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EvE – I spy with my little eye…

Sometimes sitting in a wormhole system feels exactly like some of the scenes from the Alien series of movies. That is, if you have nothing to do you float in space for any given length of time until you wake up. Until just recently, the last 2 weeks have really been a test of patience and motivation to do anything worthwhile. ISK making is at an all time low. Probably the least amount of ISK I have gained in the last 5 months has been gained in these past 10 days or so of which I think I’ve made 130mil. Which for a corp that lives in a WH to make ISK and with our track record of doing it well, is pretty shit. No ISK grabbing activites, no PvP for fun, no logistics runs (not fun but a necessary evil). Just logging on, having a sniff and then logging out, or logging on, drifting and chatting.

Character wise, my guys have been training very long skills. 20 day skills and such. Thankfully my main completed his Black Op’s prerequisites and with Black Ops IV to be had in another week I am looking ever towards the future. What do I want to do? Can I live in a wormhole like this any more? What do I gain by leaving? Would my corp mates come with me for another adventure? Who knows. The fact that I am asking these questions of myself means that some gears in the old brain are turning and answers are needed, no, they are vital.

So one day while pondering on the future like some philosophical miscreant something in space appeared ahead of my ship, and it wasn’t friendly. The browns and the yellows of our system blend together very well to form a very unhealthy polluted looking series of clouds. In one such cloud I spotted this.

Seeing shapes and pictures in clouds, a practice of day dreamers the world over...and now in EvE.

This scared me, and it felt like an omen. Cue one hastly arranged sacrifice of ammo, drones and exotic dancer at our sun for the gods of loot to take (just be on the safe side) and it was back to my safe spot, this time I turned around and headed in a different direction. Just so I could avoid any space cloud dinosaurs that want to eat my ship but also because spotting shapes in EvE clouds can’t be a good sign right?

An hour or so later and it was getting pretty late, my eyes were sleepy and with a cup of tea in my belly I felt kinda relaxed. Warm, comfortable and relaxed. That was until I saw something ahead of my ship, I don’t think he saw me but just to be sure I applied the space breaks to the Validus and came to a halt lest I fly too close. I took a screenshot as per my custom and here are the results.

They are everywhere, nobody is safe, no place is safe. Hide your children! hide your pets! hide yourself! they mostly come out at night, mostly.

5 months in here, 5 long months and this has been in my face the entire time. Constellation Rex. The dinosaurs are still there, only they surround us watching constantly from the heavens in the forms of stars. Gathered together biding their time, waiting, for the the perfect moment to come back and destroy everything we hold dear. And then eat the rest. You have been warned!

All this talk of dinosaurs soon made me forget the drudgery of not doing anything with my game. It didn’t remove the idea of leaving however, merely postponed the thoughts.


EvE – Players and characters.

I got to thinking about the guys I play EvE with. I thought about what they do in game, their typical habits and the things they say or do. I thought about why I play EvE with them and what makes them stand out as a character in a game. Pick any RPG title you ever played, perhaps it was Baldurs Gate, Final Fantasy, Planescape, KOTOR etc. I thought about the characters within these games, then thought of them as real people and then compared them to the real people in EvE as if they were RPG Characters…are you following me? are you listening? Good. So this amused me emmensely and I thought it might make an interesting post, maybe I’m wrong, maybe not, I did it anyway. Here we go, a few of the degenerate wise arses I play this glorious game with.

The most impressive chin in the game.

So first up is Mr.Unlucky. I have reffered to Mr.Unlucky once or twice in previous posts and he is the personification of bad luck. His name comes from a long line of real life situations that he sadly carries into game, like some sort of bad luck monster following him everywhere even into the games he escapes to are no safe haven. Expensive ships are lost. Billions of ISK just lost, gone forever. Running out of POS fuel and being the only one who forgot something in high sec so he can’t do a reaction or shoot rats. This sort of thing is the norm’ for Mr.Unlucky. A constant challenge for everyone is to think for themselves AND to check on Mr.Unlucky. “Have you got ammo?”, “Did you remember to take your loot out?”, “Have you…?”, “Did you…?” etc. It probably pisses him off but it’s something we do anyway. Bad shit happens to him so often that when something cataclysmic happens to him he can shrug it off easier than those around him. It is a strength of sorts but one forged in the fire of bad shit happening to him so fucking often. Despite this chaos gift of his, Mr.Unlucky’s wormhole collapsing maths are pretty accurate. RPG Character: Swashbuckler. Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.

"yeaaa...I'm an excellent driver, yea".

Next is the Rain man. Everyone I know knows the Rain Man because he makes himself known right away. You can spot him easily because he is the guy correcting your pathetic attempts at mathmatics, or he is the guy telling you how your EFT fit could be optimised by replacing a certain module for a different one. He does this, it is how he plays EvE and thankfully he is very usefull. One day, and this is no word of a lie, a corp mate casually asked if somebody knew the tracking speed on a Hammerhead II drone and without a pause the Rain man gave the answer. Just like that, hence the name, the rain man. Not everybody wants to be so efficient all the time and not everybody wants to take their training to the maximum level right away. He has trained every learning skill to V, they were the first skills his toon learned before ANYTHING else. No Gunnery to III and then perhaps Missile Launcher Operation to III, nothing like that. All Learnings to V first THEN the other stuff. Nutjob. RPG Character: Wizard. Alignment: Lawful good.

