EvE – A trip North through Venal…again.

It started as a fun thought that turned into a serious thought. How to do something really fun with my time in EvE that takes a bit of a work to start but would then turn into a passive income. “what do you mean? start at the start”. Drugs, specifically synth boosters found in Venal and various other places. They cost 250 LP from the Guristas LP stores but without the means to grind missions it makes more sense to find yourself a contact, buy the BPCs from him/her, fly up there and pick them up, fly back and make em. It sounds simple but it really is no fun flying through the gatecamps in an Ibis which is how I did it the first time. This time it was with a bit more flair.

High sec to deep zero-zero on some silly gung-ho cannonball run. The first time was really difficult, bookmarking all over the place, waiting until just after downtime to do a few jumps before stopping, and so this second time I wanted to make it easier. It should be easier. And it was, much much easier because I made it easier.This is why and how.

Interdiction Nulifier, Covert op's cloak, you-just-killed-a-kitten stabilizers, Emergency anti-tackle neuts, Lot's of shields and insta-warp rigs. One expensive shuttle.

The golden ticket of EvE ships, never worry about a gate camp again, free-pass through EvE space. Not that I want to use this to spy on 0.0 goings on (zzzz), but getting the things I need from 0.0 require desperate measures and this is the result.

So the journey was 30 jumps there, 30 jumps back. Through some pretty desperate gate campers, past lot’s of the floating dead and a few mobile warp bubble traps. Could I do it? Would the interdiction nullifier work? Would my cloak let me down?…it was pretty damn easy, I should say that right now to alleviate your concerns for my safety. It was so easy I even had time to hang about at gates (some even camped o_O) while taking some snapshots and rescue a few frozen meals along the way.

Your bubbles, I laugh whole heartedly at them! See how I glide like a swan through your failsauce.

The adventure was there in small doses, twice I was mildy worried but only because occasionaly shit goes down with the internets and CCP tell you, “ze logz shoaw nathink” so you lose your ship to some bitch glitch. I didn’t want that to happen, especially because I was being so arrogant about all of this.

Flying through the dangerous normally off-limits areas of EvE makes you feel a bit like Superman, nothing can touch you, nothing gets in your way and only your failure at cloaking can stop you…which Superman never had; a cloak I mean, instead he had a cape *BADABOOM CRASH!!*…bad pun?

Just one of the many gates that were not getting in my way.

So 30 jumps in and the only gate camp being the one on the 0.0 gate to low sec populated by 20 drooling Curse, Broadsword and Thorax lazy boys it was becoming apparent that nothing can stop this ship. A quick fingered Onyx pilot being remote sensor boosted perhaps has better chances than most but getting the timing just right to catch a bastard like me as he decloaks for a fraction then instantly cloaks to a direct warp…highly unlikely. I am sure something will get done about this sort of “OMFG HAX!!1” behaviour eventually because well, people cry enough and tears fill the well that CCP drink from FOR IT FEEDS THEIR BLACK SOULS!! but it does fill faster than they can drink from it, so they change (READ: nerf) something to stop the flow of tears.

Upon my destination I was greeted by a gate camp who followed me for 2 systems, to the station I was docking up at, then waited outside to grab me. I was faster. A quick Ctrl-A = everything in the station hangar is selected, dragged into my hold and undocked faster than you would beleive. Outside 20km a Drake and a Cerb locked me up but I was away before the horde of scram’s meant I had to redock.

0.0 a GREAT place to meet that special someone...

The way back was almost as eventfull. The drooling “GATE ACC!!” guys back on the low sec entry point were still there, they didn’t much respect my attempt to recover the recently deceased. They took the shields of the Bubble Bath to 60% before I jumped through and my long trip was finally over.

So now I have a choice of keeping this Loki fit exactly like it is or turning it into another PvP Loki, but I don’t need to make so many runs into 0.0. My BPC stash has more than enough to keep me busy manufacturing and abusing my attribute implant slots for quite awhile. Each BPC is 1000 drugs, 1000 drugs is…excuse the quick math, 1000 x 17 booster / 30 boosters per drug x 40 gas per x 10m3 = 226,666m3 of gas required per BPC and I have 6! so NOOO thankyou to that monolithic logistics run. Either way, it was a vaguely interesting night running through other “peoples” space, for fun, to get my internet blueprints for drugs that don’t really exist.

A little industry, a little light reading, a little necrophelia...typical Tuesday night.


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