EvE – Concord party, good or bad?

As yet I am not a victim of such “gameplay”, I believe it will happen because i’ve been told it is like being shat on from a bird, it happens to everyone at some point. So high-sec ganking, are you for or against?

I saw the below scene while travelling with large quantities of ISK in my hold and though it has never happened to me it has happened to friends in game and they assure me that it is not a pleasant experience but it taught them a valuable lesson. Never fly a small ship with expensive stuff in it.

Not being the sort to grief other players personally it always amuses me how these chumps get their kicks from high sec ganking. Waiting like some salivating Hyena to get a bite out of somebody elses hard work and efforts just so the possibility of getting some ultra expensive module/ship drops when you check the wreckage. No I don’t advocate the practice of it and yes I think these people are chumps.

The possibility of that one X-type module dropping is so random you can’t work out the percentage of it happening. It is certainly not a 100% measure on what will happen, “don’t worry, something good will have dropped from that guy”, perhaps not. Scan a transport ship down to see it has some deadspace modules in the cargo and then upon destroying said transport ship your chances of anything worthwhile dropping are pretty slim. The loot gods can and will deny you the good stuff every 3 times, but it’s that 1 out of 4 chance that keeps these open mouthed drool pirates trying over and over.

For some players this practice is an industry and a way to have fun, for everyone else it is a role undertaken by underacheiving Mountain Dew addicts who only leave their victims one recourse…TO THE FORUMS!. The EvE forums are awash with crying types and trolling types split into 2 almost even cams. In this example, those demanding changes to the high-sec gank mechanic (keep dreaming) with the other sides ever present list of ever so amusing “jump onboard the failbus” style remarks (oh you trolls are hilarious! I bet you are just the same in real life and not socially inept or anything) . Killing your mercilessly weak hauling spaceships is easy for these mutants so instead, fit a good tank or with an escort of scouts or fly a bigger ship with less “insta-pop” action. Just remember, don’t feed the trolls with your tears there’s a good helpless victim.

Press the following in a roll like manner on your joypad for instant high sec gratification. Down, down-forward, forward+ Punch = Concordoken


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