"Skjut honom fΓΆr fan!"

Pirates are a numerous bunch in EvE. Feared and respected in equal measure just aslong as you are not the one being ransomed. A Viking I know has more solo kills and ship destruction to answer for than anybody else I know and it is a-frakking-lot. In the region he now flies people no doubt generally know to not be in space alone because he has either found you allready or will find you and kill you in the next few moments. He is crazy, he fights out numbered and he fucking records with Fraps so he can learn how to do it again but better. All of this, while drunk or just nearly. Typical pirate behaviour really, but being a viking its beer and not rum. The enemy faction were once quoted a year or so back as saying, “If you go to Costolle, don’t go alone”. Thankfully I like to think he wouldn’t shoot me. (Yea there goes our immunity, idiot). RPG Character: Bounty Hunter. Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.

This is a Brigadier General for the Caldari State. Threat level: Deadly.

There was a Caldari pilot who was once very unconfident and not in any way supportive of even his own opinion (cue Opera Winfrey audience “AWWW”). While I was FC and running operations for the 22nd EU timezone this Caldari was nowhere to be seen for months and came out on roams seldomly. On the times he would join our gang, he could be heard saying things like, “I am probably wrong here but it’s just my opinion so tell me to shut up but…” or ,”Hey I was just thinking but isn’t like kinda, sort of but not really…”. Doubting his own opinions and his own thoughts because of no confidence. Well being pushed and coerced into doing more and more while having responsibility forced upon him, slowly but surely his outlook became more possitive. He ran the corp for a time and was more or less the real mover behind their goings on after a year of sitting far in the back. I think at one point in recent times he was number 1 on his alliances killboard consistently because his thirst for PvP was all consuming. No longer the quiet guy, he even has enough confidence to get his RP on. RPG Character: Ranger. Alignment: Neutral Good.

Japanese used underear vending machines, dropping supplies from a plane ontop of a cow, glow penis. This will be the thiefs legacy he leaves behind.

So this next guy could be either the most craftiest guy in EvE or he might be the most untrust worthy player I will ever meet. Either way he could be the most honest thief going. The sort of person that actively recruited or at least attempted to recruit a MoM pilot so he could steal the ship. He would even admit his plan to them and they would “lol” in return but really…he would freaking steal it. To this day I don’t know if the thief stole anything, maybe he did, maybe he was always stealing but nobody knows about it or thinks their stuff lost or won’t admit it has gone. He pirated his ass off to get negative 10 and would lie to people all day long in local channels just so he could shoot them. Not only would he do that but forum posts would go up with chat logs and proof of these things going on. Some of the stories are just unbeleiveable signs of stupidity, but as he says, “ALWAYS bet on stupid”. He might be right. RPG Character: Assassin. Alignment: Neutral Evil.

"Hey err so I have a safe spot here in system right? and I was just err thinking here that we could just go hide there right off the bat".

During the war between Caldari forces and Gallente forces one pilot in our merry band would offer trading tips and advice on what to do to earn extra ISK with which to keep our war efforts moving along. This Canadian wouldn’t give too much away, nothing specific like what items to trade and such, it was more like advice on what to look for. The trends etc to spot so you could find your own niche in the market. He made billions just by trading in the time that I spent with him. Billions of traded ISK, I could only dream of having that. Due to his fast increasing wallet at times he would just give away rigs, modules and ships to his corp mates so they could rearm or reship. He did this a few times either to be nice or out of guilt to help his corp mates. Other than trading he was a fair ECM pilot but really he was handy in a pinch for having more safespots all over low sec than anybody else, “hey err I have a few safes we can wait in”, was his typical catchphrase. Nice guy eh? RPG Character: Priest. Alignment: Lawful Neutral.

Owner of a harsh looking female avatar in a cheap Star Trek uniform seeks massive alliance for PvP, chaotic destruction and romantic walks in the park.

Sleep deprivation are sure signs of gaming addiction, what you don’t expect is the sort of person that does this also carries a briefcase containing an automatic weapon and a sidearm to work. So this bodygaurd started to FC our roams of pirating and faction warfare cheap fleets because nobody else wanted to do the calling in combat. He made loads of mistakes but he got better and better until he was simply the only obvious candidate for FC. I always say you need charisma in spades if you want to FC because people listen to you and people take heed of what is needed without question, they just do it. This guy had a PvP addiction and wouldn’t stop playing until all of his ships or ISK were gone for the day. On the back of this he had WAY more kills than most. Despite his loss count he always enjoyed playing, not once would he bitch or moan. This is how a game should be, sadly for me and many others it is not but he got it right. RPG Character: Rogue. Alignment: Chaotic Good.

So these are some of the guys I play EvE with, some more than others but mostly they are there day in day out.

Whilst writing this I thought about my fellow players here and then I thought about YOUR fellow players and then EVERYBODIES fellow players. As I said at the start, I see my own merry band as a group of characters you can select in some RPG title. You choose your party from a larger group of characters in game that best suit the work at hand. Sometimes you get to take all of them but mostly it is just a few. They are always there though even if you are not in the same fleet. Chat channels etc help to keep up to date with peoples goings on.

