EvE online, a not so quick intro pt.5

EXPLORING!! DANGER!! SHOPPING!!mining and industryyey…all of these are accurate and valid bullet explanations for EvE online and what you can expect in spades, especially the shopping. Despite the earlier statements about EvE being a pvp centric game full of bastards the core game is just like real life, everything (sadly) revolves around money. Not having it means you don’t get very far, having little means you are limited, having lots means your choices are more open and having more than you can spend means you don’t care for the consequences which is awesome.

So after your character is made, after you have gotten to grips with the EvE way of life, and after you have settled into the game you will start looking more and more for the ‘bling’ of EvE’s ships and module selection. To get this you need a steady source of income.

Some forms of ISK making are: Mission running. Trading. Exploration. The unknown. Industry. Piracy.

Mission running. Like other games EvE has a standing/reputation feature which basically means you help an NPC and their corporation and in return they give you some ISK and loyalty points as a reward and your standing increases because…well you are a nice gofer and you do what they like without question. You start, as always, at the bottom working for the lowest pay working your way through level 1 difficulty missions all the way through levels 2 and 3 and ultimately level 4 missions (level 5 missions require a group or a set of cajones!).

Mission running is all fair and well and at some point in their EvE life everybody has done it at some level or other. It is a grind thus it can be very tedious however it is one of the safer ways to make your money and in a group it can be much more fun and takes less time. For example a level 4 Angel Extravagansa mission takes between 1 and 2 hours to run solo and can net you anything from 40-60 million isk.

Standard mission Raven being pummeled like...the British at Rorkes drift..yea

Trading. Gordon Gecko said it best, “When I get a hold of the son of a bitch who leaked this, I’m gonna tear his eyeballs out and I’m gonna suck his fucking skull.” Amen Gordon, amen. The market in EvE is vaginormous and though not perfect or “organic” it is awesome and if you wanted to play a broker-sim then EvE’s market is probably the coolest little mini-game for you.

To explain the market fully would take a brain much larger and faster than mine but also a degree in finance which I won’t ever have.

Basically you can follow trends or start them and as such you are constantly outbidding others for as little as .01 isk at a time adjusting your buying and sell orders to beat the furious competition for every single order you have open. Market PVP as it is known is ruthless and can make you incredibly rich if you only pay attention to ingame news, up coming game patches. Hundreds of millions of ISK are made every minute and you could get a piece of that pie…ISK pie made from…grubby pocket change.

You don’t have to use your main character to trade, creating a trader alt with minimal trading skills takes a couple of days at the most and you could leave him/her in a busy trading hub to be used when you want. The market is almost as relentless as the real world market except nobody is coming to repossess your house and insider trading doesn’t mean you go to prison like Bud Fox bawling your eyes out because you owned yourself.

Jita, the biggest and busiest trading system has it’s own server node (correct me if wrong) so that it can take over 1,500 people without crashing the game and so has the highest footfall of any other system in the game.

Look at all these graphs...doesn't it just scream, "omfg I so need an ingame portfolio!!"

Exploration. Space is very big which is why it is called space, because there is lot’s of it. In this space you can find hidden complexs which involve you shooting NPC pirates, gathering materials or performing some task such as hacking data banks. The method of finding these sites is called ‘probing’…yes with spaceprobes, no not with anal probes. This method of aquiring wealth is very indepth but I can try to go over quickly what it is generally about.

Exploration is done by dropping a set of probes in a system and using your onboard scanner to scan out these hidden sites of wealth. There are Combat, Gravimetric, Radar, Ladar and Magnometric sites. And really quickly, respectively they contain fleets of NPC pirates with bounties to collect, hidden asteroid belts, secret data banks, harvestable gas clouds and  ancient technology.

Low security space (no police protection, filled with pirate scum) has far greater exploration rewards than high sec’ space. Risk –> Reward basically.

The ruins of a planet? space station? or just a statue placed in space because space really needed a statue.

The unknown part comes in the form of annomolies called Wormhole’s and inside these wormholes are areas of untravelled space filled with massive volumes of loot but the greatest PVE danger EvE has. The danger is ever present and it is three-fold.

1) W space unlike normal space at any security level (ranging from 1.0 – 0.0)  has no local/general chat channel so you can not see who is in the system with you by just glancing at your chat screen. This means you have to bemore vigilant and more carefull than ever before or it could be your last mistake.

2) The NPC bad guys are called ‘Sleepers’ and they have awoken! They have very tough tanks, they repair each other, they stop your ship from moving or warping away to safety, they have high damage, the AI has been programmed so that they switch targets on their own and can be fighting every member of your fleet at the same time. Basically just like real players but without the smacktalk.

3) Wormholes have a mass and time limit. If you put too much ship mass through a WH entrance or waste too much time it may collapse leaving you stranded or cut off from your fleet. If you can not probe (yes yes har har) your own way out then you are stuck forever unless help arrives or you suicide your ship and pod. Lost in space never felt so real.

A not so sleeping sleeper decides to end your ships life, do you 1) cry a river 2) forum whine or 3) PETITION AND DEMAND MY DAMN SHIP BACK BECAUSE MY SUBSCRIPTION PAYS YOUR SALARY YOU KNOW??!!

Industry. So Industry is the biggest source of income in the game. Everything you fly has been made by somebody in the game at some point. These people control the market fluctuations, pricing, everything. The biggest producers control the game essentially but it is not some inpregnable fortress your meger wallet can not crack into. Knowing your market and doing a little research on your own and you can find gaps that need filling.

Industry is fueled by 2 types of people.

1) Those who run their own stations that produce polymers and compounds that are then used to produce materials which are then used to produce parts which are then used to produce actual ships and modules…EvE is huge, that explanation will have to do.

2) Miners. People who sit for HOURS alone or in small groups in mining barges shovelling up space rocks and proccessing them into minerals to either sell or produce parts which then produce..OK OK you get the picture. These individules rack up millions and millions of ISK, but it is about as exciting as well…ok say it with me, “a mining sim”. Yea, exactly.

So yes Industry, die rich but die bored.

Mining, the second most fun thing to do online after your annual tax return form

Lastly, PIRACY!! YARR!!! yarr you flew into the wrong system matey, yarr gonna have to pay the toll you yarr says I. Pirates, scumbags in a game…is it not enough that in the world outside your PC desk that there are people on a daily basis that annoy the shit out of you, that when you relax by playing your Sci-fi game they come and ruin your day here to??? In pt.4 I refer to these “people” as fuckfaces.

Admittedly it is a lot of fun. Finding somebody with their pants down and a choice of ‘Pay and live’ or ‘Die’ their options being that limited the isk usually comes quite swiftly. The problem with sticking people up like this is every time you do it, you suffer a security penalty. If your security penalty drops below the starting 0.0 you gain a WANTED label and a bounty that increases with each law break. If your security rating drops low enough, areas of high sec’ become off limits and the CONCORD police chase and then kill you. This of course limits your game but then YARR! A PIRATES LIFE FOR ME!!

Famous pirates. Wensley, so pirate he wears 2 eye patches and Verone so successful at pirating he can afford salon sessions to get his hair just right.

All of these are great ways to make money it just depends how commited you are and how you go about each task. Taking part in all of them means you don’t do 1 of them exceptionally well but it does mean your game is more varied and as EvE is a really truly massive game, to do everything really well would require no school, job, life and I do hope that I have not just listed every criteria for your current real world situation. Yey! for your EvE character but seriously if you value ISK over real cash, sort yourself out.


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