EvE Online, a not so quick intro pt.7

A 7th post on this subject is not necessary. It is simple after all, firstly you either want to play or do not. Then you either can or can not play becuase it’s too difficult or just not your thing after all. If you can play and want to play then you are stuck with EvE for a very long time. The only thing from holding you back is your own will and want, it is only a game but it offers so much more than the average MMO/regular game. CCP give you this universe to do what you like in, fantastic! now you just have to decide what that is and can you pull it off.

I would urge you though to make friends with people and learn from mistakes and learn from people that have been playing for a long time. Do your homework from time to time, that is, search for guides about manufacturing for example, or youtube yourself a video guide for scanning out exploration sites. Do the tutorials ALWAYS and learn the basics, use the help channel for questions, learn learn learn and learn some more. EvE is truly big and takes a long time to get to grips with but again, it is worth it.

Get yourself into a corporation and see what they are like. If they are not social enough or too social then leave and search again. Search for the forums for corporations recruiting that sound like they might be doing the sort of things you want to do. Read the forums anyway and discover who is the biggest arsehole this week and who is getting shafted up the choclate speedway by some other arsehole. It’s drama, it’s sci fi, it’s a game, it’s a great grand internet adventure and you just have to decide wtf you are going to do!!!

And now, some pretty screenshots.

Fleeting up, all your corp' mates in one fleet ready to kick some space arse

Recent updates changed the surface of the 3000 odd planets, they all look pretty awesome

The Chimera carrier, capital ship class. Capable of launching a wave of fighter ships from its vast drone bay.

The vastness of EvE, hidden areas of unseen space untravelled for thousands of years. Definitive Sci-Fi.


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