When I think about EVERYBODIES players such as EvE-fame types Wensley, Mynxee, Chribba, Sir.Molle or Darius Johnson it is clear that these people have their own groups much like we do. They might have fewer or more friends than we do but as most people know them by name either from forums or in game chatter, these major characters become a part of everybodies game, if you choose them to be. Again in RPG’s, they would be the hired mercenary you can take for a mission or 2 or the one of special character, but they never truly becomes a part of your company.

EvE is still an MMO and while I have played many MMO’s in my day MMO by definition is just multiplayer. And the first multiplayer game I ever played was Gauntlet in an arcade room of a hotel at the age of 5 where my dad and I went through a few levels. Despite how great single player games are, playing against or with other people is what games should be about. Testing yourself and testing your theories, strategies, ideas on real opponents improve you as a player and improve your mind as a person.

You can learn from players who are better or worse than you. You can learn from them socially by finding weakness or strengths to which you can gain advantages by exploiting. Just like in real life. See, I got to thinking about these sort of things and then took a look at the players who I play EvE with and what sort of person and player they are. Finding patterns in their personality that they present in game with which to learn what sort of player they are. Mostly though the players I socialise with are people who I want to socialise with and that is more important.

Now to sing us out, the Carebears.


EvE – When there is nothing to do..

A combination of real events, work, socialising and work have brought our playtime to a halt. No playtime, none. I have logged on but done nothing. Nothing at all. If any of us have logged on it has been late at night or sporadically during the day and so nothing has been done, no mining, no gas harvesting, no sleeper destruction, not even the ever so exciting logistic runs. Pretty depressing for a corp that can make hundreds of millions a night.

In the quiet period I have taken to doing only 2 things. The first is probing which I can’t fucking escape, really it is the bane of my game and probing feels like work…only in a game and much worse than work and in my job I get burned and cut when I am careless. Read this previous post for my feelings on probing if you haven’t allready. The second is finding pretty things and taking screenshots, photoshopping them up and posting them here.

Everybody takes screenshots of pretty things. Even the tough guy in your corp. He takes screenshots of pretty things and then photoshops them into a pinkish hue, pastes them together in a collage and turns them into desktops. You don’t know this about him because he is the tough guy in your corp and you believe that image. Tough guy can be spotted by being the most direct, no time for pleasantries voice on teamspeak. If you are him don’t be ashamed of your pink EvE screenshot collection, repressed feelings lead to constipation, you don’t want a clogged up poop shoot do you?

Back on track. Screenshots are what we gamers do in our worlds that is the equivelent of what photographers do in the real world do, except more nerdy and less people or grey buildings, animals that sort of shit. EvE is rich in scenary and it looks like the perfect sci-fi game backdrop and we are surrounded by it. All of the imagery from your sci-fi books and films in your face everytime you log in. Most of it is fairly repetitious in the sense that planet+sun+subject=nice scene and you change change the colors and the lighting about and BOOM you have a new dazzling screeny, but it is still awesome and inspiring.

Here are a few of something you might not regard perhaps as exciting but cool to see anyway and serves as a good point to what I mean. The same thing essentially but still awesome to look at.

Look, many different ones for you to trade and collect with your friends!

Everytime I want to get a good screenshot I need one of two things, or perhaps…now that I think about it they go hand in hand. Like birds of a feather, like peas in a pod, like a fat couple in the German brewery hall at Disney world where they have that all you can eat buffet. I of course mean Lighting and Interest.

Lighting – Much like nice ships and modules, shiny stuff is eye catching and so you need pretty good light. It depends what you want though because sometimes you want obstructing light so it is in your face, or you want it subtle. As you don’t have camera film to pay for you should just change your angle and spam the print screenbutton. Delete the ones you don’t like and save/PS the ones you do, so getting the right light initially isn’t so vital because you can manipulate the light you need and the angle of your ship. Lighting is important (what a revelation!).

3 Sleeper sites, all different and with different rats but still the same rats just in a differently dressed location. Cool exotic locations like Malibu or fucking Bristol!!...err

Interest – If it has a smidgen of interest, something you see that is worth looking at, it is worth you using the print screen button because you might not ever see that again. Much like shopping for clothes, you see the thing you like, you try it on and it fits, the price is too high so you put it back. You get paid the following week, you go back and yes it has gone. Forever. Not even Ebay has it and so your social life crumbles and your mother doesn’t return your calls. You start using the needle, lose your job and everyone that ever liked you won’t even look at you as they pass your homeless ass in the street. TAKE THE SCREENSHOT FOR HEAVENS SAKE!

From Top to Bottom - 1. and 2. Lava planets kick ass, they look mean. The very top one reminds me of the fire planet Teh Chronicles of Riddick. 3. I went AFK, went to work, came home, showered, ate some food, chatted a little and saw I had floated very far away from this Saturn type planet. 4. And up close but with the nice purple sun I was floating towards. 5. Europe, come on it so does look like Europe. 6. And lastly these rings around this planet were just awesome. They went on Heidi Klums legs rawr.

Lastly take screenies of what you like, nobody needs to see what you are taking screenies of if you don’t want to. Though if you are some weirdo nut who likes exhaust ports ONLY or somethign equally obscure on ships, or takes pictures of the different shaped Veldspar rocks (Chribba we know you do this) then perhaps it would at least be amusing to show your collection off. Photoshop or similar programs are not essential, I only mention it because I like to take the fat off my meat and PS helps me do that. I can sharpen the image up and alter the brightness and contrast etc so it looks a bit more appealing. Not every screenshot gets this treatment but it helps for the ones you have to resize to preserve some of the original quality.

