EvE – Space Bastard.

Playing EvE and flying my pretend spaceships about the fake universe that has been made for me is awesome. I don’t do anything besides pay a monthly upkeep and then I can do what I like, pretty much. And what I like to do the most is to make ISK and seize oportunities when they present themself.

Oportunities with names like ‘destruction’ and ‘profit’. A short time ago two such oportunity’s presented themselves, it took all of 2 seconds to decide what to do on both occasions.

The first happened 3 wormhole systems from our base deep in unknown territory, a hostile P.O.S. with a Helios covert ops ship  somewhere out in the system. There were no probes on scan and so it was possible that it was AFK at a planet or just not paying attention. Being on comms with my corp they were quickly told to “mount up” and wait on the otherside of my current system. After a quick minute of finding him on the directional scanner I dropped combat probes and worked quickly within 4 AU whitling the range down until I got him. The probes were pulled in and the fast minute of probing didn’t seem to spook Mr.Helios. So I warped to him at 10 KM.

Now here is a good tactic to use. If you get a second pilot to warp to your prober and just before his warp ends he disengages his cloaking device and comes in ‘Point Hot’ by the time he lands the decloaking targetting penalty will have passed and a faster lock can be achieved. Our Proteus pilot did just that and pointed the Helios. A covert ops ship is pretty good at not being caught and we caught one with his pants down. The thing is, it wasn’t pilotted and I hadn’t noticed. After a bit of idiot laughing, our 3rd pilot dropped his ship off back at base and came to fly the Helios back, the rigged and T2 fitted stolen goods sold pretty quickly in low sec the next day netting us 10 mil a piece.

The heroic capturing of the deadly Helios.

The second oportunity in recent times involved a stranded Orca pilot in our next door wormhole…yea you can tell how this ends allready.

No more Free Willy sequels for this Orca.

Now when presented with this situation your choices in Baldurs Gate would be something like.

1) Talk to the Orca pilot and offer safe passage to the nearest wormhole exit, assisting by scouting the way ahead and protecting him from attack.

2) Inform the Orca pilot that you will not attack but can not afford to help either, offer your wishes of fair weather and safe travel.

3) Tell the Orca pilot to pay a ransom before leading him out of the wormhole or face annihilation.

4) Destroy him and loot the carcass!!

The options were weighed and discussed, “get akill for lols” <– about the extent of our big debate. How often do you get to kill an orca? somewhere between ‘not very often’ and ‘not ever’. So it was destroyed but for good reason. He had a probe and had found 2 WH exits, the exit leading into our home and an exit leading into a Class 1, which his Orca can’t fit through so his only option was to come into our system.

250,000,000kg mass shifting into our WH a couple of times and it becomes critial or closes entirely leaving our pilots outside the WH stranded, we can’t have that and so he died for attempting to be so foolish. Also he learned a valuable lesson, don’t close a WH with an Orca unless you are absolutly certain you know how to calculate the estimated Mass needed to do such a job. He failed and soon after he lost his 400 mil Orca. He is a better Orca pilot as a result…or at least more cautious.


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