EvE – My most favourite ship(s).

Over the next few posts I am thinking that I want to talk about some of my favourite ships, as if the fucking title didn’t give it away. The reasons for this being that most people talk about the fittings and what you should and should not fit, the modules and rigs that go with a specific ship and why a specific ship is only fit for certain roles. Clearly this is how the majority of people that play EvE operate and you can find this out for yourself if you only check the forums and battleclinic and go “fitting nazi” or “EFT warrior” spotting. EvE is a game of efficiency and precision. People create fittings for each ship to achieve the maximum efficiency for each ship. This is why these stereotpyes of people exist. And they will troll you for it.

What they don’t talk about so often is WHY they fly the ship, all the reasons. Not just “because it’s a good tackler…a good ECM boat…has great DPS…can tank all day”. I’ve often seen the reason “looks before practicality” but most people, if they are honest, choose practicallity first everytime. There are some people that fly specific ship types or races due to roleplaying purposes or perhaps they only fly ships based on a theme. I hope to find some kind of theme or overall idea on why I fly the ships I fly by the time I get done going through them all. Perhaps I will find nothing.

Yes this talk about “what people do mostly when ship selecting is….”, is all supposition and conjecture but if you ask yourself and are 100% honest about it, I think I might be right. Everyone wants their ship to do the best job it can do. If not then tell me where you play so I can come for a free kill, or at least tip certain pirates off.

Regardless, I think it will be quite fun to look at the ships I have flown in the past couple of years and think back to why I started flying it in the first place and what I think of them currently. I know for damn sure that my fitting ability has cast a bit of a wider net of accpetance when it comes to module selection compared to 2 years back. This is the beauty of learning. Hindsight is a blessing only after it is a bitch (how proverbial).

I will put one up today as soon as I get some screenshots which means I have to probe out of this WH.  Criticism of fittings are always welcome and will be posted if they are constructively presented so we don’t bicker like twats. Fingers crossed.


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