EvE – Wormholes, the mundane money making.

We in our small corp. tend to forget about why we are in a wormhole in the first place. At first it felt a bit exciting and dangerous, risking our ships and pods over things we knew nothing about and could not control. The lack of a local channel meant we had to watch our backs clicking on our scanners like Dustin “the Rainman” Hoffman just incase probes came on scan.

Now the excitement has dwindled somewhat and the constant danger remains, but the rewards are well worth it. And so again, ISK is why we are doing this.

From an average combat site we are making 100mil or so, that’s per site which is an awfull lot considering we can run through multiple sites per hour. That is more ISK than anywhere else, or at least it is right up there with the big ISK. What is great about it (but sometimes a chore akin to doing dishes) is that it is not a passive task so you must seek them out and actively do something. EvE should be about actually playing, and while passive income is nice ontop of your active income, active income gives you something to do.

Killing sleepers is not like collecting bounty, you have to probe a way out to low/high sec to go and sell the sleeper tags and the salvage. Unfortunetly only one item is of note when you talk Sleeper salvage, the NanoRibbon. Currently selling at anything from 4.8-5.6 mil per ribbon. Of course it depends on the market day and your ISK flow depends on how fortunate you are on the Ribbon drops. The rest of the salvage, well, store all those pieces and make your own T3 parts or sell it in bulk at “competitive prices”.

Salvaging, the real lottery of EvE.

Now passive income is the definition of mundane. You are making something and waiting for it to be made so you can ship it out and sell it. Reactions are one method of being bored to tears while making steady ISK that you are doing nothing for, well, you don’t have to hand make the reaction because your tower stirs the goo for you BUT you did haul/harvest the ingredients.

Wormholes have an abundance of strange new gases that require a domestic approach in line of space “hoovers” to suck it all up. These gas clouds while raw sell for very little but if you mix them with a few other things and wait a short time you have yourself a nice additional income source. Gas harvesting is not exactly exciting, it is directly on par with mining but the activity as a whole is better than doing nothing with your EvE time. At least you can chat…or…play Canabalt or something.

Cuddly internet spaceships harvest candy floss for all the lovely people that enjoy the fairgrounds around the world.

These activities…ok let’s call them tasks or jobs because that’s what they are really, internet game jobs. These jobs might be a bit boring but they get you “mah goddamn moneh!”, and they give you the means to make more ISK and even more ISK and way more ISK for all of eternity!


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