Read the arrogance in this post, talking like i’m Ross Halfin or Nigel Barker. Oh, CTRL+F9 should remove your UI so you can take a clean screenshot. Use that shortcut again to bring your UI back.


EvE – ATTACKED!! repel all borders!

Oh me oh my, there are some bored chancing people in this game I swear to Jeebus. One of our POS’s came under attack and put into reinforced, yes, one of our WH POS’s. Truly it was frightening and we couldn’t believe people were capable of such evil and heinous acts. Such an act of undeniable power was never seen before, and likely it never will again. Firstly, the culprits found our cut off dead end system and had the balls to stay over night (while we slept) and shot at the shields for what must have been a few hours. The POS had no defences for some STUPID reason (it has since been rectified) so it must have been pretty uneventfull.

Shooting and shooting for hours and hours, must have been Aus or US players because we were safe and tucked up in bed. So these hopefulls stayed to whittle the shields down, and down and down further still. Alas, the POS had Strontium inside. No loot for you fellas and so you left our system empty handed, only the memory of staying around shooting for hours for no reward. Muuhahah, sad. At least we tested out our POS reppers, that was quite fun. And by fun I mean shit. Here is a screenshot of the “action”!

Hey check it out, we have our POS repping shit sorted.

In other news we had quite a nice evening, one of laughter and failure…mostly laughter. No it was failure.

A corp mate recently bought an Orca and after a couple of days managed to get the lumpy beast in with us. Over the last year or so he had seen how great it was as a WH Ship, mobile base, logistics god etc. He wanted one. You have to be a bit of a weirdo not to want such a fine ship to be honest. The orca was to be our third as a corp. We are not so heavy on the industry side so 3 is a bit overkill but at the same time if everything goes to hell we have a contingency plan and 3 Orcas make that plan work more smoothly.

Most wormholes can’t take Orcas so readily, with a 300,000kg of mass limit and perhaps 2-3 billion as an overall limit your trips in and out are rather limited. Basically you have to work the maths or screw yourself over if you miscalculate you mass limit. This poor chap managed exactly that a couple of months back and paid for that mistake with his ship. Thankfully our typical WH is large enough to get a few Orcas through and then back again without much problem. If we like we could roam around wormhole systems looking for hidden riches and PvP like some troubling nomads..or thieving gypsies I guess.

Our mission, to plant a Territory Claim Unit in our system. Yes I know you can’t claim sovereignty in a Wormhole system but it was…call it a want. A silly idea that took off and had extra applications we were eager to take advantage of. So we set out to make it a bit of a dress-code event. Dinner jacket, invite only, Orca, Tengu etc and everybody showed up. A suitable location had been scouted out and secured, warp bubbles had been placed to avoid unwelcome guests and scouts had been placed down the pipe. Our Orcas left the POS with Tengu gaurds in tow to the secret rendevous deep in space.

The convoy rolls out, much like the Autobots but far far slower.

Only the ceremony that started off quite well ended on a flat note, something we didn’t even consider got in the way of our plans. In our smug arrogant bullshittery we plain forgot that our corp is part of no alliance, thus we couldn’t anchor the TCU. Yea I know right? LOL LOL LOL NOOBS!! yea…a bitter after taste to an organised corp’ event.

The package at the bottom is the TCU, the idiots above it are us.

Perhaps we rectify this, perhaps not. Either way it was an excuse to play together and have a laugh, even if the laugh was on us.


EvE – Honorable mentions pt.2 – 2 Ships I have NOT flown (and likely never will).

I am going to wrap upΒ  ‘My most favourite ship(s)’ by listing a few ships I really like the look of followed by a conclussion and a link wrap up at the end. Go on, read it, this is a good ending I swears!

The various functions of these ships are something I haven’t even considered. I couldn’t care less how they perform in the game, I think they look good and that is what counts. I don’t consider them the most attractive ships in game, some yes but mostly not. These are just the ships that are out of reach for me. Are they the worst ship in their class? Does another ship in their class out perform this one? Is this ship just an expensive waste of ISK? I don’t care, it might be true but looks win so stfu noob.

In no particular order here are the top 5 ships that look great that I can’t fly /boo hoo (cry moar!).

1) Megathron!! and more particularly the Vindicator, oh is this a sexy beast. If there is any ship in EvE that looks like the unachievable rare super care, this is it. Look how awesome and sleek it is and black goes with everything so you are never out of fashion while wearing…flying this.

Vindicator /droooool. With Megathron AND Navy Issue. My favourite looking Battleship.

2) Fenrir…TATOOINE SANDCRAWLER!!!!! I know I can generalize here when I say that everyone who saw this for the first time shouted “OOTINI!!!”. Amiright? And Look at that exhaust block….”MORE POWER!!!”. Home Improvement was an allright show wasn’t it? πŸ˜€ …no you don’t think so? 😦

Caught that one outside of Jita 4-4. The wee man there want's his transport back, that's right fella, you tell them!!!

