EvE – Feeling safe.

Occasionally while flying through W-space you see active players on scan doing some form of industry, or perhaps they are clearing combat sites making ISK for themselves. However more often than not they are sat in the forcefields of their POS doing nothing. So the game is to find the POS and watch them doing nothing in the hope that these people want to do something eventually. Boring is an understatement. It is important to know where the POS(es) are though and more important that you get a safe spot quickly so you can keep an eye on what they are doing; are they just sat there? is there any sign of velocity from any of the ships?

Having an enemy POS Safe is vital if you do want to kill these people at some point because if they do infact warp off you can give a direction to where they might be headed. Being at the POS safe also means you can see which pilot is in which ship, who is the oldest toon in the bunch and what ships does he fly. Basically it is the best spot for intel on them in the system.

Stalking is cool while you are in EvE cloaked up in a spaceship. Doing this activitiy outside a persons home while you sit in your van is NOT cool.

Another source of intel would be to trawl through Battleclinic searching for the corp and it’s members. The recent losses list is where you find their ship choices, but perhaps the corp does not base in the WH and it is just a few of them, so adding their ENTIRE corp to your addressbook is not the best way to go about it…it becomes a pain in the arse deleting them all anyway. I prefer the old fashioned way of waiting to see who of my prey are around at the time whilst staring at them like some sweaty stalker cock-end. Spying is not all James Bond, it’s gathering intel and watching and watching and watching and reporting, that is all it ever is.

The same thoughts run through your mind that your fellow corp mates are having run through theirs whilst you all sit there watching. “Maybe they saw me enter their WH and now they will just sit there not doing anything because they KNOW I am here”. “Maybe they are AFK and are just waiting for their friends to log on so they can do some combat sites together.” “Maybe this is just a waste of time, let’s just go”. Nagging thoughts and doubts plague every hunter, sometimes however you get the positive feeling that they are not so wary after all so you get excited and all serious on comms. Then you see combat probes launched followed by a 20 minute pause of nothing but froth producing anticipation and then they go back out to mine Bistot and THEN!!…

The aftermath of yet another defenceless miner who didn't watch his scanner.

…yes that’s me the bullying horrible pathetic mining ganker tosspot but you know, the scanner is there to help you not get caught out. Use it constantly and you won’t get twats like me coming in to destroy you out of boredom. I’ve lost a Hulk this way while I was destroying sleepers on my other account. It started a failcascade that lasted an entire day and cost our corp a couple billion. It taught us to pay attention, always be vigilant and no matter how good you might think you are and no matter how good your setup might be NEVER ever take your safety for granted.

So if like us, you at some point have been resting on your big piles of money eating hand fed grapes from a naked slave talking about how awesome you all are. Perhaps it is time you gave yourselves a kick in the arse before somebody else does it for you.


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