EvE – Mining…or its true name,EXCITMENT.

Living in a Wormhole system your options for things to do are rather limited on what signatures spawns that day. Usually there are some combat sites to do and say…1 Ladar OR a Gravi’ site. Failing these you have to go next door and hope it is not populated. When a Ladar site spawns we just go and hoover up the gas and store it for future T3 production but when a  Gravi’ site spawns, well, we have to get a bit more organised and resign to the fact that today is a mining day.

4 Rocks representing the 4 Titans in EvE, Leviathan, Ragnorok...err..Zeus? and err...Michael.

Our corp’ is a 100% collaboration of skizophrenic PvP pilots with ISK imprinted on their hearts and Industrial prowess on their minds. A bunch of people that say, “Ok I’ll do it…just as long as I get paid”. True story. So half of us have combat-ISK and the other half have Industry-ISK. The 2 combine very well but the Industry guys have infinetly more to do than the combat types. Combat types just go to the sites, destroy the sleepers, salvage then sit about looking for targets while talking shite. The Industry types have to wait for their gravi sites to spawn so they can do something other than micro-managing their reactions and talking about future Industrial projects. Sad losers.

Wormhole mining is essentially really good 0.0 mining, all of the less frequent rocks are available in the WH belts. The A B C of rocks gets you the most ISK per M3 / per hour and they are usually pretty abundant. That is Arkonor, Bistot and Crokite…all three are a space geologists wet dream.

Arkonor and Mercoxit, commonly known as ISK and More ISK.

Occasionally you will find a Mercoxit rock with the valuable Morphite mineral but you need a Skiff mining barge and to be aware not to sit within 10km (?) or so. At least it feels very Sci-Fi, alone in space with nothing else around you besides your industry buddies and your mobile command GOD ship or..Orca to house your supplies and haul in your precious Ore. An operation like that takes a bit of co-operation but also alot of balls. WH raiders love nothing more than to probe you out and destroy your most vunerable and fatest ships, that is FATEST not FASTEST. These barges turn like an arthiritic whale with an onset of rigor mortis.

The Skiff, a ship designed to do one thing and one thing only...such a waste of ISK.

These miners, or bored space clowns, like nothing more than to sit in a belt chomping up space rocks all day hauling in small countries worth of land each time. The corp hangars are so damn full of expensive jewels it would make the diamond mines of Africa look like a pawn brokers, cheap pawn brokers. You can’t even do anything with it because the sheer volume of ore is so great it makes it a futile task to carry it out, and refining it at a POS means you lose like 50% or something of its actual worth, so either way you are screwed. So to sum up, the activity is mind numbing, you can’t haul this stuff out easily so you can sell it, and your ships are just about the easiest targets to attack. What is the point?

In the words of some random made up miner, “I’ve got nothing else to do”, well…fair enough.


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