3) Machariel!! I know there are a few original looking ships in EvE (/cough Nightmare /cough) but this is one of those ships that just stands out really obviously (again…like the Nightmare). I mean the fucking thing is HUGE, and those extra engines look like turbines on modern airplanes, so it’s pretty familiar while still being sci-fi. Also, though it is not a Minmatar ship, it is the pirate equivelent and is the tidyest most well made looking Minnie ship going to be honest. Is it Minmatar engineered? fuck it, it looks cool anyway.

Ahhh, expensive joy. fear its gargantuan size...FEAR IT!!

4) Phobos. I wasn’t sure about this one but I’ve just been staring at it like some sweaty stalker for the last 5 minutes and yes, yes this is a pretty ship. Despite it’s phallic shape…phallic…COCK! It reminds me of a Manga spaceship. It looks very manga doesn’t it? or is that just me. When I first saw the Thorax it triggered some memory of a ship I saw in an old Manga cartoon, but like, fleets of them. If you know what I might be on about let me know please. Oh and Phobos over Diemos because red+black ships look cool.

1 of the coolest levels in Doom, and also a nice looking heavy Interdictor...yea I know it's an actual moon, you want a Cacodemon to eat your face??

5) Hel. What a great piece of typical Minmatar design. Not only does it have moving runway lights and cool exhausts (phhwoooaah not more exhaust porn /cold sweat…..idiot) it just has the greatest super carrier looks going, you are wrong if you say otherwise END OF DISCUSSION.

Hel, where you are going if you disagree that this is the coolest super carrier going.

Right, let’s end this shit and go home…

So writing these posts about the various ships I enjoy flying or have enjoyed at some point was awesome. I loved doing it but it did take alot of time to break down my thoughts made by my idiot of a brain. It was either my brain tripping me up over decisions and reasoning or it was my weak mind being influenced by forum posts, Battleclinic fits, in-game player opinions, vague memories of failure and ship talk in general. Everybody has an opinion and in EvE most people are not affraid to give it without hesitation and straight up because either they are infact correct and did more math on the subject OR their opinion is wrong, not thought out and blantantly idiotic. You have to take everything into account if you start putting your own opinions out for everyone to read.

And while writing these I’ve been wrong a bunch of times of which I am sure but I don’t really care, what I relised that I do care about is how much fun I have had flying these ships. The ones I wrote about properly had the better memories for good or bad rather than they were the most successful ships I flew in. Thankfully the guys I play EvE with tend to help the success along because they deliver either superior EvE skills or superior social skills, sometimes both. So again, the ships with the strongest memories tended to win out over all of the others.

It was suprising discover my favourite ship was infact the Loki over what initially I thought would be the Rapier, honestly, it was suprising. The Rapier of which I have bought 2 ever got me my biggest kill streak of 53 ships, it was the ship I desperatly wanted to pilot for the longest time over everything else and most importantly to me was that my ex-corp mates in the 22nd BRDU just knew I would be in it every damn time we went out fighting. Everything pointed towards the Rapier being number 1. Just talking to my friends in game however and sitting quietly thinking about everything made me relise that I haven’t left the cockpit of The Validus (Loki) for the last 5 months unless I am being a carebear.

I relise that some of you probably think, “5 months in one ship shiiiit I change my underwear once a year!” and I appluad you on your commitment to skid marks but I like to keep things fresh and progressive, especially in game where it can become stale really fast if you live in a wormhole. All other ships just didn’t give me any reason to swap out of the Loki, it just never happened. Like being married and being happy in that marriage. You don’t go looking for other people to get nekkid with if you got it good at home right?…No I am not naked while flying the Loki, no, I have no pics of being naked in my Loki because I am never naked while flying my naked. Please stop talking about me being naked while I fly the Loki. Perv.

Anyway these have been my thoughts and at least for me, it has been quite an epic thought process. Here is the whole series in links, in order.

EvE – My most favourite ship(s)

EvE – Rifter, the unglamorous awesomeness.

EvE – Cruise Missile Manticore.

EvE – Ass Bleed ‘Rupture’

EvE – Mission Runners

EvE – Jaguar, the Brian Johnson of EvE

EvE – Rapier, the almost but not quite favourite.

EvE – The ship, the one, my favourite…here goes

EvE – Honorable mentions pt.1 of 2 – Ships I have flown (and deserve some praise).

EvE – Honorable mentions pt.2 of 2 – Ships I have NOT flown (and likely never will).


EvE – Honorable mentions pt.1 of 2 – Ships I have flown (and deserve some praise)

The end of ‘My most favourite ship(s)’ is just about here and needs a bit of a summary so here I am cramming in some ships I feel just need a little mention before I end it. And this list of ships that I thought would be very long turned out to be fairly short, especially as 1 of these ships is actually the same hull but with a repaint. I didn’t have enough of an opinion to write about each of them in turn so a colaboration post was in order.

1) The Falcon is the bully who holds back the arms of another kid while his bully friend takes the dinner money. Except the bully holding the arms back had a 200km reach.

I have 2 memories of 2 different Force Recon ships and both involve 2 different players from a very good PvP corporation in low sec. Seeing these guys use their recons so effectively made me relise that it was definetly the right track for me as an EvE player. Their ceo would sit at 200km range off a major faction warfare gate and cloak up while his boys would ambush gangs of Gallente ships, uncloak and jam like Lonestar. Beardy, shitty, low brow, low down, crappy, dishonorable. Yes but it was a valid and working tactic you would have to be mad not to use to your advantage. I was instantly hooked to this idea of having a gaurdian angel protecting me with flawless ECM, so I decided if I was going to have this luxury then I should at least train towards flying one myself.

