EvE – The unloved and abandoned…POS towers :(

What do I mean? These poor things…

The Validus going to get a closer look.

People leave their stuff in space all of the time. They come in and set up shop and for some reason they leave their tower behind, sometimes it is not just the tower but the tower and a gun or other POS module. I can only guess at what the reason for doing so would be. I mean what happened to leave their hardware abandoned in space? boredom set in? logistical problems cause them to run out of fuel, aggressive visitors destroyed their ship and POD leaving them no way back in? or is it just lazyness?

Take a look at this sad state..

A POS and 4 defensive batteries, hundreds of millions worth of gear just left to rot forever.

What happened here? To haul all of this gear in, set it up, take the time to keep it safe and to work out of the WH For some time only to leave it all to float in space like some futuristic ghost town. I would be damn sure to collect these modules and get them back in one piece to sell. Perhaps the owner(s) had no choice and were forced back to regular space leaving their “baby” behind.

Somtimes you see abandoned houses rotted away with the garden overgrown, sometimes the house is so old it’s had the garden grow inside the house. The paint is all fucked and the windows are smashed in, a house somebody built and some people probably lived in. Now nobody gives a shit about it or they do but only to say “what a shithole…it makes the entire village look crappy, I wish they would tear it down”. Well there will never be an overgrown garden in space just covering the surface of an unwanted POS, nobody cares about a small insignificant area of space in such a huge universe. So these things will just sit out here, forever…or unless some insanely bored people want to destroy it, but then that really is pointless and you should get out more if you are THAT boring.

Forgotten sentries still standing the watch.

This I can understand. A POS used to stay here but the only evidence of this are 4 artillery guns left behind. If you can’t fit EVERYTHING into your hauler/Orca and something has to be left behind then it should be the cheaper things such as POS guns are. They don’t take up so much space though so perhaps the trade off is the unanchoring time of 1 module compared to 4 guns. Who knows?


These 2 towers are the same type of tower, in 2 different systems that look identical. Having explored many WH systems and taken many screenshots of countless forgotten POS’s I saw the resemblances and thought it was pretty interesting, though a bit odd.

A Gallente POS in a Red Giant.

The wrong bonuses for this tower? A Red Giant wormhole has bonuses for smartbombs and overheating penalties so perhaps this was just too game-breaking for the owners of this tower? Maybe it was just an expendable temporary base for a small corporation as they made some quick ISK. The tower having served its purpose just left behind to be consumed as the Red Giant star expands.

Towers, towers, towers...so much wasted ISK and time.

I forget how many towers I have seen with no FORCE FIELD to be shown on my overview. Using my directional scanner to find them is fairly easy, you have no worry of a POS bubble trap at said POS because the thing is not online. The worry, if any, would be the fear of losing my own POS to circumstances that these faced. I don’t want to lose my tower and my shiny internet posessions to a factor I can not control. If my fuel was running out you would be damn sure I would unanchor everything just incase something went wrong. EvE is alot of work and to just waste your time grinding ISK only to leave it in space on purpose is a bit…stupid and pointless. Thankfully I am not that lazy.

Now with a planet that looks that cool behind you, you know you are setting your POS up there. Shame it is still there.


1 Response to “EvE – The unloved and abandoned…POS towers :(”

  1. 22/10/2010 at 12:57 am

    Those towers look pretty amazing. These tools look awesome in out space.

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