EvE online, a not so quick intro pt.2

Flying ships, ships and killing, killing and flying, flying and doing maths. Such is the life of a podpilot. Despite how confusingly overwhelming EvE is, summing up what you do in the game is rather easy because it is essentially just a sci-fi game. So you fly space ships together PVE wise and make money (ISK) to buy more ships and toys to use which you then try to destroy other players ships with. Rinse repeat. It is a game afterall and it only comes down to those simple elements. Elements covered in a thick layer many other things.

But you don’t play EvE becuase it’s a spaceship game, you play EvE because what you are really interested in doing is pretending you are Han Solo, Captain Avatar or Wash…ok most of us pretend to be Boba Fett because he is kick ass but the other 3 serve as decent examples of a player.

You enter the room, you can only choose one person to be for your entire life. The charasmatic rogue with a hidden heart underneath, fast with a blaster and owner of the coolest ship ever. Pedo' Santa captain of the Yamato or widdle Wash and his toys.

Han Solo types just want to be scoundrels, trading stolen goods, making a fast buck while avoiding trouble but being a cocky arrogant prick while you do it.

Captain Avatar, directing your entire crew on a suicide mission using your old rusty battleship and good old fashioned grit!

Wash…you like monologuing, toys, being a bit special…oh and pulling it out the bag when needed…I should have used Alex Rogan from the Last Starfighter.

So playing pretend and hamming up your character in your head sets the scene for your entire game really, though I must point out you are infact playing with other human beings in EvE and it is impossible to do so without that interaction. The entire game is run by huge alliances and small corporations of people from around the globe. I say this because if you are right now thinking, “I am Han freaking Solo and my ship is the awesome Starbastard I will fucking crush anybody that tries shit against me I swear to fuck I will”, if you are thinking that and have a voice of a 10 year old Italian castrato singer then perhaps you should base your ingame persona on something a little less macho. Like a pony or a fairy.

Ok I think this is more than enough about possible player stories within EvE, all of the above is pretty much what I imagine every other EvE player has done at some point or it is initially what attracted them to EvE in the first place. Telling their own Ian Banks story, living their Warhammer 40k stories vicariously through EvE, seeing Blade Runner, Alien, Star Wars, Star Trek all through the eyes of their EvE character. All of this is important in actually loving to play EvE. There are of course a number of other reasons and some are concerned with the spaceships in the game.



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