Upon the day I could fly Recons and this ship, it became immediate that it isn’t actually all that great. Jamming people from 150-200kms away when they can warp off and all you did was jam them…big fucking whoopdy-doo-dah. I think I sat in Tama and Old Man Star a bunch of times and just jammed up war targets who were shooting militia members. These militia members never seemed to have a ‘point’ on their ships so the war targets would warp off denying me a kill assist. It was only ever effective as part of a gang so I always had to rely on other people. Sometimes these people are just not around though.

It can’t tank, it can’t jam EVERYONE so if your fleet mates can’t pin everything down, you’re fucked. If the Falcon was a movie character he would be the science team mate, the computer hacker, the tag along archeologist, anything but the fighty type. It has it’s uses but it’s combat effectiveness is not so awesome, especially now it has been “balanced”. Luckily its brother became usefull.

To the Left Lonestar who Jams ships, like on the Right, which is what the Falcon does quite well.

2) The Rook, so all of a sudden this under used combat recon became everybodies favourite tool. It can deal out great DPS, it has a decent tank, it can jam the shit out of you it even has a decent drone bay. What can’t it do??

Even the paint scheme is pretty great.

I bought 12 of these at 80 mil each 2 days before the patch, on patch day I sold 10 of them for 135 mil each (did I hear a CHACHING!!). I kept the last 2 and loaded them up ready to go fighting. My problem at that point was, well, they are expensive and I don’t fancy taking these into militia blob land or even with my corp because…well the 22nd were famed for their cheap frigates and destroyers so the ratios were a bit off. Basically, putting that much good and awesome on the line for a bunch of guys who took the same cheap shit out everytime was a bit silly, so I didn’t do it.

I used the Rook one time to its fullest potential. I helped a corp mate in his Drake from getting ganked in a belt, we turned the tables on the pirate and instead ransomed him. In total I scored 6 kills with the Rook which isn’t all that great, but I never did lose one so I guess as a ship it is pretty awesome.

Effectively I wasted my chances and wasted the time I could have had with such a fine ship. Had I been in gangs with similar ships it might have been more of a staple choice but it didn’t work out that way. I feel a bit like a parent mulling over the time lost with their now grown children /sniff.

Look everybody it's a Rook sitting ontop of a Rook πŸ˜€ ...ok so I had no Rook screens.

3) Minmatar this time and the Stiletto. Of all the interceptors I will go down on record and say that the Stiletto does the job better than the others and I don’t care for your facts. With 4 mid slots you can fit it out any number of ways depending on what is needed, hopefully you fit so you can insta’ lock anything that comes through a gate.

I prefer the dual SEBO for insta lock goodness. You are not there to provide DPS or anything, just a REALLY good point and as a tackler you should be REALLY good or you should just fuck off. There is no reasoning here, that is what an Inty should do. The inty will tackle and it will insta-tackle and it will give chase if needed but it won’t be there to provide DPS or tank very long. If said Inty can’t fly fast it should leave until it can, if it can’t insta-lock it should leave until it can. In low sec this is especially usefull because you don’t have easy-mode bubbles to catch everything for you.

The Stiletto has bonuses to tackle range, it is superbly fast and it has 4 mid slots for awesome utility, why not fly the Stiletto? It is a great gang tackler folks, “But but but the Crow and Taranis are better”. Die in a fire.

Hey...errr...guys check it out, a pair of Stilettos has been left ontop of this Stiletto hovercraft...ok so what? I bet you don't have Stiletto screenshots either!!

4) The Buzzard. Incase you haven’t read the mission runners post you won’t know I am a big fan of PvE ships. This baby is a PvE ship..or well it is also a PvP ship but it is mostly a PvE ship. Spying and the art of hiding is something this ship does very well indeed. It is agile, it can warp cloaked, it is small and it even has camoflage paint. So in my opinion it is a tool of PvP. Hell, you could fit it with a point and sneak up to sleepy mining barges or ratters for your mates to then destroy.

The Buzzard is the best exploration vessel going. It can fit an mwd, an expanded probe launcher, a covert cloak, a codebreaker, an analyzer, a salvager, a tank, a tractor beam, a coffee maker, a soft drinks machine, a DvD, an ipod dock, an Xbox…ok it CAN’T fit an Xbox but most houses can’t fit an Xbox. Basically it can fit everything you need for exploration. Have a friend or an alt with you to kill the rats in any sites you find, use the Buzzard to hack the cans, profit wildly. Repeat.

I love my Buzzard. My particular Buzzard was stolen from somebody and I bought it. The rigs, the modules everything on it was stolen. To whom it originally belonged I will never know but the contract specified that it was not theirs and they needed a fast sell, I bought the ship and it’s contents for 15 mil 5 minutes after the contract went up. Lucky bargain! So if you had a Buzzard stolen from you around 2 years ago, I have it in my hangar and you are not getting it back πŸ™‚

Old and new, what is with the camo paint in the first screenshot? To help you hide in the blue lagoon?

