a later post).

It might be unneccasary but here is a wee bit on wtf you would do as a Rifter pilot in a small gang because it really is this simple.  Set orbit on default for something relativly close (500- 1500m) and wait for your target to be called. Hit afterburner and damage control so they are just on. When the target is called, target it and click ‘orbit at…’, turn on the web and scram and guns (and rocket launcher), use the neut if needed (if fitted) but watch your capacitor. Your target should be dead in a shortwhile and there you have it, allready your cheap as piss ship has earned it’s own cost back. Remember that everybody goes through a learning phase of trial and error, all it takes is practice and repetition.

Such a perfect looking fighter craft.

If you are indeed new to EvE or just new to PvP within EvE, then the Rifter can not come any sooner to your list of assests. It might not be exactly great for PvE but it’s not exactly built for PvE. other ships like the Kestrel for example do that so much better. The Rifter however finds a place in every PvP fleet in the whole of EvE. You can’t say that about the other t1 frigates so much. Now this is either down to how much respect this ship has earned over the years and the simple fact that at some point most if not all PvP pilots have flown one and appreciated how awesome it is. Or the simple fact that it does its job better than all the others and in some cases, better than t2 assault frigates and t2 interceptors. ISK to usage value doesn’t have a better margin.

If only it could be launched from a carrier 😦

Personally I love how it looks and feels as I fly it. The perfect space dog fighter with guns all over its weak looking electrical tape and balsa wood frame, it’s as if it has almost come directly from typical sci-fi backgrounds. Flying one might not seem glamorous if you are surrounded by t2 pilots or bigger t1 ships but for me I see comparable images to the X-wings from ‘Jedi’ weaving through the rebel and Imperial fleets.

Even in real war times kids would pretend to be dogfighters shooting down bombers, fighting other fighter planes in the skies. Who could shoot down the most planes? who was the top ace this week? What was the best fighterplane of them all (Spitfire obviously). Being the smallest ship doesn’t mean the shittest or the worst, you just have to relise that you have the lowest hitpoints and while you might think you are Wedge Antilles, your Rifter is likely going to get popped unless you can fly it better than the other guy. Wedge never lost ever and you are not him, though Wedge is a shit name and Jar Jar Binks is a fucking cockface.

It would cost around 8.5 million ISK per Rifter if fit like the top example here. How can you go wrong with that sort of cost for this sort of excellence?? If you downgrade all of the modules the cost becomes something like 2-3 mil per Rifter. The most perfect and instantly accessable ship to start learning how to play EvE.

2 fittings, 2 of many different options but 2 ways I like to fit mine.

Here we go with some justification for those Metastasis Adjuster rigs.

Tracking is not normally a problem with small guns on small ships that are fast like the Rifter. However most people have not flown against the Qcats corp in Placid who are possibly the best Rifter pilots in the universe (sorry Wensley). Their teams of Rifters are fitted with everything and they like to take Tracking Disruptors leaving your stupid webbed arse hung out to dry. I know there is a neut and that should turn off the TD over time but I don’t like to take chances. These rigs help compensate for the loss and let’s be honest, if you fit a Burst Accelarator you gain 13 DPS..”a whole 13 guys did you hear that?”. Normally I would fit that exact rig and just go with Collision Accelerator, but it is only a frigate, it’s dps doesn’t count for shit if you can’t shoot. This is up to you though.

I have to be carefull about talking about fits because I fear the trolling and hurt from a ‘Hammer of drooling internet righteousness’ weilded by some 20 year old virgin or pedo-moustache and stalker glasses man. If you are going to say something about the fits on this post in any any future posts, make sure you don’t use the words “idiot”, and “lolfit” and I’ll reply to them with gratitude or a big “FUCK OFF”.

That being said, the 2nd fit is more all over the place. I hate rocket launchers, they are a bit shit. And active tanking just doesn’t do it for me because I don’t like to rely on my capacitor ever, not in this day and age where everyone fits a neut. The 2nd does have more hurt on it though. It all depends what sort of style you want to go for. And like I keep repeating, it all depends how YOU want to fit it, what purpose you want the rifter for, how you like to fly, how your gang mates like to fly, your ISK limit and availability etc. Don’t let some fucking EFT warrior dictate your game but do take constructive advice into consideration.

So the Rifter simply is great and I really hope I have made that clear, if not, read between the lines leik omfg.

If you are ever this close, you are dead and the Rifter has flown through your wreckage


1 Response to “EvE – Rifter, the unglamorous awesomeness.”

  1. 1 andy
    24/01/2011 at 7:32 pm

    well said, the rifter is simply awesome no matter how rich in EvE you are. and cheers for the screenshots, im making a 3d model in maya and they are quite useful 🙂

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