EvE – Drugs are cool…in a game.

Drugs ARE cool, in games. The horrible social aftermath of real life drugs is not so cool but in games, drugs can be cool. The Grand Theft Auto series has more drugs than Columbia, Agent 57 in Hitman kills more wealthy drug barons than the combined forces of Chuck Norris, Dolph Lundgren and Steven Seagal ever did, Deus Ex shows us what drugs can do in poverty stricken areas of New York and has a close aproximation of what drugs could look like in the future. Small vials of weird shit.

These small vials of weird shit are what we in EvE call “boosters” because they boost a certain skill with the possibility of negative side effects. We are going to call them drugs because essentially that is what they are. You have a major increase of something good, with possible side effects (such as addiction, money problems, bad health and hygiene, lack of social awarness etc etc). EvE not only lets you use drugs, it allows you to manufacture, traffik and control your own little drug cartel while it has NPC police forces who scan your cargohold looking for contraband. Smuggling narcotics through High sec with special Snake implants in your skull for that extra % smuggling bonus is awesome. It’s all awesome. Another awesome game within the game and that is why I want to talk about it.

This is no “how to”, it would be a piss poor job if i meant it to be. I could do one at some stage, but not today.

It appears that at the moment it is a fairly small market by which I mean not many people produce them and not many people buy them. I could be completly wrong, I don’t care if I am but the market prices fluctuate pretty wildly for it to be overly competitive like nearly everything else. There are no small incriments in prices, they can vary between millions of ISK to hundreds of thousands. There is no bullshit .01 ISK games with these products.

This is how my Columbian “Banana” producing operation is setup with a nice ‘warp to’ so that everything is in reach.

L to R: 1. Drug Lab 2. Medium Biochemical Reactor array 3. Research Lab 4. Biochemical Storage 5. Hazardous Storage 6. General Storage...or the trash bin.

Your expenses are going to be pretty high to begin with because everything at the banana factory POS is specialized and has very few other ways of using them. The blueprints cost a small fortune if you buy them from players in pirate null sec, you NEVER find them on contracts (free market tip) and the reactions require you to explore and clean up Radar sites in certain low sec areas whilst being lucky on the drop rate. (Well you can buy these reactions on the market but they are pretty expensive also, and rightly so!). Then there is the gas needed and so on and so on.

Everything you need allready cost you something in the region of a couple hundred mil and you haven’t yet produced a single booster. Here is a reaction showing what is needed to produce the Synth Crash boosters needed to make the drug later on. the entire production chain is a two stage process, thankfully you can produce the boosters while making drugs in the drug lab, you will end up with a nice production chain at the end.

Garbage, a key ingredient. They don't call it "junk" for no reason LOL!!!...ok bad pun.

Now here is a BPC for Synth Crash, all BPCs are 1000 runs expect this one which I have used, also the material levels are likely to be different depending on your manufacturing skills. Incidently the Synth blueprints used to be contraband up until recently, so now you don’t have to worry about them being nicked by the fuzz. Lucky you.

Kids, heed the warning!

The gases required are found in specific regions and then mostly in low sec space of said region, so again yes very dull and very dangerous to harvest the gas but you can find the Ladar sites in high sec to. Either harvest it yourself or let somebody else do it and buy the gas from them via the market.

The BPC’s and reaction have been obtained, the gas has been harvested, you have your POS setup. Put the ingredients into your space blenders and see how it goes.

Wormhole moons = no moon goo 😦 but free reign on the booster front πŸ™‚

So why do all of this in the first place? well if the tagline “Drugs are cool” isn’t enough for you then here is a more detailed reason. I started making easy bake boosters because I had the time and ISK to invest. I researched where the BPCs come from, where to obtain the gas and how to find a reaction. All of this information is key to making boosters, and it was fun finding all of this out for myself. Sure somebody found all of this info’ out before I did but I still researched how to do it.

Not only did I step into an area of industry most don’t even bother with, I stepped into the dangerous waters of 0.0 making friends with the locals sorting out small deals for various flavours of booster BPCs. that alone took a bit of sorting out, where do I go? who should I speak to? Ontop of all of this, I had no POS at the time. I had to learn everything about setting up a POS, grinding the faction standings up so I could set one up in high sec, purchasing and hauling fuel on endless freighter trips.

Something that I read awhile back on some gaming site was about the drug cartels in EvE. How the secrets for producing and controlling these products was a viciously gaurded secret. Tales of smuggling runs through gate-camps and ambushers giving most pilots cause for using the drugs they were trying to ship out. The article stayed with me for a couple of years and I can tell you that as an outsider to these cartels my experiences have been vastly different. Calm and casual to be honest but then, I am not making the high end boosters.

All in all it is quite a bit of work to get set up and the ISK needed is only a part of the problem. Logistics and learning all come down to how much time you want to put in to your game. Like everything else in EvE, learning something new every day…as in life. (How much reflective bollocks is that for one paragraph eh??)


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