5) Orca. What a stunningly usefull ship, I can’t have enough positive things to say about it so here is the only negative I can think of. It’s fucking humungous and about as mobile as a block of apartments. Ok with that out of the way let’s see why the Orca is so fantastically amazing, here is a reccount of what I have used my Orca for. Since the start of 2009 have I owned my Orca and it’s purpose was to help me haul around the Ore I was mining in high sec. Its first few months were spent using it for mining Op’s and then at times putting up towers and POS modules.

It made itself invaluable when I moved my high sec base, when I gathered modules and various shite that I had stored around the universe and piled them all into one station. When I would sell ships and mission loot saved up over weeks, the Orca would haul them down to Jita. While mining in a system with no stations, this ship carried the Ore out to be processed time and time again.

When a friend and I lived in a class 1 wormhole we lived out of this Orca for 2 days while we cleared the sites and used it to refit ships and store our loot. Since then it has been pivotal on the logisitcs front as a few friends and I moved into a class 2 and later on a class 4. Without this ship life would have been much more difficult at times.

The best wormhole logistics ship by far enters unknown space...ooh spooky.

Though not exciting to fly and not nearly as great in PvP it more than makes up for everything by providing your corp/gang with a mobile command base, a reliable high-sec freighter that can’t get insta popped by suicide fuckwits, a mining platform to avoid can flippers, if you don’t use gang links you can fit a probe+cloak+rep for WH op’s. This ship can do it all besides PvP and move fast.

I can’t beleive that I am enthusiastic about such a ship to be honest. Considering I prefer fast paced ships with that sneaky backstabbing shark feel the Orca kinda breaks all the rules my playstyle relies on. Yet I can’t reccomend this ship enough. Buy one, you won’t ever be dissapointed no matter your playstyle.

EvE's own brand of Sexual education. Here we see a POS (egg) with an Orca (sperm) travelling into it to drop off Ore.

So my top 5 ship thatI like in someway, though none of these are a Rupture, Manticore or Rapier they deserved a mention none the less. Part 2 WILL be up tommorow.


EvE – The ship, the one, my favourite…here goes.

Not exactly how you want to end up if you annoy the wrong gods.

There are a few problems that I have to address before I get what I think and feel about this ship. Problems that I think exist but perhaps do not, I think the reasoning though will become clear. Firstly, it is a new ship and so has not had an awful lot of test driving in comparison to all of the other ships in EvE. You can’t rightfully claim that this ship out performs the Rupture or Thorax, when its track record compared to these 2 is not even in the same league.

Secondly, even if you discount the timeline of this ships performance you can’t discount its monetary cost compared to everything else. For a meger cruiser hull you are paying hundreds of times over compared to the other cruisers. Not everybody can afford to fly them, not everybody can afford to risk them even if they do fly them and not everybody can afford to fly, lose and replace them so readily. In EvE terms these are the Ferraris, the Lamborginis, the Bugattis. Super ships for the discerning affluent pilot. This might not include you and for that I am going to try and get across why I love this ship the most without coming across as some elitist fuckface.

Third and lastly, writing about something you really like is not exactly easy, the expressions you might be thinking about don’t come across well. For example when I think about this ship my brain says, “COOL BOOM BOOSH WEEEEAAAOOWWW PEW PEW BIBANG FUN FUN FUN AWESOME COOL RARRRRRRRR!!!!!!”. That doesn’t really make a great blog post and makes me look a little unstable. In my brains defence however, I think what it is saying is that this is a great toy and it feels like being a kid again.


Yes I know, its not like I pidgeon holed myself here. there is no real commitment to a specific ship when you choose a T3 as your favourite. I didn’t toil and trouble myself over the Hurricane’s DPS and tank, the Rapiers specialisation or the Ruptures “steady Eddy” flavour, no, instead I went for something that takes what I like about various ships and sticks them together into a multi purpose tool of awesome. So yes, a T3 ship is perhaps the easy way out of deciding on your favourite ship. It doesn’t do one thing very well, it does many things well and it is interchangeable so you can change the ship when ever you want. Though it might not out perform T2 ships with specialist roles it does a very good job at amalgamating several ships together into one fuck off pwn mobile. Jack of all trades, master of none. That is in essence what the T3 line is all about. At least at the moment.

Since buying this Loki I have finally felt that I have the tool in EvE that I was really needing. I’ve said a few times before that my playstyle is that of a sneaky bastard and unless you haven’t guessed by now, I love to make ISK. The Loki gives me everything I need for my style of play in that tiny pocket of parameters. Be Sneaky, make alot of ISK. First let’s take the ISK making. My high sec base is exactly 1 jump from low sec. My low sec base is slap bang in the middle of a high traffic area which sits right next door to null sec. My Loki let’s me move around this area without being seen, it gives me the tank and the firepower to hold off any would be ambushing pirate and it gives me the utility to explore in dangerous waters. Sometimes I like to do Radar sites or solo class 1-2 sleeper sites. These can rake in heaps of cash from goodies hidden in Radar cans and sleeper tags. Occasionally (one time dude!) I have been known to probe out mission/plex runners and just kill them for the ship loot. Only because I can do this, do I do it. And there is the point, my Loki let’s me do what I want how I want and the only limitations are, in the words of Verone, “how big your balls are with regards to pirating”.

