Wants, needs, wants, needs….wants are more fun to talk about and people do it all day. I want a new house, I want a new prime minister, I want this disease to leave me. EvE makes everything a bit more simple due to it’s awesome shopping feature. You didn’t relise EvE had a shopping feature? try it out, open the market and scroll through the ships and modules then open the contracts and look at the ships and modules not in the market, pretty soon you will have a totally unrealistc want list made up of things you can’t use, won’t be able to use for a year even if you started training right now and even then probably couldn’t afford if you COULD use it. (If you can afford, and can infact use them..then this point is invalid, you may leave your desk and go outside to play.)

Shopping is like that. Food shopping is not so much like that, I’m sure you all agree with me when I say, “grocery shopping is not exciting”. I want milk, I want bacon, I want cereal with a toy in the box. This is much easier to control and achieve. I want a house, I want a HD monitor, I want a butler. These are much harder to obtain. In EvE terms a house would be say the equivalent of a SUPERcarrier (Mothership ffs), a new monitor might be a pirate battleship, a butler might be…your own, slave…miner??Food shopping would be Ammo, mining crystals and cap charges, things you NEED to get everything done.

My want list is fairly simple. Having put the wheels in motion allready and having thought about it for the last week I have decided that this list is my most likely way to spend the ISK. The plan might just take a little while to execute. It’s not so grand and unachiveable but like I keep saying, in EvE it is important to have goals.

1) Chimera and Phoenix. I can fly the Phoenix and have the all required skills to IV, I’ve never flown one, I know nothing about them but I want one. I can’t fly the Chimera..yet. Having a carrier is great for logistics and by the time we are done with our wormhole we will need that function. They are on the list for WANT Purposes but also for some practical reasons they might serve down the line if we join an alliance.

Caldari capital class ships...I had no interesting screenshots but the text makes up for it 😀 ...right? 😦

2) Thrashers, Ruptures and Rifters. I know what you are thinking, “oooh wow exotic choices”, let me explain. The blueprints are being researched as I write this and are on their second wash through the lab. Again, when we are ready to leave the WH they will be really well researched and ready to manufacture. The plan is to mine lot’s of WH rocks to get the higher end minerals needed, buying the cheaper ones in high sec. Then making a fuckload of these ships to go and lose in low sec. The old PvP edge seems to be slipping and this is my answer for some retraining and the most fun I had PVP wise was in Faction Warfare where the T1 range of Minmatar ships really kick ass. Good times and I can’t wait.

To make these screenshots more interesting I chose specific angles. 1) Thrasher IT HAS A COOL HEADLIGHT!1! 2) The Rupture has a galleon style cabin where ya keeps tha booty YARR!! 3) The Rifter...it looks vaguely like an X-wing...

This last want is a cheat because, I allready fulfilled it BUT it’s here anyway because it is relevant to this topic. 3) Widow. The patch that will make this ship look freaking awesome is soon here and it was the final reason I needed to buy one. I love being a sneaky dishonorable git and this ship adds to my repotoire of covert style ships. Having ran around low sec with the old cruise-missile Manticore, upgrading to the Rapier and Rook, to my current T3 ships. The black op’s, specifically the Widow represents the last in the line of stealth related EvE gameplay. It might not be great, it might be “fucking stupid dumbass waste of time and ISK” to you but it’s a want, it doesn’t have to be practical. And have you seen how badass it will look? it’s prettier than your mom!…ok sorry for that. At the moment they are REALLY cheap for some reason (if you have the answer as to why, do tell).

In the words of Bono from U2, "Widow Widowt youuuuu, Widow Widowt you ahhhh, I can't liiiiiive, Widow Widowt youuuu"... OK bad pun

So what is the cost of all this? lot’s of ISK is my best guess but if I don’t want to break my 3bil blanket I have to save up and work for all of it. I think the hardest one to achive as if it isn’t obvious are the capital ships. Investing in the skills and the time to train for them is a pain in the ass, I know because I have recently trained up for a dread and I have no purpose for flying one, but the training is complete and I feel that it would be a complete waste of time if I didn’t buy these ships at some point in my EvE game so I should do it now while the ISK is plentiful.

Lastly, a  want list is meant to be selfish and stupid and unreasonable. A want list doesn’t have to be about assest gain, it can also comprise of actual goals like “I want to be number one on my corp killboard”, “I want to have mined the most for this month”, “I want to have trained up for battlecruisers for level III missions”. Set yourself a want list and keep raising the bar when you achieve them so your game will naturally improve.


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