EvE online, a not so quick intro pt.3

The ships available to you in EvE are awesome. It really is a as if the artists opened up a bag of sci-fi dreams and just went with it because every (or nearly every) style is catered for and…ok enough shit, the ships in EvE are not exactly EVERYTHING you could want but the choice is absolutly huge and they all look sci-fi like so you can’t really complain unless you have designed a universe yourself…no? ok then let’s move on.

Now in gaming terms you can refer the ships in EvE to say classes from World of Warcraft, Baldurs Gate, anythign else with Elves and Orcs. The staple characters of our gaming worlds might be called things like Paladin, Barbarian, Monk, Priest, Gigolo etc but gamers have turned them into clinical terms such as Healer, tank, damage, hybrid of the previous, buffer, de-buffer which more or less explains their role compared to others. EvE is no different really, each ship has its own speciality or is a good mixture of 2-3 uses. Some are flat out useless and/or broken some are just a bit confusing. (Argue away).

1. Tank 2. Healz 3. Spank 4. Buffs 5. Donkey!

To help clarify this visual aid should suffice. These are but 5 examples of a large number of available ships and from a large pool of various abilities and from an even larger pool (so an ocean of..) equipment to do assorted job. It is far to large to explain fully so this basic aid will do for now.

1. The Drake is the obvious example of a good tanking ship. In EvE each ship has 3 “Health bars” and these are Shields, Armor and Structure. The Drake is an exceptional shield tank, a passive shield tank at it’s best. Passive shield tanking means it recharges shields that have taken damage naturally over a gradual time, this is much like a HOT for you WoW players.

2. The Scimitar is a remote repairing ship that gets large bonuses when it is repairing shields making it ideal to keep fellow fleet (gang) mates alive. Every ship in EvE has a capacitor which stores energy which you then use to perform tasks, the Scimitar and ships like it work best in pairs because whilst repairing their buddies they also transfer this capacitor energy to each other for a gain of energy on each transfer. This effectively creates energy out of no-where so they can keep their repair modules working longer.

3. The Brutix is a torrential lava spewing volcano of destruction capable of tearing you a new one so fast you can barely say, “Hon, call the doctor would you please…my intestine is coming out my arsehole again and I need more wax supositories to help clot the blood up”.

4. The Scorpion battleship has the ability to sit on the battlefield for a very long time while jamming your sensors so you can’t target anybody thus denying you the ability to cause damage, repair HP, remote sensor boost or anything else involving the need to lock a target which is 98% of the time. (% pulled out of my arse but it is close to the truth). A handy ship if you want to deny your enemy the ability to fight back.

5. Ahh yes the Orca. A very large industrial command ship capable of holding vast quantities of goods in its cargohold whilst acting as a mobile base of sorts. What this boat is designed to do is to give bonuses to mining barges who sit in asteroid fields breaking down rocks into bite size portions, which you then refine into minerals, which then get used to make stuff. Miners sell the minerals directly or horde them and make ships/modules/ammo and then sell or use them. Industry and commerce is a big and serious business in EvE so fighting is not the only thing to do if you prefer the merchant life.

Hopefully this eased your brain into something you might recognise from other games, a Brutix or Harpy is just a warrior, a Scorpion or Falcon are just illusionists, a Rapier or Curse are just Rogues etc. Saying what they are close to compared to other games still only scratches the surface of what a ship could do. There are infinite possibilities for setting your ships up and with many different types of ships and many different bonuses you could argue forever until the end of time about the best way to fit a ship and beleive me there are people who do exactly that all day every day and you are overly calculating nit picky bastards, go outside you pale skinned milky idiot and your social awkwardness will dissapear in no time, if you washed a bit.


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