EvE – “Bio”mass effect.

Monkey Dave, that was his name. It wasn’t a very thought out name, monkey after Niki the monkey who lives on my desk and Dave because…it’s a simple name to remember. It is safe to say that I didn’t care for Monkey Dave at all, his name means ‘I don’t care about you’ in Bastardish. So Monkey Dave set out from his Tutorial hub in a fresh Ibis on a mission. His mission was to travel 37 jumps into Venal to secure some drug BPCs and just sit there as my eyes, this was close to 8-9 months ago and today I made the next decision on his pod-life.

Biomass recycling, but is it Carbon Neutral?

At the time this mission just meant I could make some drugs (and some ISK) while having a bit of fun doing illegal things. I refer to this first trip in a previous post here . Now as he has served his purpose and I have no more intention of getting more BPCs I thought about getting rid of him in favor of having a high sec hauler alt instead (if I can spare the training time). The thought has been logged in my brain for at least 3 weeks now and infact he has been in Termination stasis for the last 5 days. Today was the day he met his maker.

Such a minor event really. I had spent no time training him, he only ever had an Ibis, his name is utterly stupid I would never play him seriously and some weeks I never logged him in even for a minute yet killing him off today felt a bit sad.Β  Perhaps it didn’t tug the heart strings and it was merely an effect of the almost Wilhelm scream that you get as he burns.

I was a bit conflicted about this decision because I figure that anyone that can get 37 jumps into null sec, complete lvl1 courier missions for minimum LP and ISK and just stick it out is a pretty cool guy. Had he been a real guy I am certain that he would be a heroic figure, quietly forgotten like some behind enemy lines agent. A Jack Bauer or a JOHN CLARK! but he’s not…he’s my alt that I have no patience for anymore, so he’s gone, dead, to be forgotten. He has no friends except the drug dealers he met in Venal, he has no family except the account owner who just dumped him, and he has no assests to leave behind. He served his purpose, he serves no more purpose past adding his pink goo into the recycling bank. Perhaps your new character will have some of his DNA, spooky.

Monkey Dave no-more, thanks for the BPCs.


2 Responses to “EvE – “Bio”mass effect.”

  1. 1 Diametrix
    01/04/2010 at 10:30 pm

    Good post, Sir.

    Rest in Peace Monkey Dave…..

    • 2 TooNuRaccoon
      02/04/2010 at 7:09 pm

      why Thankyou sir πŸ™‚

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