Since owning mine I would esstimate that The Loki has more than paid for itself. Though one is currently fit for null sec travelling and is awaiting a refit for this summers PvPing.

Travel fit 'Bubblebath' for ease and relaxation during your voyage across the stars.

As an ISK printer it doesn’t come close to the Tengu, Caldari ships are generally better at PVE than most other ships but the Tengu really outshines them all. The Loki just doesn’t have the sustainable tank while providing fair volumes of DPS. I have suffered a little from having too little a tank while my DPS is absolutly awesome, or I have a decent tank but my shots go wild and things take a bit longer to destroy. Again though, at least the choice is there. Something like a Drake is relentlessy awesome at tanking but it is slow as artheritic grandpa with his alzheimers. You don’t have a choice with the Drake. Likewise you don’t have the choice with a Vagabond either. It is relentlessly fast but if it gets caught it is toast. The Loki can at least fight back, hold on and have a good chance at a gate jump before it pops.

This is why I really like the T3 line and the Loki in general. The blending of ship ideas to form a singluar ultimate bad ass. Fitting my Loki….by the way I should really start calling it by the name I chose, I mean I REALLY like this ship and saying “the Loki” or “my Loki” doesn’t do it justice. So The Validus has been fit numerous ways to suit how I needed it at the time, sometimes she has this probe launcher and PvE fit to go make my some ISK and other times a PvP fit has been required. I won’t post my PvP fit here for the world to see because I want to retain some level of ownership but if you want the fit, I can eve-mail it to you. Nothing revelatory but I am proud of the fit.

The coolest sounding weapon in the game. Right? I think so anyway.

I love autocannons and no ship brings out the joy of Auto’s quite like the Loki. In short they are just so very sci-fi to me despite how primitive they are but mostly because they have more DAKKA!! tahn any other weapon system. Lasers are far too obvious and even though its a “frikking laser beam” they don’t feel powerfull. Blasters I just don’t understand, are they like rapid firing shotguns firing out well made debris? Missiles don’t have a punch and they are far too child friendly. Autocannons spew out hundreds of rounds, good solid projectile wepaons ripping into armor, flaking off irreplaceable ship equipment and shattering through cockpits into the pod. In my mind they have more of a fear factor. Load noises, lot’s of bullets flying everywhere and you know any one could be the fatal shot. You can’t weave past a barrage of autocannon fire and you can’t help but shout in disbelief as rows of teeth from this flying scrapheap remove your structure bit by bit. Seeing a roughly built monster of a ship that is a Loki must be terrifying enough without having to put up with the hail of gun fire coming your way. Even writing about that makes me emmensly satisified that I went Minmatar in the first place. Autocannons on a Loki…mmmmmmm.

My only negative with using my ship of awesome isn’t really a negative as such, it is more of a hesitation on my part so not really the ships fault at all. It is understandable that if you decide to put this ship in harms way a certain measure of apprehension comes with it. After all the hull and subsystems alone are worth more than any ship of its size or in some cases bigger. A carrier for instance sells for around 600-700 million and a T3 ship is worth that easily but comes with the downsides of not having as many hitpoints, the insurance payout upon destruction of your T3 isn’t even worth getting back and you lose skill points to boot. You can see why that it makes no sense to have these ships and put them in obviously dangerous situations. Yet people like me do it all the time. I would much rather be in a Loki in a PvP fight than say any of my T2 ships. It outperforms them all in my opinion. Greater tank, greater DPS, greater options for picking your fights in the first place.

The one that got away. A Curse while tackled can get away every time unless your boys are faster...

Of course there is the risk of being primaried. Who wouldn’t want to shoot the big expensive ship first? A low sec gang might roam for a few hours with not much luck or very little action only to come across a similar sized gang but a T3 ship in amongst them. Of course they primary the T3. If everybody dies at least they killed the money ship and thus the ISK lost ratios are going to be similar. If you win the fight your gang comes out even more on top AND the chance for faction loot from a T3 pilot is significantly higher. Shiny syndrome, the bane of every EvE pilot.

I remember an ingame friend and some random pilot destroyed a Loki in their Rupture and Caracal netting a few hundred in dropped faction loot but also and perhaps more importantly to stat whores, their ISK Killed/lost ratio rocketted. A rupture is perhaps worth 100 times less than a Loki for a rough guess and he more than made his ships value in that one kill alone. These are the sort of chances you take if you want to fly them. The jobs that the T3 ships do are awesome but you can never forget that just because they cost a fortune and do exceptional things, that they are above being destroyed in any number of ways if you are careless or plain unlucky.

Despite all of the obvious advantages and negatives of this ship, lot’s on both sides, the simple fact that I just enjoy flying it over rides everything else. What I think more than anything is something like this. While cloaked travelling from system to system looking for a target I get a feeling of being a shark or a wolf. Nobody knows you are there until it is too late, you have them cornered, wounded and with no chance of survival. Even if I am not going to fight anybody I still think like this, the predatory nature of The Validus takes over and I have no choice but to give way for its spirit. I see it as a valuable character in a book or role playing game, if any harm or misfortune comes its way I would be noteably affected by it. I don’t want that to happen, ever. the Validus is my most trusted ship, my most used ship, the go to boat and a ship I don’t think I could do without above all others.

The Validus as it is now.

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