EvE Online, a not so quick intro pt.6

EvE online is a hardcore, brutal mmo. With out a doubt it is the most difficult game to get started and get playing consistently. If I make up some random percentage and pull a supposed fact out of my arse I would say that 96% of people that try EvE on their own don’t continue to play past the first few days. The percentage doesn’t matter, what matters is that it is hard to get into and understand what the game actually is. EvE has never been that clear about what the game is, to me the game is just…flying spaceships about space, but to what end?

What is the goal here? what is the end game? And it is this that trips people up. When confronted with the lion, Daniel said to god, “So with all of this freedom I can just go be a pirate or a commercial giant or anything I want to be?”, and god replied, “Can we talk EvE later, do you actually see that lion??”. Given that EvE is a sandbox game and it gives you the tools to be an awesome space pilot some could find this to be very daunting. Within certain confines the game is what you want it to be and that is somehow confusing?

A recent trailer from CCP talks openly about how EvE is a sandbox and how your choices ultimetly have an effect on the whole game, which is true to a certain extent. Your minor actions don’t exactly resonate through the entire universe but the intentions of this trailer are there.

The trailer sums up EvE’s “emergent” style with a bit of flair and a bit of an inspirational tempo. It doesn’t quite say, “OMFG YOU R SO TEH MOST IMPORTNAT!!11” and it doesn’t throw the required university courses you will need before you start to play but it does make a good job of showing the none-EvE player what could happen (theoretically but it COULD happen). This all said however once you are playing and have a rhythm of playing every night or whatever your schedule, you are treated to some of the best sci-fi gaming of all time. And it will not be time wasted.


2 Responses to “EvE Online, a not so quick intro pt.6”

  1. 15/03/2010 at 12:12 pm

    Been “solo” since I started. By which I mean that I knew friends “on”, who let me gang with them occasionally, and bought alloyed trit bars from me (at prices just about market), and one friend who eventually quit and bequeathed me his hanger of ships. But I’ve only come out of the starter corp because of the tax regime, I don’t fly with anyone regularly; I don’t have regular trading partners, and I don’t invite people in on missions, I just turn down the too-hard ones.

    I envy the people who can zip down to null-sec, team with pyratez, have a gank-fest, and then fly back to anotherr lot of hi-sec buddies with whom they run L5s and make billions. Best I can do is getting 6 mill for sitting mining for 3 hours, and the corp that did that have broken up.

    • 2 TooNuRaccoon
      15/03/2010 at 12:55 pm

      Your current way of building up your wallet is going to take you months to build up that spare reserve. I think you realise that and are looking for ways out.

      The choices you have are only limited by how far you want to take your game right? so why not send out applications to many 0.0 alliances or pirate corp’s and see what you get out of it? They can only say “no thanks”. You have to work at your game and find a group of people that want to have you around as much as you want to be there, then you can make the ISK. It takes time to find that group, I know, but stick at it. Check the forums and look for those recruitment threads that sound “apetizing”. Some people make millions every day, some people make hundreds of millions every day. Which type do you want to be?

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