EvE – The never ending probing…story.

The activity of probing is ever constant and ever there and will never go away and will forever be a part of my corp’s repertoire. We are gods at probing, we do it more than we do anything else which is unfortunate because as of this moment it bores the living shit out of me. However it is a necessary requirement of our chosen way of life.

If you are unfamiliar with probing and exploration then count your lucky stars!..no I mean it is a great game mechanic and everything, just I do it so often that the repetition and scanning cycles are just mind numbingly irratating to me. Without it I know that I can’t play EvE and if I don’t do it one of my corp mates has to do it and at the moment I am the best suited due to having more play time. So here we go, probing.

The mechanic is another EvE minigame, this one is a puzzle game and it is pretty well designed and fun to learn. I won’t go into details but to those people unaware of wtf probing is basically it involves you dropping these space probes in your current system, moving them around a bit, scanning, waiting, repositioning the probes repeat as required until you get a 100% hit on a signature which allows you to then warp directly ontop of it. It is easy to do, anybody can do it. You just need a bit of patience and as much time as you are willing to give to it. More time meaning that you can probe down more signatures if so desired. Here is how I set my probes up and I am certain it is a common theme..if it’s not then you people should be ashamed of yourselves and I laugh at your incompetence.

1) 4 equally positioned probes with 1 probe covering the centre, 2) as you reduce your probe range bring them in closer together and always keep your centre probe directly ontop of your desired signature, 3) remember to adjust for height to pinpoint one of the sites at a time.

When I am doing this mini-game i’m more often than not trying to find an ‘unknown’ signature which means I am looking for another Wormhole which has the possibility of leading us out back to high sec to sell some of our salvage. What tends to happen is you don’t find that initial WH until you’ve scanned EVERY other bastard signature down. Frequently this means wading through 15-30 signatures and even after you’ve probed that exit down, in the following wormhole you will find another 15-30 signatures of shit to wade through, then possibly another wormhole, and yet another wormhole. As you can tell, this can take hours to do and I’ve wasted days of my life in this pursuit for riches…sad I know but in my defence I generally give up after WH number 4. To give you a better picture I had this sort of scenario happen today…

Sad face for there are too many Ladar sites on this occasion...I'm never happy, ignore my despondent ways.

“23.18% almost got a reading, just one more scan…Ladar, ok ignoring and moving on.”

“26.94% and we have another Ladar…right let’s go again.”

“25.16% annnd… oh fuck off….”

That’s EXACTLY the sort of conversation I’m having with myself…in my own wee world…to myself, in my head.. ok so let’s change the mood a little.

The idea of being a space explorer feels quite exciting, none of this is real but as a part of my gaming life it has a sense of the old wild west about it. Being a frontiersman discovering new unseen places and getting rich on the back of it all is something that appeals to me within EvE. The same behaviour can be said of the Oil and Gold rush types who upon hearing of “gold in them there hills” pursued what they thought would bring change into their lives. I would like to think that the majority of EvE’s players don’t do or think about this sort of thing, instead preffering PvP based gaming or industry based gaming or perhaps just high sec mission based gaming. If that is indeed the case then it makes the choice we made as corp to do this even more adventurous and it is a choice I can rightly say was best for us.

Living in a wormhole might seem like the new frontier of EvE and our motives are purly selfish in that we are only out here to make money, but within an RP element I am sure that many characters feel like they are a Davy Crocket, Buffolo Bill or Daniel Boone. All of this probing “fun” is just the work in the way of becoming vastly wealthy, never having to worry about ISK again so you can do more fun activities and bigger projects later on.

That doesn’t mean I suddenly feel probing is now fun and exciting.


2 Responses to “EvE – The never ending probing…story.”

  1. 26/03/2010 at 8:01 am

    Endless LADAR sites? sounds like you wandered into our recovering C4
    (Last time I checked it out it had 9 sigs, 1 was the WH I came through, the other 8 were LADAR).

    • 2 TooNuRaccoon
      26/03/2010 at 10:50 am

      I gave up around number 5 or 6 before finding the WH I needed, you just KNOW if you keep going it’s only going to be another Ladar or a Gravi’ that has you chasing it around at 99.99% ๐Ÿ™‚

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