EvE online, a not so quick intro pt.1

“It is a very open ended game driven by the players who fly spaceships together and talk about math related things, backstabbing, market trading and It’s great but if it was truly great and easier to get into we would have millions of players like WoW, but then it wouldn’t be EvE.”

That is my summary of EvE to a “normal” person.

Straight away and really underwhelming I want to talk briefly about your character in EvE. The character you play is one of the most integral parts of any game. the story revolves around you, the other characters revolve around you and by the power of Greyskull the entire universe revolves around you..well your avatar. JC Denton, Gordon Freeman, Commander Shepard, (I almost spoiled KOTOR right here) and even your bloody WoW druid have their stories revolve around them. Nothing happens unless they let it happen.

EvE doesn’t give a flying shite about you. It’s just a means to an end. Your character is just to give everyone else something to associate you with otherwise skilling up, flying ships, using different weapons and what not are just something everyone can and does use at some point. Your own personal story in game matters little to the grand scheme of things because not everybody is on the same page as your roleplaying ways.  So story, characterisation out the window.

Your avatar is a static portrait from day 1 to the day you stop playing and just like in real life you are stuck with the same face through out your experiences. Here is one of mine.

TooNu, fear his blind pilot chi.

Handsome eh? so I have been stuck with this concept of a blind pilot able to fly using only instinct and strange phenomena he can’t explain. Perhaps he flew into a cloud of radioactive gas? perhaps a sun went supernova the instant he warped off blinding him quickly in the sudden flash? Either way, I can’t change this guys face so he is as blind as if you shined a laser pointer into the retinas of the 3 blindmice. Forever blind yes but forever blind in the future??…doubtfull is an understatment and I feel dumb for thinking of this idea.

A wise player once said to me in City of Heros when I questioned him “why did you roll a female superhero if you are really a guy?”, his reply was, “If I have to stare at the arse of my hero while I play, it better have a nice view”. I have thought about this wisdom EVERYTIME I roll a character like some gender confused teenager who doubts his sexuality and airs it on a morning talk show. However in EvE it doesn’t really matter so much, you don’t see your portrait unless you open the character screen and this is the reason we have an albino Stevie Wonder up there.

I can pay to have it changed which costs 10 euros but I would then have to justify why it is ok to spend real cash on a vanity feature which would open up a flood gate of “companions” (or mini-pets for the rest of humanity) for my girlfriends WoW account. Anyway, companions makes it sound like some wifeswapping “mix your car keys about in this bag” sort of deal.

Not that your avatar look is that important anyway and here is the main reason why. Everybody that tries EvE and leaves says the same thing at some point, “so my character is this spaceship?”, why yes Dave that is correct. Everybody is represented by a spaceship and yes your spaceship is exactly the same as that guys spaceship, and his and his and his and hers…only joking, girls don’t play EvE (omg!).

EvE, spaceships, your character as a spacehip oooh

No elves or goblins or spacemen here, just a big chunk of metal that flies through space where nobody can hear you scream…this being EvE however means that even if somebody could hear you they wouldn’t care and more than likely just fleece you for your ship, assests and dignity.  Mainly dignity.

You are a ship in space and that is the gimmick. There are many types of ships and many variations of the same ship but for example, your Raven battleship is no different at all whatsoever in the slightest different from another Raven Battleship somewhere else. So you have no customisation options at all and you are not some special butterfly who deserves to MSPaint your “own goddamn ships ffs”. Not even corporation (guild/group) markings, kill markings or random letters and numbers can be pasted onto your lovely collection of ships to show everybody that it is yours.

Some people can’t get into EvE straight away because your identity is a flying metal ship in the void of space, it doesn’t exactly scream “personal” now does it? So yea, characters with no character.

To finish off quickly here is the recent trailer for EvE Online. It is a great little video and even if you are not so interested in this post, at least watch the video to see how nice everything you are not playing looks.


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