EvE – Sacrifices must be made

Superstitious gameplay, that is something I never thought would happen to me. A rule that everybody inside and out of EvE knows is this, ‘Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong’. A corp mate of ours knows this better than anybody, he is a bad luck magnet, a collector of misfortune, the first port of call if something isn’t working. He is that guy. Some people are just unlucky and though sad for them it makes matters worse when the bad luck starts rubbing off onto others. In EvE supersition and luck rarely come into the equation, unless you refer to loot drops and then yes, a certain element of luck is always involved.

Everything in EvE is run on strict formulas and spreadsheets that don’t factor in outside influences such as luck. Everybody can see how things work and there are rational reasons for why things happen the way they happen in EvE. I’m not convinced by this “mathmatical” wizardy, something else is responsible for what has happened of late and it didn’t require “maths” or “excel”. The only explanation is that strange forces conspired against us.

In short. Our Wormhole had run dry.

It is no global catastrophy of biblical proportions but our industry wing has suffered somewhat and our travelling has increased to moving everything into neighbouring systems. All this means really is we risk the industrial ships, some of which are very large and if we are careless…could close the exit behind them. Further more it seems every neighbouring WH for the last week has had some negative game breaking bonuses, such as armor bonuses and shield penalties. We can’t run combat sites in these with our shield tanked Tengu armada. EvE got a little more claustrophobic for our small corp sitting around bitching at our misfortunes so we have had to take measures, desperate measures.

A few weeks ago as a joke Mr.unlucky suggested we make a sacrifice to the loot gods, it was vaguely funny at the time, I seem to remember 1 persons “heh” over comms and it wasn’t a James Brown “HEH!” it was that…yea ok it was amusing, let’s move on. the subject was brought up again and we decided for a “joke” to try it out. The results were staggering, shocking and now scientific minds are utterly baffled.

The sacrifice would consist of items we felt the gods would signify as our needs and wants in the system or at least, the neighbouring system. So the sacrifice consisted of ammunition for more combat sites and pvp prowess, a drone for industrial growth (we had lots spare from killing some poor bastard so it went in), a mining drone for some Gravimetric sites and the Exotic dancer because you MUST include a scantily clad pretty women or it’s just not an official sacrifice.


Nobody else does this right? or nobody does this but admits it, and why would you? it’s utterly irrational and delusional. “Of course there are loot gods in the game TooNu”, “Yea you SHOULD definetly do a sacrifice”, “No no no it’s not strange at all”, yea well FUCK YOU ALL! it worked.

The results of our tribute yeilded 2 ladars plus 2 combat sites in our system the very next day. And then the following day we got a neighbouring Pulsar with 8 combat sites in and an asortment of other sites. Just over a week has passed of having no sites, nothing much to do besides the odd Grav or Ladar spawn, a multitude of combat sites in the low-pay grade…then we made the sacrifice and bishboshbash we are back in business. I say it worked, we all agree things changed after the sacrifice…so naturally we did it again because we are selfish greedy ISK whores and the GODS DEMAND IT!

What ever works to bring prosperity right? It worked in the Wicker man...Christopher Lee's hair did not work however...weirdo


2 Responses to “EvE – Sacrifices must be made”

  1. 28/03/2010 at 10:51 am

    Did you just leave the can floating in space to be swept away to the gods domain or did you blow it up in true sacrificial style?

    • 2 TooNuRaccoon
      28/03/2010 at 1:17 pm

      I think it was close to 1 AM and it was the very last thing we did so it was left to gravity to pull it into the sun and take the offering heh šŸ™‚

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